Chapter 178: Conflict

I Am Overlord

The Cloud Margin Restaurant was one of the businesses of the Cloud Margin Pavilion, and since even Cloud Margin City's governor was an elder of the Cloud Margin Pavilion, nobody was stupid enough to create trouble in the restaurant. Thus, Xiang Shaoyun and Mo Mo would be safe so long as they remained in the restaurant. 

When Gong Qinyin and Gong Lianda appeared at the restaurant, Xiang Shaoyun came out of his room to greet them. He did not meet them with his real appearance. Rather, he had the human skin mask on. Hiding his identity would only save him from more trouble down the line.

"Greetings, Lord Lianda," Xiang Shaoyun greeted Gong Lianda respectfully.

Gong Lianda scanned both Xiang Shaoyun and Mo Mo, and when he saw their cultivation level, he started taking them lightly just like Wen Dongyou before. In a sense, it was a sin for a mere Transformation Realm cultivator to possess emperor-grade materials.

"Forget the pleasantries. Now, show me if you really have the top-quality goldsteel stone," said Gong Lianda.

"No problem." Xiang Shaoyun agreed and took out a several-catty-heavy top-quality goldsteel stone.

Gong Lianda studied the stone seriously for a bit as his eyes slowly started glowing. "This is really a top-quality goldsteel stone!"

"Consider this a gift from me for the occasion of our first meeting. Please accept it," offered Xiang Shaoyun tactfully.

Gong Lianda was instantly overjoyed. Although the Gong Clan was not a blacksmithing clan, obtaining an emperor-grade material was still a great harvest for them. After all, this stone was worth at least a few thousand low-grade spirit crystals, and it could even be used to forge emperor-grade weapons. It was an extremely rare material that he couldn’t say no to.

"How can I accept such a valuable gift?" Gong Lianda said, but his actions did not match his words at all as he had already stowed the stone away. After accepting the gift, Gong Lianda’s impression of Xiang Shaoyun became much more favorable.

"Let's not waste any more time, we should get going to the Cloud Margin Forging Pavilion," Xiang Shaoyun suggested.

"Alright. Let's go. Let's see if the Wen Clan dares to stop us," said Gong Lianda with his chest puffed out. 

Thus, the group walked out of the restaurant. But right after they left, the people from the Wen Clan appeared and blocked their way.

"Audacious, you dare block the path of this King?" Gong Lianda berated.

"Ah, so it's Uncle Gong. I am Wen Jinnuo. Wen Dongyou is my father," Wen Jinnuo stepped forth and introduced himself. He went straight to the point, "Uncle Gong, the two behind you are the people the Wen Clan is hunting. Please do not get involved in this."

Wen Jinnuo had not expected that Xiang Shaoyun would get help from the Gong Clan so quickly. He was certain Gong Qinyin played a role in that, and his resentment deepened at that realization.

Slut, when I'm done with this, I will definitely make you lie down before me, Wen Jinnuo said inwardly.

"They are the distant relatives of the Gong Clan. How can we let you take them as you wish? You better move aside, or you will have to bear the consequences," Gong Lianda said loudly.

He had brought a large group of people with him. Thus, he did not fear the Wen Clan. This was a bet he had to make. So long as he could establish a friendship with the elder of the Cloud Margin Forging Pavilion, everything would be better.

"Are you sure? Is the Wen Clan nothing for the Gong Clan now?" Wen Jinnuo questioned as he was starting to feel displeased.

"I do respect the Wen Clan, but that does not mean I will let you take my distant relative," Gong Lianda answered. He added, "Move aside or don't blame me for what happens next."

A middle-aged man stepped up beside Wen Jinnuo and said, "Gong Lianda, you are still not the patriarch of the Gong Clan. You should be careful of what you say." 

This person was a King Realm elder of the Wen Clan. Although his strength was not comparable to Gong Lianda's, he wasn't much weaker than him either. More importantly, the overall strength of the Wen Clan was above the Gong Clan, and that coupled with the Gong Clan patriarch's current bad condition served as a booster to the Wen Clan's confidence.

"Looks like you are very confident we will not retaliate. Fine, do you want to fight right here?" Gong Lianda said unyieldingly.

"Your Gong Clan will pay the price for this! Go, seize the two from them!" Wen Jinnuo was getting impatient and gave the command to attack.

"Those who come at us will be killed without mercy!" Gong Lianda shouted with a murderous expression.

"Let's see what you are made of, Gong Lianda," shouted the Wen Clan elder before he charged Gong Lianda with his sword in hand. His goal was clear—to restrain Gong Lianda. So long as he accomplished that, the other Gong Clan people here would not pose a threat.

"You are courting death!" Gong Lianda shouted and charged forth as well.

Right this moment, a King Realm cultivator suddenly appeared from a different direction and sneak attacked Gong Lianda. It was the Wen Clan's other King Realm cultivator. He had been hiding near them all along, waiting for a perfect chance to make a move.

Gong Lianda reacted decently: he quickly swung his weapon to block the two attacks that had suddenly arrived. He was able to temporarily protect himself, but as a result, he got himself surrounded by the two Kings.

The group that came with Gong Lianda also started fighting the Wen Clan people, creating a scene right in front of the restaurant that caused the pedestrians to scatter. Of course, some of the braver ones stayed nearby to watch everything unfold.

Xiang Shaoyun did not expect things to go this way at all. He thought that the Wen Clan would retreat for now instead of creating a scene right in the city. Unfortunately, things had escalated way out of his expectations.

But since the situation had already developed this way, there was no point fretting over it. He should just focus on getting over this hurdle first. In any case, he still had some plans in place. At this time, two people managed to break through the Gong Clan's defensive line and charged straight toward Xiang Shaoyun.

"Young master, be careful!" Mo Mo had been standing guard beside Xiang Shaoyun all along. When she saw the attackers, she quickly stood before him and counterattacked.

She was an early eighth-stage Transformation Realm cultivator, and so long as she did not meet those at the peak Transformation Realm or beyond, she feared nobody. She quickly beat back the two Wen Clan members then joined the Gong Clan people in their battle against the Wen Clan people.

However, the Wen Clan's overall strength was stronger than the Gong Clan's. In the midst of the battle, a Transformation Realm expert with a strength similar to Mo Mo's suddenly broke through the Gong Clan's defensive line and charged straight toward Gong Qinyin.

Gong Qinyin's cultivation speed had always been fast, but she was after all still an eighth-stage Astral Realm cultivator. Even so, for people her age, it was an outstanding cultivation level. But against an eighth-stage Transformation Realm expert, she was completely helpless. Just as she was about to be captured, Xiang Shaoyun noiselessly appeared before her, and his fist shot forth like a rumbling lightning bolt.

Lightning Bolt Fist!

Lightning energy surged out violently, turning his entire arm purple, giving him an incredibly imposing look. Then, the eighth-stage Transformation Realm cultivator's attack meant for Gong Qinyin connected with Xiang Shaoyun's fist.



First, a rumbling explosion had rung out. Then, a miserable wail had filled the air. Someone had been injured in that exchange.

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