Chapter 152: You Have Been Surrounded

I Am Overlord

Xiang Shaoyun was in no rush to go look for the Redwolf Bandits right away. He wouldn't act before making a plan. First, he had to figure out the true strength of the Redwolf Bandits, how many Transformation Realm cultivators they had, and the cultivation level of their strongest member. Then, he had to prepare some supplies that could help treat his injuries and help him in attacking and defending.

His first stop was the largest herb store in town. After buying some healing pills, he asked the shopkeeper about the Redwolf Bandits. From the shopkeeper, he found that the strongest person in the Redwolf Bandits was the leader, who was about seventh- or eighth-stage Transformation Realm, followed by the two vice leaders, who were also late-stage Transformation Realm cultivators. They also had no fewer than 10 Transformation Realm underlings under them.

Because of that, the Green Bamboo Academy was unable to do anything to the Redwolf Bandits, allowing the residents of the town to suffer the bandits' tyranny. With his confidence boosted by the information he gained, Xiang Shaoyun was finally ready to head to the Redwolf Bandits' location.

Since they have the numbers, I will only stand a chance if I take them out one at a time. I will have to be cautious and not act rashly, Xiang Shaoyun pondered.

He then dressed up in a luxurious outfit and pretended to be a rich young master. He believed that he could bait the Redwolf Bandits this way. But of course, a luxurious outfit alone was not enough. He also needed an eye-catching mount. Otherwise, his disguise would feel incomplete.

Thus, Xiang Shaoyun bought a demonic horse before leaving town. The horse was at the Minor Demon level, and its horsepower was much better than a common horse's. Only with a horse like this would he be able to showcase the identity of a rich young master. 

Mounted on the horse, he headed toward the Redwolf Bandit stronghold. 

The Redwolf Bandits had their stronghold within a valley at a location easy to defend and hard to attack. As for the valley itself, it was part of the main route used by the traveling merchants moving between the various towns. This was also the main route leading to the Green Bamboo Town.

There were several hundred members in the Redwolf Bandits, a local tyrant that many hated but couldn't do anything to. Over time, the route they occupied had become increasingly desolate. Today, Xiang Shaoyun arrived all by himself, looking very much like a solitary hero. But in the eyes of the Redwolf Bandits, he was nothing more than a fat lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

A signal was already sent out from one of the Redwolf Bandits sentries, notifying their companions that a fat prey had arrived. One of them was a one-eyed man. Looking toward Xiang Shaoyun from afar, disdain covered his face as he said, "Where did this reckless kid come from? He dares to venture into our turf all by himself? Just send two brothers out there to slaughter him. Let's see how fat this prey is."

Thus, two bandits left their camp. When Xiang Shaoyun saw two bandits coming toward him, he immediately fled. The two thought he was scared, so they gave chase. After a while, the two were lured to a hidden place where they were subsequently killed.

"They actually look down on me so much that they only send two nobodies to deal with me?" Xiang Shaoyun grumbled.

Once again, he rode around on his mount in a carefree manner, showing himself to the bandits. When the sentry saw Xiang Shaoyun reappearing safe and sound, he immediately reported the news to the one-eyed man.

"Hmph. That kid is being too cocky. Send a few more brothers to lop off his head," said the one-eyed man. He was clearly offended by Xiang Shaoyun's actions.

Thus, seven bandits left the camp and headed straight toward Xiang Shaoyun. This time, the bandits weren't comprised of only Basic Realm cultivators. An Astral Realm cultivator was leading the team. Evidently, they were no longer looking down on Xiang Shaoyun.

Once again, Xiang Shaoyun fled at the sight of them.

"Where are you running to?" the leader of the group yelled before shooting an arrow at Xiang Shaoyun.

Xiang Shaoyun feigned panic and "accidentally" avoided the arrow in his panic before he continued fleeing. The bandits were not suspicious and chased after him, not willing to stop before they caught him. Soon, they vanished from the sentry's view as well. And a short while later, Xiang Shaoyun reappeared on his mount once again, roaming around casually.

"Something is weird about this kid!" said the one-eyed man, who had finally realized something was wrong. He yelled, "Men, come with me. I will personally slay that kid."

"Captain, don't be rash. He might be a bait sent by the Green Bamboo Town. An army is probably hidden somewhere waiting for us," advised someone.

"Makes sense. But are we going to just forget about our dead brothers?" asked the one-eyed man.

"Of course not. Since he dares to come, he definitely won't give up like this. Just send some scouts to find out who's hiding in wait for us before we decide what to do. If he dares to actually come to us, he will definitely die," suggested the person. The one-eyed man accepted the suggestion and sent some scouts to figure out what was going on. He also stopped sending more people after Xiang Shaoyun.

Xiang Shaoyun realized that after falling for his trick twice, they were no longer falling for it. But he did not seem to care. All along, his plan had been to provoke them. This was simply the start.

Xiang Shaoyun continued roaming around casually. He even started shouting at the Redwolf Bandits, "People of the Redwolf Bandits, hear me. I have you all surrounded. Lay down your weapons, keep your hands up, and surrender. I will spare the lives of those who surrender."

The Redwolf Bandits roared with laughter. There were a few hundred of them here. The kid was all alone, yet he claimed to have them surrounded? What kind of joke was that? They even wondered if the kid was simply a madman.

"Kid, I don't care who you are, but don't dream of leaving alive today," shouted the one-eyed man. He then hopped on the back of a demonic wolf and charged toward Xiang Shaoyun with a massive hatchet in hand.

About a dozen bandits were following behind him, and they were all cultivators in the Astral Realm. As for the one-eyed man, he was an eighth-stage Astral Realm cultivator. This was a group that would be feared even in the town. With about a dozen Astral Realm cultivators moving together, only a Transformation Realm cultivator would be able to escape them.

This time, Xiang Shaoyun did not flee. He believed that if he fled, they would definitely not give chase.

Let me first slaughter you guys. That way, I doubt I will have to worry whether or not someone will be willing to chase me afterwards, Xiang Shaoyun sneered inwardly. A spear appeared in his hand as he charged the group of bandits.

When the one-eyed person saw Xiang Shaoyun advancing instead of fleeing, his killing intent surged, and he raised his hatchet and slammed it down at Xiang Shaoyun, roaring, "Kid, eat my hatchet!"

As a Transformation Realm expert, Xiang Shaoyun was able to find a hole in the one-eyed man's attack with a single glance. His spear snaked through the air and stabbed at his opponent from a tricky angle. Before the hatchet hit, the spear pierced into the one-eyed man's left shoulder.


With the spear stabbed into the one-eyed person, Xiang Shaoyun swung him away, sending him flying and crashing into the group of bandits not far away.

"Kill!" As soon as the one-eyed man crashed into the group, Xiang Shaoyun urged his horse forward and charged into the midst of the bandits. His spear danced in the air, turning into numerous sharp attacks that rained down upon the bandits.

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