Chapter 146: Zombie Slaying

I Am Overlord

At the same instant Xiang Shaoyun arrived, the 36 zombies started moving. After becoming zombies, their flesh had undergone some sort of transformation that rendered them immune to regular weapons. The zombies got out of their holes to attack, but Xiang Shaoyun snatched the initiative and struck first.

The blackcorpse poison here was too thick. Therefore, he had to keep his outer energy up at all times. Because of that, his energy expenditure was extremely high. If he couldn't finish his task in time, he would have to leave empty-handed.

Berserk Lightning Blade!

The Berserk Lightning Blade was a tier-3 battle technique, and using this battle technique with the Overlord Skyslaying Saber doubled its might. Shrouded in lightning energy, the saber slashed down at one of the zombies.


The saber landed, and an ear-piercing sound rang out. Facing these new zombies, Xiang Shaoyun was no longer able to split them into two with a single slash. He was only able to penetrate the zombie somewhat.

While spitting blackcorpse poison out of its mouth, the zombie swung its weapon toward Xiang Shaoyun. Since the saber was still stuck in the zombie's body, Xiang Shaoyun had to either abandon the saber or be hit by the zombie. Even worse was the fact that the blackcorpse poison was extremely corrosive in nature, threatening to completely corrode his outer energy.

Xiang Shaoyun immediately squatted down to avoid the attack and the poisonous gas. He then wrapped his arms around the zombie's legs, lifted the zombie, and smashed it toward the other zombies.

Bang! Bang!

Thus, even though Xiang Shaoyun was forced to abandon his weapon, he was still able to avoid the pincer attack of the zombies near him. After tossing the zombie away, he dashed forward and started punching the zombies. He used all his strength without holding back, trying to make every attack count.

When using his full power, each of his punches carried a weight of 30,000 catties. Apart from the impressive might of his punches, he was also sending out revolving fist energies with his Gold Helix Fist, which further increased the destructiveness of his punches. Additionally, his vicious gold energy made his attacks even more devastating.

The spots he punched caved in, but that was still not enough to stop the zombies. They continued attacking unaffected, and they spat out blackcorpse poison without stop.

"Their heads are too hard. I need at least three punches to fully smash one apart," Xiang Shaoyun muttered as he retreated with his Overlord's Nine Nether Steps and dashed toward the zombie his saber was stuck in.

By now, his entire body was already shrouded in a clump of blackcorpse poison gas. His outer energy would not be able to last any longer. He arrived beside the zombie his saber was stuck in. He first dodged the zombie's attack then grabbed the saber and released the innate purple lightning within his body.

The innate purple lightning was as tyrannical as natural lightning power with incredible destructiveness. The zombie was instantly reduced into charred pieces that crumbled apart, boosting Xiang Shaoyun's confidence as his battle intent rose. Instantly, the projection of tiger and dragon appeared behind him. The two roared repeatedly, shrouding Xiang Shaoyun in a boundless majesty.


Xiang Shaoyun no longer held anything back. He roared and dashed amid the zombies with his remarkable footwork. He slashed everywhere with his lightning-powered saber, and the zombies exploded left and right.

The zombies held the superiority of having a tough body and highly toxic blackcorpse poison. But they also had a weakness: their slow movement speed and relatively simple attacking methods.

So long as Xiang Shaoyun could overcome their superiority, he would be able to kill the zombies off one by one. Like he was a beast himself, he waved his saber around, slaughtering the zombies in an overbearing manner.

This was the scene welcoming Dong Zi, who had just arrived. His eyes seemed to twinkle upon witnessing the scene.

Rumble! Rumble!

It was as if Xiang Shaoyun had completely forgotten about his own life as he attacked like a fearless madman and paid no need to his own safety. After a while, all 36 zombies were reduced to chunks of meat splayed out on the ground.

But with the death of these zombies, the large amount of blackcorpse poison in their bodies finally erupted. The intensity of the poisonous gas was even more terrifying than before. Xiang Shaoyun breathed in some of the poisonous gas by accident and immediately felt lightheaded. He could clearly sense his vitality dropping at that moment. Fortunately, he had an abundant amount of innate purple lightning in his body. The innate purple lightning immediately destroyed the blackcorpse poison that had invaded his body.

Xiang Shaoyun was aware that Dong Zi was present. Since it was inconvenient to open his mouth with all the poison in the air, he only waved his hand and signaled Dong Zi to leave as he dealt with the final obstacle before him. He could sense that not far ahead was the end of the cave. Now would be the time to see if he had made the trip for nothing.

Unfortunately, Dong Zi was too simple minded to understand what Xiang Shaoyun was telling him. Therefore, he ran straight toward Xiang Shaoyun. And the moment he rushed inside, the blackcorpse poison in the air fully corroded the outer energy around him.

That gave him a fright. If he hadn't swallowed the stalk of high-grade spirit medicine and the poison discharge pill in advance, he would be dead now. Even so, things were still extremely dangerous for him. If he did not retreat immediately, he would die.

Idiot! Xiang Shaoyun cursed inwardly as he rushed over to help Dong Zi.

Xiang Shaoyun was currently shrouded in a layer of innate purple lightning that blocked all blackcorpse poison outside his body. When he arrived beside Dong Zi, he found that Dong Zi was already light on his feet and was on the verge of collapsing.

He reached out and hugged Dong Zi before shrouding the innate purple lightning around Dong Zi as well. However, Xiang Shaoyun did not leave with Dong Zi. Since he was already here, he could not leave just like that. Carrying Dong Zi, he went deeper into the cave. He was not willing to leave without knowing what was in the cave.

In Xiang Shaoyun's arms, part of the poison in Dong Zi was cleared by the innate purple lightning. At this moment, the medical efficacy of the poison discharge pill and high-grade spirit medicine finally erupted. Additionally, he also circulated his cultivation method by instinct and forced a large amount of poison out of his body.

Slowly, he regained his clarity. Realizing that he was in Xiang Shaoyun's arms, he was enchanted by Xiang Shaoyun's manliness. If Xiang Shaoyun realized what Dong Zi was thinking, he would most likely drop Dong Zi immediately and curse that this fellow was indeed interested in guys.

There were no longer any blackfur corpses or zombies in their way. Unfortunately, it was a dead end. Xiang Shaoyun fumed at that realization.

Is this only a burial cave? There's nothing here? Xiang Shaoyun yelled inwardly.

It hadn't been easy at all for him to reach here. But he had to leave empty-handed? Nobody would be happy with this result. Right as Xiang Shaoyun was about to accept the loss and leave, a weird scene surfaced in his mind. Without any hesitation, he unleashed all his power. The purple dragon and white tiger appeared again, hovering around him.

"Break!" Xiang Shaoyun slammed his saber down with his free hand.

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