Chapter 168: You Are But Trash

I Am Overlord

A young man walked unhurriedly toward the crowd. He was a handsome young man with his back perfectly straight; his dignified and impressive bearing made it clear he was no ordinary person—a person of an incomparable grace.

"You! Haven't you left?" Luo Hua cried out. He was visibly worried when he saw who the newcomer was.

"Yeah, I did leave, but I'm back to give the principal a final toast," said Xiang Shaoyun with a faint smile on his face.

"You are not a member of the Green Bamboo Academy. Therefore, you are not qualified to give our principal a toast. Since you are here to create trouble, we do not welcome you," said the third elder.

"Third elder, Brother Xiang is the person who once fought alongside the principal. He had even killed a large number of Redwolf Bandits. How is he not qualified to toast our principal?" Luo Yongcheng said.

"He is why the principal is dead. He is the culprit of the principal's death!" shouted the third elder while pointing at Xiang Shaoyun.

The people from Luo Hua's faction started criticizing Xiang Shaoyun.

Xiang Shaoyun dug his ear and asked with disdain, "Anything else you have to say?" 

"What is this attitude? Piss off already!" said the town head who could not stand how Xiang Shaoyun was acting.

Xiang Shaoyun walked toward the town head and asked, "Are you the one selecting the principal on the Green Bamboo Academy's behalf earlier?" 

The town head did not dare to meet Xiang Shaoyun's overbearing gaze. His face even blushed somewhat in embarrassment as he quickly argued, "I am the town head. What is the problem of me bearing witness to their principal selection? As for you, immediately—"

Before he could finish his words, Xiang Shaoyun drew his saber.


His head was severed from his body before the town head could do anything. Everyone was dumbstruck.

"Brother Principal, you have given your life to eradicate the bandits, yet these cowards dare disturb your rest. They deserve death," said Xiang Shaoyun with a look of bloodlust. His action created an uproar among the crowd.

"Y-you actually k-killed the town head? How could you do that!"

"Killing before the deceased principal is an act of disrespect! We should move together and kill him!"

"That's right! He is basically making an enemy out of the Green Bamboo Town! We can't allow him to leave alive!"

"He is too audacious and shows no respect whatsoever for our academy!"


A large number of people started yelling furiously. Even those in Luo Yongcheng's faction did not know what they should say on behalf of Xiang Shaoyun. He had been too rash.

"Someone arrest this kid! He is too audacious!" shouted an old man standing beside the town head.

Even until now, he was still unclear of how scary Xiang Shaoyun could be. Right after he said that, Xiang Shaoyun moved again. Fear covered the old man's face as he tried to escape. However, Xiang Shaoyun's saber seemed capable of reaching everywhere. The saber energy quickly caught up to him and slashed him into two.

The old man had only been a mid-stage Transformation Realm cultivator. Thus, he was not a match for Xiang Shaoyun. The second kill caused an even larger uproar among the crowd. The people near Xiang Shaoyun immediately distanced themselves from him. Nobody dared to stay near this little devil anymore.

"Brother Principal, you have just passed, yet someone is already trying to silence the dissidents and snatch the principal position. That is too disrespectful of them, don't you think?" Xiang Shaoyun once again spoke to the gravestone. It was as if he was only acting out over the sense of injustice caused by what the people were doing after the principal's death.

"Everyone, attack together! He is only here to create trouble! By joining hands, we can kill him and restore the peace of the deceased town head!" said the trembling Luo Hua.

The crowd began to stir, but since Luo Hua, the leader himself, was not doing anything, nobody was willing to be the first to charge in and die. Xiang Shaoyun's sharp gaze landed on Luo Hua, causing the latter to step back in fear.


Xiang Shaoyun instantly vanished and reappeared before Luo Hua. Immediately, Luo Hua felt a massive kingly presence crushing down on him, causing his entire body to tremble.

"You want to be the principal?" Xiang Shaoyun asked, his gaze locked on Luo Hua.

"I...I..." Luo Hua froze, his mouth trembling so much he couldn't say anything.

"Do you want to die?" Xiang Shaoyun asked.

Luo Hua seemed to have completely lost control over his body as he went limp and collapsed. That alone was akin to an answer in itself.

"You are but trash," Xiang Shaoyun said with disdain and slowly swung his saber.

"N-no, p-please spare me! I don't want to be the principal anymore! I don't want to be the principal anymore!" Luo Hua begged Xiang Shaoyun for forgiveness. He was so scared that one had to wonder if he had pissed himself in fear.

Hearing that, everyone looked at Luo Hua in disappointment, including those who initially supported him. They cursed inwardly, Vice principal my ass. If he doesn't even have the courage to stand up for himself, how can he be the principal?

"How about you? Do you want to be the vice principal?" Xiang Shaoyun asked as he looked at the third elder.

The third elder quickly answered with a fearful look, "I-I do—"

Unfortunately, Xiang Shaoyun did not give him a chance to answer. With a flash, saber energy streaked over and sliced the third elder into two. The current Xiang Shaoyun was akin to a mad devil that had planted endless fear in the hearts of everyone present.

"Brother Principal, my apologies for disturbing your rest. This bottle of liquor is my offering to you. You are a man with the courage to face the bandits. These deserters are undeserving of being your subordinates," said Xiang Shaoyun as he poured the liquor before the gravestone as an offering to the deceased principal.

After doing so, he ignored everyone, turned, and left silently. Nobody dared to stop him. The crowd parted to make way for him, and everyone looked at him with gazes of veneration. A short while after Xiang Shaoyun left, they finally heaved a sigh of relief. The pressure Xiang Shaoyun gave them was too large, to the point his presence suffocated them.

"I believe everyone has an answer as to who will be the new principal?" said the eighth elder.

The surviving elders of the town quickly made their stance known, "We suggest that Luo Yongcheng be the new principal. You shall be the vice principal, eighth elder. As for Luo Hua, we suggest that he be removed from his position as the vice principal."

A large number of the crowd agreed with them. After all, Luo Hua's performance earlier had been too disappointing. More importantly, that devil was most likely there to support Luo Yongcheng. If they did not choose Luo Yongcheng as the new principal, nobody could guarantee that they would not suffer the fates of the few who had already been killed.

As for Luo Hua, everything was over for him. Although Xiang Shaoyun had not killed him, Luo Yongcheng would naturally not spare him.

Why had Xiang Shaoyun not killed Luo Hua? It was merely a trouble he intentionally left Luo Yongcheng to teach him a tiny lesson for trying to exploit Xiang Shaoyun into helping him become the new principal.

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