Chapter 18: Concocting Medicinal Solutions!

I Am Overlord

Tier-1 to tier-3 medicinal herbs were also known as old medicines. The age of these herbs were at least 100 to 300 years old. If the herbs used were 400 to 600 years old, the produced medicines would be known as spirit medicines. Any older than 600 and the result would be known as king medicines.

The blood-clotting grass was a tier-6 spirit herb, which also meant to say that it needed to grow for at least 600 years before it reached maturity. As a high-tier spirit herb used for healing wounds, it was extremely uncommon. Normal people would rarely chance upon such a herb, which grew in vast, dangerous forests where high-tier demonic beasts abounded.

Martial Hall Palace was merely a cultivation ground in a small town. Even if they had several Transformation Realm experts, wanting to get the high-tier blood-clotting grass would be no easy feat.

“Overseer, how could I be here to make fun of your hall? You yourself can see what has happened to my face! If you don’t have the blood-clotting grass, give me your best spirit herbs for healing wounds! I need them now.” Xiang Shaoyun was dumbfounded. It was only then that he considered that for a place as small as Martial Hall Palace, getting high-tier spirit herbs would be no easy task. Even if they had any, the elders would surely keep it for themselves and not bring it to the Medicine Hall to sell. 

Seeing the wound on Xiang Shaoyun’s face, the overseer no longer pursued the matter of him making fun of them and replied, “We don’t have high-tier spirit medicines here, but we do have a low-tier spirit medicine here—reconciliation flower!”

“Reconciliation flower? The medical efficacy of this 400-year-old spirit medicine is a far cry from that of the blood-clotting medicine! But it’ll do for now,” Xiang Shaoyun replied, slightly unhappy.

“Kid, you sure talk big! The reconciliation flower is on that shelf over there. Go take a look first.” The overseer was left utterly speechless at Xiang Shaoyun’s choice of words.

Hastily walking over, Xiang Shaoyun caught sight of a sparkling, dark green flower placed in a transparent jade box. This was, without a doubt, the reconciliation flower used for treating wounds.

Just as he was about to take ahold of the box, he found that there was a price tag attached to the box. Upon taking a look, he reeled back in horror, “Five thousand points or five pieces of low-tier spirit crystal?”

During the past few days, Xiang Shaoyun had been taking note of a few details surrounding Martial Hall Palace. One of the things he noted was that 1 point at Martial Hall Palace was roughly equivalent to 1 gold coin. This meant that 5,000 points was roughly equivalent to 5,000 gold coins. And 1 low-tier spirit crystal cost about 1,000 gold, so using 5 low-tier crystals in place of 5,000 points was reasonable.

However, this amount of currency was difficult for many households to take out. Truthfully, he had never imagined that mere low-tier spirit medicine would cost this much. What surprised him more was the realization that he had once used low-tier spirit medicines like these as food for demonic beasts!

“Kid, even if you’re the junior brother of Elder Zi, you shouldn’t have 5,000 points on you, should you? For your wound, you should go to Elder Zi himself. He’s bound to have spirit medicines for treating wounds,” the overseer, recognizing Xiang Shaoyun, kindheartedly advised.

Waving his hand, Xiang Shaoyun did not answer the overseer but continued to quickly browse through the different herbs in the Hall.

“Snake agility vine, low-tier spirit medicine. One can increase one’s speed and learn Snake Step.

“Moonstar flower, low-tier spirit medicine. Shaped like a moon with a lustrous glow, it can greatly increase one’s astral energy.

“Three transformations grass, mid-tier spirit medicine. It strengthens the body, temporarily granting a threefold increase in combat power.”

By taking a mere look at their names, Xiang Shaoyun was able to discern their uses. It was just a pity that he could not afford these spirit medicines for the time being. He did not linger any longer, and he headed to the area for old medicines.

These were all medicines around the age of 100 to 300 years old. Although their medical efficacy could not compare to spirit herbs, they were all that he could afford. It was more important that he treat his wound first.

“Old medicines definitely cannot match up to spirit medicines, but with so many of them here, I might be able to refine a pill or even a medicinal solution! Then, the effectiveness will definitely not be inferior to that of a spirit medicine!” Xiang Shaoyun muttered to himself.

Very quickly, he selected three different old medicines—100-year-old haemostatic vine, a 200-year-old skin-healing grass, and a 300-year-old stainless flower. Although they were merely three old medicines, they cost him a hefty 800 points, even after a 20 percent discount!

Xiang Shaoyun initially thought he’d be able to dine without worry for a whole year with 1,000 points, but within the blink of an eye, he was merely left with slightly over a 100 points. If he exchanged them for a regular weapon, he would be broke. However, not once did he hesitate, immediately handing over his jade plate to purchase the three old medicines.

“This is the jade plate from the Hall of Limits! Not bad at all, kid! I’d thought that Elder Zi personally gave you your jade plate! It seems that the matter of you clearing the first room of the Hall of Limits is true!” The overseer at the Medicine Hall took a look at the jade plate in Xiang Shaoyun’s hands and laughed jovially. A genius who was able to break through the limits was sure to have a boundless future.

“Great overseer is praising me too much,” Xiang Shaoyun humbly replied before speaking up again. “Can I also ask overseer to lend me a tool for grinding medicines?”

The overseer naturally had no reason to refuse such a small request. After borrowing the grinding tool, Xiang Shaoyun immediately threw the three old medicines into the grinder and began fiddling with it. Watching the actions of Xiang Shaoyun, a trace of surprise flashed in the overseer’s eyes as he thought to himself, Does this kid know how to concoct pills and solutions?

Although Xiang Shaoyun had no experience with the dao of pills, concocting a few medicinal solutions was a piece of cake for him. Since he was young, he had watched his father use various solutions to strengthen his body. Just from his own powers of observation, he was able to gather quite a few things.

After mashing the three old medicines into a pulp, he wrapped the resulting solution with a silk cloth, forming a makeshift medicinal pouch. Pressing the medicinal pouch against his face, he squeezed it with a bit of force, resulting in some medicine flowing onto his face.


As he held the pouch against his face, a sharp pain shot from his face, causing him to take a sudden gasp.

“Li Hong’er, this young master won’t ever forget this whip!” Xiang Shaoyun swore to himself. As the solution dripped onto his wound, his wound felt cool almost at once. The pain had also lessened, and he was feeling much better. After an hour, feeling a slight itch on his face, he lowered the medicinal pouch.

The overseer, who had been paying close attention to Xiang Shaoyun, lightly gasped, “Your wound has formed a scab already?”

Hearing the overseer’s words, Xiang Shaoyun lightly touched the place where the wound had been. Finding that there was indeed a scab, his mood brightened a lot. “It seems that the efficacy of such medicinal solutions is not bad at all!” 

After he finished speaking, he cupped his hands towards the overseer before leaving the Medicine Hall. His wound would not heal at once, but he would definitely regain his previous looks within two to three days. It was only after settling this matter that he rushed to the Weapon Hall.

The Weapon Hall was indeed worthy of being a shop of weapons. There were various weapons—sabers, swords, spears, pitchforks, and so on. All sorts of weapons of varying ranks were arranged neatly within the store, making it a sight to behold.

“Bluefish Sword, a tier-2 primary-grade sword, 580 points.

“Fierce Marking Spear, a tier-2 mid-grade spear, 750 points.

“Sawtooth Saber, a tier-3 primary-grade saber, 1,800 points.”

Weapons were different from medicinal herbs. Each and every weapon required large amounts of resources and manpower to forge. A weapon at the same corresponding rank as its herbal counterpart would cost much more.

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