Chapter 142: You're the Boss

I Am Overlord

The blackfur corpse was a sinister being that was a mixture of a corpse and a zombie. Each blackfur corpse came into existence when a dead body did not rot but instead grew black fur and started to walk the earth again. It was a sinister monstrosity.

Similar to zombies, blackfur corpses loved feeding on blood. The moment one woke up, it would not stop before drawing blood. Not far from Xiang Shaoyun, a large number of blackfur corpses were fighting a group of Blackhill Sect members.

The Blackhill Sect members here consisted of some elders, overseers, disciples and regular miners. A large majority of them were only Basic Realm cultivators that were completely helpless against the blackfur corpses.

One after another, they fell, and the blackfur corpses feasted upon them, painting a terrifying and sinister scene. That was what Dong Zi saw, and that was what caused him to feel so disgusted.

"Miners, retreat immediately. The rest, charge! Kill these things!" shouted a Transformation Realm elder from Blackhill Sect.

They started unleashing numerous attacks at the blackfur corpses. The blackfur corpses weren't exactly powerful combatants, but they had the advantage of fearlessness. One could land a slash on a blackfur corpse, but that would not kill it. Instead, it would take the chance to decrease the distance and bite the human. To make things worse, the blackfur corpse's teeth were highly toxic, capable of causing its victim to lose combat power or even die from poisoning.

Because of that, the longer the battle lasted, the more fearful the Blackhill Sect members became. They were completely incapable of stopping the blackfur corpses. If it wasn't for the few Transformation Realm elders present, the Blackhill Sect would have suffered an even more disastrous loss.

"Chopping their head off will stop them!" said the leading elder. He moved like wind as attacks flowed out his hand like a rainbow. Where his sword energies passed, blackfur corpse heads flew everywhere.

"Elder Ma Feng, should we try charging in there? Something must've been dug out," suggested an elder.

"Sure, let's attack together and try charging inside. Everyone else, retreat," said Ma Feng.

They charged ahead bravely, killing any blackfur corpses that got in their way before they were finally able to get inside the cave. But they had only entered shortly when one person rushed out in a sorry manner.

This person was none other than Elder Ma Feng. Black fur was growing out of his face as he staggered about. With great difficulty, he yelled, "E-everyone, retreat! R-report to t-the sect..."

Before he finished the sentence, he collapsed and died. His death caused the Blackhill Sect members to be in an even greater panic. Everyone started fleeing, abandoning the blackiron ores stockpiled here. Nothing was more important than staying alive.

Both Xiang Shaoyun and Dong Zi saw everything clearly, and both of them were overwhelmed with shock at what they saw. A Transformation Realm expert was actually defeated so quickly after entering the cave. What exactly was in there?

"Let's go take a look," Dong Zi said, growing excited.

Xiang Shaoyun was shocked at how fast this fellow changed his mind. Joy, sorrow, disgust, excitement...he was as fickle as a woman.

"Even if you want to die, don't drag me along. Go yourself." Xiang Shaoyun turned and left without a second thought.

After many near death experiences, Xiang Shaoyun was no longer as rash. No matter what treasure was in the cave, he would not easily put himself in danger. At times, a fortuitous encounter might be a disaster in disguise.

"Pfft. What a coward. And you dare call yourself Overlord? Where's the courage of an overlord?" said Dong Zi with disdain.

"Whatever you say. I'm not risking my life for nothing." Xiang Shaoyun did not care.

"Hey, wait. I have some poison discharge pills here. Are you sure you don't want to try your luck in there?" said Dong Zi after taking out two pills.

"Try? Sure, go try yourself," Xiang Shaoyun rejected.

Dong Zi hesitated for a bit before he spoke again, "I also have a king-grade armor here. If you come with me, you can have the armor."

As he said that, he took out a tiny armor. The delicate design of the armor and the durability of the materials used to forge it made it clear it was an extraordinary armor.

"King-grade armor?" Xiang Shaoyun was astonished. But an odd expression covered his face as he said, " a female's inner armor."

That was when Dong Zi gazed at his armor and quickly cried out in alarm, "I-I took out the wrong armor. It's not this one."

The armor vanished, replaced with a male's armor.

There is indeed something that is more than meets the eye about him, Xiang Shaoyun thought inwardly.

He had already noticed a delicate bracelet on Dong Zi's wrist. Both armors were taken out of that bracelet.

Storage bracelet!

A storage item was different from the storage space within one's astral cosmos sea. The former was forged from rare materials while the latter was formed within one's body. A storage item was also extremely valuable and not something an ordinary person could own, especially someone as young as Dong Zi.

From this, it was obvious that Dong Zi had a powerful background.

Even so, Xiang Shaoyun still did not change his mind. He looked at Dong Zi solemnly and said, "Yes, the poison discharge pill works against regular poisons. But the poison in the cave is probably the blackcorpse poison. I doubt the poison discharge pill can keep it at bay for long. Also, although king-grade armor can protect your vitals, it won't protect your entire body. Have you thought of a possibility that something scary is in the cave? For example, a zombie king? If that is the case, both of us will die." 

Looking at the stern Xiang Shaoyun, Dong Zi felt somewhat embarrassed as he said, "But...I really want to take a look at what's in the cave! Perhaps a heaven-defying fortuitous encounter is waiting for us in there!"

Xiang Shaoyun hesitated slightly before saying, "Fine, for the two items you offered, I will take this risk with you." He paused for a bit before saying, "Gather some wood and flints."

"Alright!" Dong Zi was overjoyed, but after walking a few steps, he stopped and asked, "Wait, why am I doing the gathering instead of you?"

"I am taking the lead. Stop wasting time. Go, I need to make some preparations." Xiang Shaoyun glared at Dong Zi.

"Fine, you're the boss." Dong Zi resentfully gave Xiang Shaoyun the middle finger.

With his identity, he had always been the one to order others around. Today, he was being ordered around instead, and he had a hard time accepting it. After Dong Zi left, Xiang Shaoyun did not actually make his "preparations". Instead, he stood there staring at the cave attentively.

This is likely a place of burial. Otherwise, such a large zombie disaster wouldn't have erupted. But is the zombie disaster a natural occurrence or is it man-made? If it is the latter, something sinister might come into existence as well. Well, since I've stumbled upon it, I might as well try doing something, Xiang Shaoyun pondered.

Soon, Dong Zi returned with some wood and flint.

When Xiang Shaoyun saw the small number of wood gathered, he was rendered speechless.

"How stupid are you? I am planning to attack them with fire. With three branches and that tiny flint, what the hell can we do?" Xiang Shaoyun berated with disdain.

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