Chapter 140: Is He a Crossdresser?

I Am Overlord

The Blackhill Town was a town surrounded by mountains on all sides. The specialty of this town was the blackiron ore, a smithing material. Although this was not a king-grade material, for a small town, it was still a rather valuable material.

The Blackhill Sect owned several blackiron ore mines. Each year, a large number of blackiron would be mined. Part of them would be submitted to the town while the balance would be traded to other towns for numerous precious resources.

Because of that, the Blackhill Sect was much wealthier compared with many other organizations in the region. And with an abundance of resources, cultivating talented young disciples was naturally an easier task. Thanks to that, the strength of the town as a whole grew as well.

However, during the Battle of Towns three months ago, they had suffered a disastrous loss. They were especially distressed by the fact that, of the five sole Transformation Realm disciples they had, one of them was nearly crippled while another one was lost during the competition.

These young geniuses carried the hope of the Blackhill Sect. Losing even one of them would be extremely distressing. They naturally knew who the culprit was, but it wasn't proper for them to take revenge against that person openly and were thus forced to swallow the loss.

Fortunately, they subsequently found out that the culprit had also failed to survive the competition. That caused them to feel somewhat better. Little did they know that the culprit had arrived in their territory.

Xiang Shaoyun never thought of himself as a good person. He always held a principle that all grudges must be repaid. If anyone caused him any discomfort, he would ensure that the other party would not feel good either.

He strutted into the town, not worried that someone would recognize him at all. Although he did not know why the Blackhill Sect acted against him during the competition, he was still sure that they were not sent by his family traitors. After all, the type of people his family traitors would send were capable of destroying him before he could even react. They wouldn't have sent those bugs only to be killed.

In fact, Xiang Shaoyun suspected both the Gateflag Academy and the Wu Clan. One of them must be somehow related to the Blackhill Sect and had gotten their help to get rid of him. All that did not matter. He was now here to let the Blackhill Sect have a taste of his revenge.

Xiang Shaoyun strolled randomly through the town as he listened in on the conversations of the locals, trying to gather more information about the Blackhill Sect. Unfortunately, he was not able to find anything useful.

"Screw it. I have been on the road for quite a while. I'll just think about it after a proper meal," Xiang Shaoyun muttered before heading toward a luxurious looking restaurant.

The restaurant was doing very well with streams of customers entering and exiting without stop. In the restaurant, Xiang Shaoyun selected a random seat and sat down before ordering a large amount of food and liquor. When his order arrived, he started his feast. The way he was eating gave off an impression that he had been starving for a very long time.

After a while, he finally finished everything. He lifted a bottle of liquor and poured it into his throat. When the intense flavor of the liquor hit him, he couldn't help but mutter, "Eating good food, drinking good liquor, a life worthy of immortals."

It had been a while since he last had such a satisfying meal. Right this moment, someone walked over and sat down in front of him. The newcomer said, "Brother, you are clearly a carefree person. I wonder if you would mind me drinking a glass of your liquor?"

Xiang Shaoyun raised his head and looked at the random newcomer only to find that this person was even more handsome than him! To be precise, this man here had a face prettier than a woman, his bearing gentle and reserved. If he dressed himself up in woman's clothing, others might really think he was a woman.

"Hey, are you a woman dressed in a man's clothing?" Xiang Shaoyun asked in a low voice.

The newcomer blushed slightly before taking out a fan and gently waving it. "You are funny, brother. Do I look like a woman?"

Xiang Shaoyun sized up the newcomer. Feeling uncomfortable, the newcomer was forced to speak again, "Are you done staring at me?"

"Almost." Xiang Shaoyun nodded before he continued, "Apart from your completely flat chest, every single part of you looks like a woman."

"Y-you...scoundrel!" the newcomer stood up and rebuked.

"Hey, I thought you said you're not a woman? Why are you behaving like a woman? Come on, stop pretending," Xiang Shaoyun said with a smile on his face.

The newcomer finally realized he had forgotten his manners. He quickly explained himself, "I just did not expect you to be such a shallow person."

"Sure, sure, whatever. I don't really care about your gender. Drink if you want, but you will have to pour the liquor yourself," Xiang Shaoyun said lazily. The newcomer was about to leave, but he hesitated slightly before sitting down again. He poured himself a full glass of liquor and started drinking.

"Cough, cough...umm, what a fine liquor!" The newcomer choked on the liquor, but excitement filled his face when he praised it.

Xiang Shaoyun threw him a glance and noticed that there was an Adam's apple on the youngster's neck. Thus, he mused to himself, So this fellow is really a man. But why is he so effeminate? He's not a damned crossdresser, right?

That thought placed Xiang Shaoyun in some sort of discomfort.

"Brother! Come! Let's drink to us, two strangers coming together by chance!" the newcomer said, becoming friendlier and friendlier.

It was rude to say no, so Xiang Shaoyun raised his glass and emptied it.

"I'm done here. You can have the rest of the liquor. You can order more if you want," Xiang Shaoyun said before standing up to leave. He did not want to stay any longer.

"What's the rush, brother? It's no fun to drink alone," the newcomer urged Xiang Shaoyun to stay.

Xiang Shaoyun insisted on leaving, causing the newcomer to speak again, "Brother, you are probably a disciple of Blackhill Sect, right? If you can have a couple drinks with me, I will tell you a secret of Blackhill Sect."

This proposal was too attractive for Xiang Shaoyun to reject.

"You're not lying, are you?" Xiang Shaoyun asked.

"Feel free to leave if you don't believe me," said the newcomer. He seemed rather good at keeping one interested.

Xiang Shaoyun sat down helplessly and called out to the waiter, "Waiter, two bottles of fine liquor and two plates of peanuts."

"Haha, that's more like it," said the newcomer, pleased.

"So what do you know about the Blackhill Sect?" Xiang Shaoyun whispered.

"We'll talk after I have my fill of liquor," said the newcomer. The newcomer seemed to be a liquor lover.

Left with no choice, Xiang Shaoyun started drinking as well. He did not forget to ask, "Brother, what is your name?"

"I am Dong Zi. What about you?" asked the youngster.

"Me? I am he who does not change his name, he who is loved by all, he whose very presence causes flowers to bloom, the one and only, the handsome, Overlord Xiang!" Xiang Shaoyun said, emptying a glass of liquor.

Those words caused the newcomer to spit out all the liquor in his mouth.


Fortunately, Xiang Shaoyun had a fast reaction time and was able to dodge the spit. Otherwise, he would have gotten himself drenched with liquor.

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