Chapter 144: I Will Remember This!

I Am Overlord

The wood started burning. Normally, fire would need some time to spread. But since it was rather windy at the moment and the wind was blowing in the direction of the cave, the fire spread quickly. All this was part of Xiang Shaoyun's plan. With the wind's help, the fire surged and spread quickly along the trail of flint powder and wood. When the fire grew larger, Xiang Shaoyun started to approach the fire.

As for the blackfur corpses, fear could be seen on their faces, and they started retreating. It would seem they held an intense fear of fire. Some of them were unable to retreat in time and caught on fire. Due to the long black fur covering their bodies, the moment they caught on fire, the flame quickly spread across their bodies.

The blackfur corpses that caught on fire wailed miserably as they tried running back to the cave. But because of that, the fire spread even faster and burned even more of the blackfur corpses. Xiang Shaoyun found the scene comical, but at the same time, he also rejoiced in the fact that his plan had succeeded.

Dong Zi finally ran over to him and asked, "Are you fine?"

"You nearly ruined everything!" Xiang Shaoyun grumbled.

"S-sorry!" Dong Zi lowered his head.

"Forget it. See all of them as your enemies, sweep the fear out of your heart, and you will no longer fear them." Xiang Shaoyun waved his hand.

It was unknown if Dong Zi actually understood what Xiang Shaoyun was trying to tell him, but he was nodding repeatedly. The fire was still spreading wildly, and the pile of wood at the entrance of the cave was burning. This was a fire that had spread so easily thanks to the wind. Dong Zi finally understood why Xiang Shaoyun waited so long before acting on his plan. He stole a glance at Xiang Shaoyun, an odd light flickering in his eyes.

"Shit!" Xiang Shaoyun suddenly cried out.

That shocked Dong Zi who then asked nervously, "What?"

"The Blackhill Sect might be the one to benefit from this fire. I believe they will be here soon," Xiang Shaoyun said with his eyes narrowed.

"'re not a Blackhill Sect disciple?" Dong Zi asked after a slight hesitation.

"When have I ever claimed to be a Blackhill Sect disciple?" Xiang Shaoyun asked.

"You lied to me!" Furious, Dong Zi pointed at Xiang Shaoyun.

"You are the one making assumptions. I never admitted to being a Blackhill Sect disciple, so how am I the liar?" Xiang Shaoyun no longer minded Dong Zi knowing the truth.

"B-but why didn't you tell me the truth, then?" Dong Zi asked, still unhappy.

"I don't even know you. Is there a need to tell you the truth?" Xiang Shaoyun countered, feeling somewhat helpless at the stupid questions.

He found that the kid before him was really naively foolish, and wondered which family the kid came from. Dong Zi was about to say more when he heard roars coming from the cave. The fire had finally spread into the cave, and since there were other flammable objects inside, the fire started to spread even more once inside. A large number of blackfur corpses on fire ran out of the cave. They did not go far, as they had all collapsed shortly after running out of the cave.

"Your trick is way too effective!" Dong Zi cried out in astonishment.

"Wait here. I'll go get some water." Xiang Shaoyun ignored the remark and ran toward a certain direction looking for water. But of course Dong Zi refused to stay alone as he stuck closely to Xiang Shaoyun. When looking for wood earlier, Xiang Shaoyun had found a swamp nearby. Although there wasn't a lot of water, it would do for now.

"What can we do with this little water? Is it even enough to extinguish the fire?" Dong Zi asked.

Xiang Shaoyun rolled his eyes. "How stupid are you exactly? Who told you I'm going to extinguish the fire?"

"What are you going to do otherwise?" Dong Zi asked meekly. After making sure that there was nothing wrong with the swamp, Xiang Shaoyun jumped inside.

"Hey, that's so dirty!" Dong Zi complained as he pinched his nose.

"You, come down here too," Xiang Shaoyun said.

"No way!" Dong Zi took a step back.

Xiang Shaoyun crawled out of the swamp and said sternly, "Have you not heard that after making yourself wet, you will have a certain degree of protection against fire?"

Dong Zi was no fool. He was merely too innocent and a bit slow, as he had previously been too sheltered. With Xiang Shaoyun giving him such a clear hint, he understood what Xiang Shaoyun was trying to do.

" water is so dirty!" Dong Zi protested meekly.

Xiang Shaoyun couldn't be bothered to continue the argument so he kicked Dong Zi's backside and sent him into the swamp.

"You scoundrel!" Dong Zi yelled furiously when he found himself soaked in mud.

"Cut the nonsense. Get a piece of wet cloth and wrap it around your face. Come with me into the cave when you're done," Xiang Shaoyun said.

Seeing how serious Xiang Shaoyun was behaving, Dong Zi stopped arguing and did as told before crawling out of the swamp.

"I will remember this!" Dong Zi threatened angrily.

When he thought of where Xiang Shaoyun had kicked him earlier, he had an urge to beat Xiang Shaoyun up.

Xiang Shaoyun ignored Dong Zi's antics and rushed toward the cave. He was aware that the Blackhill Sect members were likely to arrive soon. He had to search the cave before that. He put on the king-grade armor Dong Zi had given him and said, "Think properly before coming. The moment we enter, things might get dangerous. If you are scared, don't go."

"Bullshit. We will definitely reap a great harvest without encountering much danger," Dong Zi said. He paused slightly before saying resolutely, "I'm going!"

"Ok. Charge inside." Xiang Shaoyun nodded as he raised his Overlord Skyslaying Saber.

The Overlord Skyslaying Saber was recovering decently. The numerous cracks in it had closed up. Its blade also looked much cleaner and shinier, with only the chips on the blade remaining the same. When Dong Zi saw the saber, he said, "Your weapon is so badly damaged. How can you continue using it? Do you want me to give you a new weapon?"

"No thanks. Let's go," Xiang Shaoyun said. Then, he wrapped a piece of wet cloth around his face and charged into the cave.

Hmph. Ungrateful bastard. One day you will learn to thank this young la—master! Dong Zi complained inwardly before charging into the cave as well.

The fire wasn't too big in the cave, but the cave was filled with thick and suffocating smoke. With his extraordinary eyesight, Xiang Shaoyun was able to barely see what was in the cave. As for Dong Zi, he was as good as blind. In fact, the smoke caused him to tear without stop, the discomfort making him feel like immediately leaving.

"Cover your eyes with this. You will feel better." Xiang Shaoyun gave Dong Zi a piece of wet cloth.

The cloth was nearly transparent, so covering the eyes with it would not affect one's vision. Dong Zi took the cloth and covered his eyes, his heart thumping as he thought of the care Xiang Shaoyun showed him.

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