Chapter 170: Heavenly Eye Stone

I Am Overlord

Broken flower! Mo Mo felt like her heart had been stabbed by a sharp knife when she heard that term. Although she was born a bandit, that did not mean she was a loose woman. How was she suddenly a broken flower? She would not accept that baseless insult. Despite her unhappiness, she could only complain in her heart and did not dare to voice anything.

Mo Mo put her clothes back on and asked, "What do you want exactly, young hero?" 

"Firstly, you should disband all the bandits. Otherwise, I will slaughter them all. Secondly, take me to your storage room. I shall see if there's anything interesting there," Xiang Shaoyun said.

Mo Mo hesitated as she said, "These brothers have gone through all sorts of danger with me—"

Xiang Shaoyun interrupted her, "I told you. Disband or die. Cut the crap. I don't have the patience to listen to all that."

Left with no other options, Mo Mo could only nod in agreement. Disbandment was better than death.

"Now, take me to your storage room," Xiang Shaoyun said.

"Alright. Come with me." Mo Mo did not dare disobey. She brought Xiang Shaoyun straight to the storage room. The so-called storage room was where they stored the things they had plundered.

Soon, Xiang Shaoyun was brought to a secret room. Mo Mo opened the door, and instantly, a mountain of treasures appeared. An ordinary person would cry out in excitement when presented with such a sight.

But Xiang Shaoyun was uninterested in these common treasures. He behaved like he hadn't seen them at all. Mo Mo was slightly astonished to see that kind of reaction. Inwardly, she concluded, Looks like he really is a young master from some large organization. His calmness when facing wealth is not something many people can compare with.

Mo Mo then proceeded to open the door showing the inner secret room. That was where their truly valuable treasures were stored.

"All the treasures we have plundered over the years are here," said Mo Mo.

Numerous items could be found here, such as battle techniques, weapons, herbs, and demonic materials. But in Xiang Shaoyun's eyes, these were all low-leveled items, things that couldn't even pique his interest.

Even so, he still went through all the treasures carefully, hoping to discover a surprise among them. After walking around the room, he found an odd-looking stone. His curiosity caused him to start studying it.

Tiny holes filled the stone, drawing an odd and complicated imprint. At a glance, it looked like an incomparably ugly stone, yet there was something extremely odd about it.

Xiang Shaoyun studied the stone for a bit while lightly caressing it. He ultimately drew the Overlord Skyslaying Saber and swung it at the stone.


He applied quite a lot of force to the swing, yet the stone was completely fine.

"This stone has been here for many years, but we have never been able to find out what it is, so we just left it here to collect dust," said Mo Mo.

"Um. It is now mine," said Xiang Shaoyun with a faint smile before putting the stone away. Inwardly, he muttered, Hopefully this is really the legendary heavenly eye stone. If it is, I'm rich!

The so-called heavenly eye stone was an extremely rare stone that could hardly be seen even in 10,000 years. It was rumored that a unique power was contained within the stone, a power capable of helping one cultivate the Heavenly Eye.

After putting the heavenly eye stone away, Xiang Shaoyun did not leave. Rather, he went through the other items. Shortly after, he picked up another item. It was a human face mask, capable of changing one's appearance. With this mask, very few people would be able to see one's actual appearance. For Xiang Shaoyun, something like this was akin to a second life. Apart from that, he picked up some herbs as well. The rest of the treasures were left alone. 

Mo Mo suggested, "We have an incomplete king-grade battle technique here. Do you want to take a look at it?"

"Nope." Xiang Shaoyun waved his hand.

What a weirdo, Mo Mo mumbled inwardly.

For many people, the treasures here were invaluable. Any Transformation Realm expert would dream to have the things here. But Xiang Shaoyun only picked a few of them and rejected the others. It was understandable that Mo Mo was astounded.

The two finally left the storage room. Xiang Shaoyun asked, "Do you know if there is any land here where fire congregates?"

Mo Mo shook her head and said, "No idea. But you can try asking around at the Cloud Margin City. The people there know much more than us."

"Cloud Margin City huh?" Xiang Shaoyun sighed. He paused and muttered to himself, "Looks like I really have to go there."

"Can you take me with you?" Mo Mo asked, her eyes lit up.

"Take you with me?" Xiang Shaoyun was astonished.

"Of course. Since you want me to disband the Redwolf Bandits, I am now homeless. My only choice is to stay by your side," said Mo Mo with an expression of someone who had been terribly wronged.

"A late-stage Transformation Realm expert like you will be homeless?" Xiang Shaoyun laughed.

"Criminals like us will be hated and hunted wherever we go. After our disbandment, my enemies will definitely come looking. I might as well take this chance to get myself a new backer while I can still do it. No matter what, I can still be of some sort of help to you, young hero," said Mo Mo seriously.

That's right. Mo Mo had used the short time she had to think of her next step. With the disbandment of the Redwolf Bandits, she wished to stay by this youth's side and serve him. That would be better than being completely aimless and homeless. In any case, she was already tired of life as a bandit. She wanted to have a taste of how a different life felt.

"Disband your underlings first. Then we'll talk." Xiang Shaoyun did not give a direct answer, and it caused Mo Mo to feel somewhat nervous. She kept having a feeling that Xiang Shaoyun looked down on her, but since he hadn't outright rejected her, there was still hope. 

She did as told and gathered all the bandits before announcing the disbandment.

These bandits were already used to the life of banditry. Disbandment made them feel like they were children being kicked out by their parents. Suddenly, all of them were at a loss, not knowing what to do next.

After a momentary silence, chaos erupted. Some were still feeling lost, some were feeling angry, some were willing to leave...all sorts of emotions erupted. A lot of the bandits started raging and scolding Mo Mo for being a coward, scolding her for swearing fealty to a little kid, among other things.

Mo Mo did not bother shouting back at them. She merely erupted her cultivation base and slashed her sword, leaving a terrifying gap on the ground. The sight terrified the bandits into quickly leaving with their mouths shut.

No matter what, Mo Mo was once the second head. The fear they once had for her still remained. Xiang Shaoyun watched on as everything unfolded. Inwardly, he thought to himself, This woman is quite capable it seems.

"Stupid kid. Disbanded bandits are still bandits. They will still kill and pillage. Doing this will only harm more innocents," suddenly, a voice rang out right beside Xiang Shaoyun's ear, greatly alarming him.

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