Chapter 107: Rapid Kill

I Am Overlord

Dongfang Shuo wielded a sword named Greenflame Sword, and he streaked straight toward a certain fruit the silverscale elephants were protecting. It was now a mid-grade spirit fruit, and one would benefit greatly from consuming it.

Beside the silverhorn fruit was an old silverscale elephant standing guard. Its nose was raised high in between its two tusks, and the moment Dongfang Shuo arrived, it would give him a fatal attack.

"Kill!" Dongfang Shuo was worthy of his cultivation level of late-stage Transformation Realm. His Greenflame Sword shone brightly, looking like a raging clump of flame emitting an astonishing power.

The old silverscale elephant stomped on the ground furiously, causing the ground to shake. A large piece of stone bounced off the ground from the impact and was sent flying toward Dongfang Shuo with a whip from the old silverscale elephant's nose.

The stone crushed forward with an enormous momentum, but the moment it came into contact with Dongfang Shuo's sword energy, it was crushed into smithereens. The old silverscale elephant then sprayed a silver beam from its nose at Dongfang Shuo.

Dongfang Shuo shouted, "I am definitely killing you today!"

He slashed his sword eight times, sending eight multicolored sword rays forth to crush the incoming attack. He then stabbed his sword at the old silverscale elephant.

Cling! Clank!

The silverscale elephant had a powerful defense as Dongfang Shuo's attack failed to penetrate its skin. The old silverscale elephant did not stop after blocking the attack. Instead, it counterattacked.

Dongfang Shuo was confident in his own combat power and was not willing to give up the silverhorn fruit. The human and beast battled on. As for the others, their battle was becoming heated as well.

At this moment, a small white figure darted amid the battlefield at a speed so fast it could be barely seen. This white figure was none other than Little White who had reduced in size. He was currently heading toward the silverhorn fruit. Making use of the terrain, he was able to move undetected and be the first to arrive at the silverhorn fruit. After plucking the fruit with his mouth, he turned and left.

Dongfang Shuo had just inflicted a heavy injury on the silverscale elephant when he noticed Little White stealing the fruit. He immediately yelled furiously, "Where did this wild cat come from? You dare to steal from me?"

Little White merely shot Dongfang Shuo a provoking gaze before speeding off.

Dongfang Shuo was infuriated, and with his sword raised, he chased after Little White. But it was at this moment that the old silverscale elephant unleashed its final attack of desperation; its tusks growing double in length before it stabbed its tusks at Dongfang Shuo.

The pair of tusks was the old silverscale elephant's fate weapon, and no defense could block it. Dongfang Shuo could sense the danger and immediately turned around and slashed his sword at the silverscale elephant. Although he had reacted quickly, a deep wound was still left on his waist even as his attack slashed off an ear of the old silverscale elephant.

"I'll deal with you later," Dongfang Shuo said. His main goal was the silverhorn fruit. Thus, he decided to move on from the elephant and went after Little White instead.

"Stop that little beast!" Dongfang Shuo yelled.

At that shout, a Transformation Realm removed himself from the battlefield and tried to intercept Little White. But Little White was too fast for him. At the same time, the silverscale elephants shrieked and charged the Mad Lion Hunting Group members without caring for their own lives anymore.

Unfortunately, there were not enough Great Demons among them. Thus, before long, one elephant after another was killed. With the defeat of the silverscale elephants, the Mad Lion Hunting Group left a few of them behind to clean up the elephants while the rest followed Dongfang Shuo and chased after Little White.

"Die, little beast!" Dongfang Shuo was the fastest among them, and mid-pursuit, he suddenly threw some concealed weapons at Little White.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The concealed weapons streaked across the air and instantly arrived near Little White. Just as the weapons were about to hit Little White, he curled up and rolled on the ground. With that, the bulk of his body became even smaller, helping him dodge the concealed weapons. But by doing so, his speed dropped considerably and allowed his pursuers to catch up with him.

"Die!" Dongfang Shuo stabbed his Greenflame Sword at Little White, sending a green beam of flame out from the tip of his sword.

This time, Little White would no longer be able to avoid the incoming attack. After all, this was the attack of a late-stage Transformation Realm expert. The speed and might of this attack could not be underestimated. Abruptly, a figure leaped out from above a nearby tree and swung his saber toward the sword.

Berserk Lightning Blade!

This was a tier-3 battle technique that Xiang Shaoyun had mastered a while ago. It had three stances, and Xiang Shaoyun was currently using the first stance—Mad Lightning Fall.

Xiang Shaoyun had been lying in wait here all along so that he would be able to start his slaughter the moment Little White arrived with their enemies. He attacked with his full strength, mixing even his innate purple lightning into his attack. One could say that this attack did indeed resemble its name as it descended from above akin to a lightning bolt falling from the sky.

Dongfang Shuo was someone with rich combat experience and was also a cautious person. Even so, he had not expected that this would be a trap, nor had he expected that this little beast was actually someone's pet.

His attention had been fully focused on Little White whereas Xiang Shaoyun's attention had been fully focused on him. Thus, when he noticed the incoming sneak attack, it was already too late.

"Damn it!" When he sensed the approaching saber, he was forced to abandon his attack on Little White, and he focused all his power to form a green barrier around him.


Before Dongfang Shuo's defensive barrier was fully deployed, Xiang Shaoyun's slash had arrived. This was Xiang Shaoyun's first attack with the Overlord Skyslaying Saber. A layer of innate purple lightning was affixed on the damaged blade as the seemingly unstoppable and destructive slash struck Dongfang Shuo's barrier.

Blood sprayed everywhere.


One of Dongfang Shuo's arm was severed, causing him to wail miserably. But he was still an expert, as even under intense pain, he did not forget to swing his sword toward Xiang Shaoyun's waist.


Dongfang Shuo was expecting to kill his opponent with this unexpected counterattack, but when his sword struck his opponent's waist, a crisp clank rang out, telling him clearly his attack failed.

The impact sent Xiang Shaoyun flying, and it was at this moment that Dongfang Shuo's severed arm landed on the ground. Without the king-grade inner armor, Xiang Shaoyun would have been killed in the exchange.

"Worthy of being a late-stage Transformation Realm expert. He was able to attack even in that situation. Well, it still won't change his fate. He will die today," Xiang Shaoyun muttered to himself before he dashed forth again.

"Stop right now!" Dongfang Shuo's companions finally arrived.

The newcomers were two Transformation Realm experts. They both drew their weapons at the same time before dashing toward Xiang Shaoyun, trying to stop him from killing Dongfang Shuo.

"There is no escaping death if I want you dead," Xiang Shaoyun said with a sharp glint in his eyes.

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