Chapter 186: Challenging Xie Sanqian

I Am Overlord

When the people in the area saw Xiang Shaoyun's gaze, they began stirring.

"Is this kid challenging us?" someone said unhappily.

"Since he is challenging us, let us fulfill his wish. He has a lot of good stuff on him right now," said someone else.

Three people stepped forward, trying to surround Xiang Shaoyun.

Xie Sanqian stabbed his spear into the ground before shouting at the newcomers, "This has nothing to do with you. F*ck off!" 

Ye Xuan also threw a sharp gaze at the newcomers, the pressure causing the newcomers to stop in their steps. Xie Sanqian and Ye Xuan were arrogant individuals. How could they allow someone else to take part?

The three newcomers hesitated slightly before retreating. In terms of strength and background, none of them could compare with the two before them. Thus, it would be wise for them to not offend the two.

Xiang Shaoyun smiled and said, "So are the two of you going to come at me together?"

"You think too highly of yourself. After I lop your head off your body, you will learn the consequence of disobeying me," said Xie Sanqian, who had a brash temperament. He then charged forward riding on his flame wolf.

He moved as fast as the wind and instantly arrived before Xiang Shaoyun. A spear stabbed forth and sent a flaming wolf pouncing on Xiang Shaoyun. Xie Sanqian was a fifth-stage Transformation Realm cultivator with outstanding combat prowess that enabled him to easily fight against those at the sixth or seventh stage of the Transformation Realm. This attack of his was enough to easily kill any fifth-stage Transformation Realm cultivator.

"How violent," Xiang Shaoyun sighed before he moved as well.

His body flickered and avoided the attack. He then reached out and grabbed the spear before dragging Xie Sanqian off the flame wolf. Xie Sanqian was caught by complete surprise, as he had not expected Xiang Shaoyun to have such strength. After all, his opponent was only a second-stage Transformation Realm cultivator but was demonstrating strength beyond the capabilities of even a fifth-stage Transformation Realm cultivator.

Xie Sanqian was pulled off the flame wolf, but thanks to his rich combat experience, he flipped his body and kicked at Xiang Shaoyun the moment he was pulled off. With the immediate follow up, Xiang Shaoyun was not given any chance to follow up the pull with an attack of his own. That was the difference between a Cloud Margin Pavilion disciple and a regular cultivator.

Xiang Shaoyun reacted speedily as well. He immediately released the spear and turned his arm into a shield and blocked the incoming kick. A regular second-stage Transformation Realm cultivator would have no way of blocking Xie Sanqian's kick, but for Xiang Shaoyun, blocking the kick was no trouble at all. He even followed up with a sudden attack of his own as his other hand shot up toward his opponent.

Star Destroying Finger!

The beam came abruptly, and with the distance between the two, Xie Sanqian was completely helpless, as he was yet to have the time to switch his posture.


The finger attack blasted him away. The outer energy barrier on his body even cracked from the attack. Fortunately, he still had an armor protecting him. Otherwise, the attack would have seriously injured him. Even so, he was sent flying and tumbling on the ground, looking completely opposite of his regular heroic self.

"Bastard! Flame wolf, go! Swallow him alive!" Xie Sanqian shouted furiously. Since he started cultivating, he had never suffered a defeat in the hands of someone with a lower cultivation level. Today was a first, and the defeat was under the hands of someone who looked so ordinary.

He even concluded that his opponent must have hidden his real strength. Otherwise, he would not have suffered a defeat. The flame wolf pounced Xiang Shaoyun at Xie Sanqian's command. The eighth-stage Great Demon flame wolf was naturally mighty. It was extremely fast, and its attack was incomparably sharp.

The wolf opened its massive jaw, baring its terrifying fangs. In the past year, Xiang Shaoyun had gone through numerous battles and had killed a lot of demonic beasts as well. Thus, this was nothing for him.

"Scram!" Xiang Shaoyun roared at the flame wolf. Traces of tiger's roar accompanied the majestic sound wave and spread throughout the whole area.

The flame wolf had the sensation that a tiger king had appeared before it, and fear immediately covered its eyes. Xiang Shaoyun took the chance to surround his fist with a layer of lightning energy before sending a punch at the wolf.

Lightning Bolt Fist!

The fist shot forward with the power of an overbearing lightning bolt.

Bang! Bang!

Xiang Shaoyun started raining punches on the wolf, turning it into a punching bag. Even the thick skin of the wolf was torn by the beating as blood splashed everywhere.


The wolf roared in pain as it whipped its tail at Xiang Shaoyun's shoulder, leaving a burning pain. The wolf took the chance and counterattacked, clawing at Xiang Shaoyun repeatedly with its flaming claws, pushing Xiang Shaoyun into retreat. An eighth-stage Great Demon would not be so easily defeated.

The wolf then spat a mouthful of flame from its mouth, sending a furious wave of flame that burned their surroundings. Using the Overlord's Nine Nether Steps, Xiang Shaoyun was able to barely avoid the flame attack before moving to the side of the wolf. There, both his fists shot forward.

Gold Helix Fist!

The fist energy then changed from purple to gold. The incredibly sharp energy transformed into a massive spiraling drill that blasted the flame wolf away. Right this moment, Xie Sanqian, who had gotten a short respite, arrived with an ambush.

Mo Mo wanted to stop the ambush, but she was forced to keep watch on Ye Xuan instead. In any case, she was confident that her young master would most certainly be able to deal with Xie Sanqian's ambush.

The moment Xie Sanqian attacked, he turned into a massive fireball that crashed forward at Xiang Shaoyun with a prowess comparable to someone in the seventh-stage Transformation Realm. This was a genius of Cloud Margin Pavilion, capable of battling those with cultivation levels two stages above him.

Unfortunately, his opponent was Xiang Shaoyun, one capable of battling those with a cultivation level of more than two stages above him. Thus, Xie Sanqian's defeat was already sealed before the fight had even begun.

Xiang Shaoyun suddenly moved with wondrous footwork and dodged the incoming attack as if he had a pair of eyes on his back. He then charged Xie Sanqian, releasing one Gold Helix Fist after another, sending Xie Sanqian flying away while coughing blood.

"It's my turn," Ye Xuan said.

His Bamboo Sword instantly left the sheath and danced straight through the air toward his target like a viper. Mo Mo had been paying close attention to him, but she was still too slow to stop the attack.

"Young master, watch out!" Mo Mo could only give Xiang Shaoyun a warning.

The sword transformed into one bamboo viper then split into seven bamboo vipers that snaked at Xiang Shaoyun from seven different directions, all heading toward Xiang Shaoyun's vitals.

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