Chapter 128: You Are Treating Human Life Like Grass

I Am Overlord

Young Lightning King! A familiar name surfaced in Xiang Shaoyun's head. He still remembered that when he was gathering lightning at the Hundred Beast Mountain Range, a King Realm cultivator had appeared to try to tame the lightning condor king. That person was precisely this Young Lightning King.

At the time, Xiang Shaoyun was only able to look at this Young Lightning King from afar. Thus, he never got a good look at this person. In any case, this fellow was busy fighting at that time. Thus, Xiang Shaoyun had not paid him much attention.

After sensing the familiarity of this person's aura with the Young Lightning King's aura, Xiang Shaoyun concluded that this person was definitely the same Young Lightning King. The Young Lightning King was a tall and handsome young man. His purple hair whipped about in the wind, a lightning armor covered his body, and his hand wielded a lightning spear. A thick and fierce lightning energy swirled about him, making it clear he was a rarely seen genius in cultivation.

Young Lightning King was also the personal disciple of Cloud Margin Pavilion's vice pavilion master, the Lightning King. In both the Cloud Margin City and Cloud Margin Pavilion, the Young Lightning King was among the top 10 disciples of his generation, and his real name was Zi Poli.

Sensing Xiang Shaoyun's gaze, the Young Lightning King shot him an indifferent glance.

Eighth-stage Astral Realm cultivator? He seems familiar... Young Lightning King pondered doubtfully.

During the Hundred Beast Mountain Range incident, all his focus had been on the lightning condors and the lightning tribulation. Thus, he had not noticed Xiang Shaoyun. Even if he did manage to catch a glimpse of Xiang Shaoyun, he wouldn't put such an insignificant cultivator in his mind.

"Are you the seniors of the human race? Please, take me away from here! The Demon Kings are all perverse freaks! They all claimed that they are going to tear my chrysanthemum apart!" Xiang Shaoyun said anxiously, looking like he was on the verge of tears. They were all convinced that Xiang Shaoyun was telling the truth. That was the only explanation as to how an Astral Realm cultivator could reach this place safely.

"No, wait a minute. Even the Demon Kings here have been jolted to death by the sound wave. Why are you still alive?" the Young Lightning King suddenly questioned.

One ought to admit that Young Lightning King was quite an observant person. With that question, everyone focused on Xiang Shaoyun once again.

"I-I don't know. I really am a disciple of Martial Hall Palace. Look, this is my jade plate!" Xiang Shaoyun clenched his teeth and decided to continue playing the fool. As he spoke, he showed them his jade plate.

When Mo Chage took the jade plate in his hand, astonishment crept into his eyes, and he said, "You actually have 4,350 points?"

He was the one who had announced the rules for this year's Battle of Towns. He was thus naturally aware of what 4,350 points signified. One first-stage Great Demon gold serpentine crocodile was worth 200 points. Since Xiang Shaoyun had over 4,000 points in his jade plate, that was equivalent to killing over 200 first-stage Great Demon gold serpentine crocodiles.

But this kid was merely an eighth-stage Astral Realm cultivator. So how had he accomplished that? Not even an early-stage Transformation Realm cultivator could gather so many points in only 10 days.

"Alright, since he is one of the disciples participating in the competition, forget about him. Our top priority is to figure out what's going on here," said He Luo. He could no longer be bothered with Xiang Shaoyun and was now focusing on the hole not far away.

"Look at how many dead Demon Kings there are here. Should we really go? Why don't we return to the pavilion and report this to the higher ups?" someone suggested.

"No, things might change further if we take the time to return. We must first try to enter. We will think of something if we really can't do anything," said He Luo.

Thus, the group started cautiously approaching the hole. All was peaceful with nothing happening at all as they approached the hole. At the hole entrance, they looked inside with thoughtful gazes.

"Do we enter?" They hesitated.

"I-I saw some goldsteel stones! There are so many goldsteel stones in there!" Mo Chage suddenly cried out.

The goldsteel stone was a rare material capable of forging king equipment and was an extremely valuable material.

"There really are goldsteel stones there! A thick vicious gold aura is also leaking from within the hole. Is there really some treasure hidden in there?" He Luo muttered as his eyes lit up.

"So do we enter or not?" someone asked.

"If we enter like this, we will most certainly die. That aura within is a pure vicious gold aura. We can only stand guard and wait for reinforcements from the pavilion," said someone else.

The others also nodded in agreement. They all understood that whatever treasure was down there, it was not something they would be able to leave alive with. They could not act rashly.

"Eh, why not we send a scout to explore the hole and see if anything will come out of it," Young Lightning King suggested with a sneer. Right after he said that, his figure flickered and vanished. He then appeared right before Xiang Shaoyun who was trying to sneak away.

"Big brother, how may I help you?" Xiang Shaoyun asked. The Young Lightning King couldn't be bothered to say anything. He directly grabbed Xiang Shaoyun before dragging him over to the hole.

"Poli, what are you doing? He is a disciple participating in the competition," Mo Chage said.

"It's normal for disciples to die during the competition. We might as well use him to scout the hole for us," said the Young Lightning King with a sinister smile. Right after saying that, he tossed Xiang Shaoyun into the hole.

Xiang Shaoyun finally understood what was going on as he quickly grabbed the edge of the hole entrance and glared at Young Lightning King. "You are treating human life like grass!"

"Oh? You have quite the reaction time, huh? Too bad, your life is worth less than a dog in my eyes," said the Young Lightning King before sending a kick toward Xiang Shaoyun.

Xiang Shaoyun had no intention to be sent into the depths of the hole. He would be turned into a clump of blood if that happened.

"Screw you!" Xiang Shaoyun shouted furiously. But before he could even fully muster his strength, Young Lightning King's foot had already landed on his face, causing him to feel dizzy. Blood blood spurted out of his nose.

The gap between him and a King Realm cultivator was too wide. He was completely helpless before this opponent. The kick caused Xiang Shaoyun to lose his balance and fall into the large hole.

"" Mo Chage was infuriated by this action. But when he recalled the mighty master the Young Lightning King had, he swallowed the remaining words he had to say.

"Don't worry, Commander Mo. It is better we focus to see if this will cause any changes," said the Young Lightning King. He did not care about Mo Chage's anger at all. His gaze was focused on the hole. He Luo and the others had the same reaction. In their eyes, Xiang Shaoyun was nothing but a bug. The death of a bug was not worth mentioning.

Thus, everyone looked down into the hole and watched on as the raging vicious gold aura instantly swallowed Xiang Shaoyun. Blood could be seen splashing everywhere as well. Just like that, a life was erased before them.

"Looks like this vicious gold aura is extremely thick. Is this the domain of a Demon Emperor?" He Luo said as a solemn look crept onto his face.

"If there is a thunderstorm here, it won't be hard for me to split this place apart with the power of lightning. Unfortunately, it is not easy to borrow the power of natural lightning," lamented the Young Lightning King. He then continued, "We should send someone back and report this."

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