Chapter 150: My Full Name Is Dong Ziwan

I Am Overlord

"Who is it?" the Blackhill Sect members cried out in alarm.

Judging by how easily the newcomer injured their vice sect master, the newcomer was at least a King Realm cultivator.

Amid the dark night, a sturdy and tall person stood loftily. His entire body emanated a sharp aura like a sharp sword that was going to leave its sheath at any moment. The sharpness of this person made it hard for anyone to look straight at him.

The newcomer ignored the Blackhill Sect members. Rather, his gaze landed on Dong Zi before bowing, "Forgive your subordinate's tardiness. Young miss, are you fine?"

This expert was actually Dong Zi's subordinate. The Blackhill Sect members were stunned. They initially assumed that the two intruders were already food in their mouths, but it turned out that these two had a formidable background as well.

"I'm fine. You've arrived just in time, Uncle Wu Lai," Dong Zi replied.

It was at this moment that she realized that Xiang Shaoyun was still holding on to her hand. Xiang Shaoyun also realized the same and quickly released his grip. For some reason, a sense of loss rose within Dong Zi's heart when she saw Xiang Shaoyun letting go.

"Good, good. If I had arrived any later and something bad happened, not even my life would be enough to make up for it," said the newcomer. A murderous glint surfaced in his eyes as he asked, "Young miss, shall I slaughter them all?"

"Sir, those are some big words. We are members of Blackhill Sect. Our sect master is also a King Realm cultivator. Our three guardian elders are also King Realm cultivators. I advise you to weigh your options properly before doing anything," said a Blackhill Sect elder.

"Is that so? Sure, let me weigh my options," answered the newcomer who immediately vanished like an apparition. With a flicker, he reappeared before the elder who had spoken. He reached out, grabbed the elder's neck, and twisted it.


Just like that, a late-stage Transformation Realm cultivator was killed before even knowing what happened. The people around him were so shocked they quickly retreated. As for the vice sect master who was fortunately still alive, he struggled back onto his feet and said, "Senior, please calm your anger. We did not do anything to your young miss."

The vice sect master was aware that if they angered this King Realm cultivator, none of them would leave alive. Suddenly, a voice rang out from far away, "Who dares kill the members of Blackhill Sect? Are you tired of living?"

The owner of the voice arrived shortly after. He was also a Skysoar Realm cultivator. Hovering high up in the sky, he gazed straight down at the burly man called Wu Lai.

"It's the guardian elder! We're saved!"

"Guardian elder, we beg you to teach this person a lesson. He killed the sixth elder!"

"That's right! For daring to bully the Blackhill Sect members, he needs to be taught a lesson so he can learn how powerful the Blackhill Sect is!"


The Blackhill Sect members were overjoyed as they started calling out one after another. Even the vice sect master was filled with joy, feeling as if the guardian elder had arrived just in time.

"I don't care who you are, but you need to kneel down and apologize. Or else...," demanded the guardian elder.

He had just advanced to King Realm cultivator not long ago and was at the proudest moment of his life. As of late, he had been very arrogant and fearless.

"I hate people talking above me the most. Get your sorry ass down here right this instant!" Wu Lai raised his head and shouted at the guardian elder. He pointed at him, instantly creating an energy sword in the air. It slashed down at the guardian elder.

The only thing the guardian elder saw was a flash before an intense pain assaulted his chest. The armor covering his torso crumbled off his body, and blood sprayed out like a fountain. After a miserable wail, he collapsed onto the ground below.

The Blackhill Sect members were all stunned. They were putting all their hopes on this guardian elder. Why was this elder defeated so fast after he showed himself? Was this even a King Realm cultivator?

Indeed, the guardian elder was a King Realm cultivator. But there were different levels of King Realm cultivators. The guardian elder was merely a new King Realm cultivator and was no match for a higher-leveled King Realm cultivator like Wu Lai. The Blackhill Sect members all felt a chill crawl up their spines. They no longer dared to act recklessly.

"Young miss, shall I...?" Wu Lai asked Dong Zi.

The Blackhill Sect members felt their legs go limp from fear. Some of them started begging for mercy.

"Forget it. It's not like they managed to do anything to me anyway. Spare them," Dong Zi said kindly.

"What are you waiting for? Scram!" Wu Lai shouted coldly.

The spared Blackhill Sect members immediately scattered. Not a single one of them dared to stay. As for the secret hidden within the cave and for Xiang Shaoyun and Dong Zi's harvest, they no longer dared to think about them. After all, nothing was more important than staying alive.

"Young miss, let me escort you back," Wu Lai said.

"I don't want to go back yet," Dong Zi said as she glanced at Xiang Shaoyun. She was somewhat unwilling to part with him.

"If you still refuse to go back, the maid pretending to be you will be punished," Wu Lai reminded. That seemed to make Dong Zi think twice as hesitation started covering her face.

By the side, Xiang Shaoyun felt like there was no point for him to stay. Thus, he smiled and said, "I'll be taking my leave. Go on, don't mind me."

He then turned to leave.

"No, don't go!" Dong Zi pulled at Xiang Shaoyun's arm and said.

" you still need anything from me?" Xiang Shaoyun asked with some hesitation.

"N-nothing." Dong Zi couldn't bring herself to express her true feelings.

"If that's the case, this is where we part," Xiang Shaoyun said in a carefree manner as he gently broke free of Dong Zi's grip.

Xiang Shaoyun had no hesitation making the decision to leave. After all, he was aware that this girl here was quite capable at holding a grudge. If he waited until she recovered to her normal self, he would most likely suffer from having touched her indecently.

"Overlord Xiang, wait!" Dong Zi called out again.

Xiang Shaoyun turned around and said, "Just say what's on your mind. Stop wasting my time; I'm a busy person."

"Watch your mouth, kid!" Wu Lai shouted as he glowered at Xiang Shaoyun when he saw how rudely this kid was treating his young miss. Instantly, his kingly presence swept forth toward Xiang Shaoyun.

Dong Zi quickly waved her hand to stop Wu Lai. Then with a solemn expression, she said to Xiang Shaoyun, "M-my full name is Dong Ziwan."

"Anything else?" Xiang Shaoyun asked.

"N-no," Dong Ziwan's heart ached when she saw Xiang Shaoyun's uncaring behavior.

"Alright. Dong Ziwan? Yes, this is more like a woman's name. Alright, we will meet again if we have the chance. Farewell for now." Xiang Shaoyun waved his hand and left quickly.

When Dong Ziwan saw how fast Xiang Shaoyun was slipping away, she asked herself with sorrow, Am I that hateful?

"Young miss, we should also go now," Wu Lai said.

"Um, let's go," Dong Ziwan answered, still rather dispirited.

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