Chapter 192: One Move Is All It Takes

I Am Overlord

Number One Young Master of Cloud Margin City!

That was a title unique to Chen Zilong alone.

That served as a proof that not only was he someone with an extraordinary background, he also had an astonishing cultivation talent. His advancement in cultivation had been smooth sailing all the way until he reached late-stage Transformation Realm. He once set up a challenge arena in the city and defeated 49 opponents in a row, winning himself the title of Undefeated Transformation Realm Cultivator.

Apart from that, he was also one of the top 10 personal disciples of Cloud Margin Pavilion. If it wasn't for the fact that he was still too young, he would have also occupied first place within the top 10.

From all that, it was clear how renowned Chen Zilong was in Cloud Margin City. And here was Xiang Shaoyun, challenging Chen Zilong. Everyone stared at Xiang Shaoyun like he was some madman, all thinking that he was truly an ignorant person.

More importantly, Xiang Shaoyun dared to tell this number one young master to become his follower, which caused everyone to wonder if he was thinking straight. Chen Zilong was the descendant of an Emperor. Who would dare to say something like that to him?

"Audacious! Young master, please allow me to cut his head off!" asked a peak Transformation Realm expert from the Chen Clan.

The other Chen Clan members also spoke out one after another, all wanting to kill Xiang Shaoyun on the spot. Xiang Shaoyun's words had insulted the entire Chen Clan, a clan of an Emperor, and it was punishable by death.

"Boss! Let me fight him! He is not worth your time," requested Ji Jiuhan.

Chen Zilong narrowed his eyes and gazed at Xiang Shaoyun for a bit before saying, "Jiuhan, you go." He then said to Xiang Shaoyun, "If you can defeat him in three moves, I will let your group enter and search for the earthcore fire. As for a battle between you and me, we will talk about it after you are at least a third-stage Transformation Realm cultivator. Perhaps at that time I can suppress my cultivation base and fight you with the same cultivation level. If you can defeat me, I will consider what you said."

"No, young master!" the Chen Clan quickly pleaded.

"Enough. A person capable of defeating me with the same cultivation level does not exist in this world," Chen Zilong declared confidently.

Xiang Shaoyun smiled calmly and said, "Sure, we'll do that." He himself never feared anyone of the same cultivation level as well, even if the person in question was from a clan of an Emperor.

Ji Jiuhan raised a silver spear and shouted to Xiang Shaoyun, "Come on, then. You won't be able to defeat me in three moves." 

"Be careful," Gong Qinyin reminded Xiang Shaoyun, who was about to step forth for battle.

Xiang Shaoyun smiled calmly before stepping forward and saying, "I don't need three moves for you. One move is enough."

Xiang Shaoyun had undoubtedly infuriated Ji Jiuhan with those words. No matter what, Ji Jiuhan was an inner disciple of Cloud Margin Pavilion. His combat prowess was not much weaker than Xie Sanqian's. And here, he was being looked at with such contempt? How could he accept that?

"You will pay!" Ji Jiuhan shouted before charging Xiang Shaoyun with his spear raised.

World of Frost!

Ji Jiuhan stabbed his silver spear forward, and instantly, a frost aura spread everywhere. It was as if the weather had instantaneously changed and winter had arrived. The frost spread toward Xiang Shaoyun and froze him on the spot, preventing his escape as the spearhead turned into an ice spike and headed straight toward him.

That was an attack that first sealed the escape before dealing a fatal blow to the opponent. It was an extremely ingenious move. Ji Jiuhan was using his full power, unleashing a combat prowess comparable to that of a sixth-stage Transformation Realm cultivator. Unfortunately for him, it was far from enough to deal with Xiang Shaoyun.

Xiang Shaoyun did not even bother dodging the attack. Purple and gold aura surged out of his body to form an impenetrable energy barrier as he stood there and allowed the attack to land.

Everyone opened their eyes wide, thinking that Xiang Shaoyun had been too careless and was going to get himself killed. Even Gong Qinyin tightened her grip on her weapon anxiously. But the Gong Clan people around her were stopping her from charging forward rashly.


Ji Jiuhan's silver spear struck Xiang Shaoyun's barrier, immediately creating a loud explosion that rippled everywhere. The attack failed to penetrate Xiang Shaoyun's barrier, as the spearhead couldn't budge after entering about one third of the barrier.

"Impossible! Die already!" Ji Jiuhan could not accept it at all. He roared and poured all his strength into the silver spear and continued trying to push the spear through the barrier. The silver radiance around the spear peaked, and the frost aura intensified.

Finally, a crack appeared in the barrier. Right this instant, Xiang Shaoyun leaned to the side, causing Ji Jiuhan to shoot forward uncontrollably. It was at that moment that Xiang Shaoyun made his move.

Cloud Splitting Palm!

It was a regular tier-1 battle technique, yet it was the most effective battle technique in such a situation.


Ji Jiuhan was unable to pull back in time. In any case, he did not even realize that Xiang Shaoyun was attacking. The only thing he felt was a palm landing on his back. Instantly, his energy barrier shattered, and he was sent flying and coughing blood.

Finally, he crashed heavily onto the ground not far away. Only one move and he had been defeated.

Xiang Shaoyun gazed at Chen Zilong and asked in a carefree manner, "So can we enter now?"

Chen Zilong was pulled back from his shock, and he laughed, "Haha. To first bait the enemy, shifting the truth and the fake, before finally counterattacking and obtaining victory. What a splendid move. The entire sequence looks simple, but it is extremely clever. You are indeed an opponent worthy of respect. You may all enter."

Chen Zilong had a decent personality. Although his man had suffered defeat, he did not fly into rage out of humiliation. Instead, he magnanimously praised Xiang Shaoyun, showing the grace of an expert. Xiang Shaoyun cupped his fists and saluted Chen Zilong before riding his red wolf away with Gong Qinyin, Mo Mo, and the others without saying anything.

After Xiang Shaoyun left, Ji Jiuhan crawled back on his feet and said with a rueful expression, "Boss, sorry. I have embarrassed you."

"Yes, that was quite embarrassing. But it was not like you didn't have that coming. He was able to kill even Ye Xuan. Do you think he's not your match?" Chen Zilong said. He then muttered to himself, "Life will only be interesting with an opponent like this. Otherwise, it will feel very lonely."

"Zilong, are you really going to fight him with the same cultivation level?" Li Yaxuan asked.

"Sister Xuan, you think I will lose?" Chen Zilong asked.

"That is possible. I have a feeling that he is not as simple as he looks," Li Yaxuan said with the expression of a wise and farsighted person.

"Why so? Do you mean he is actually hiding his strength? Or he has some forbidden technique capable of increasing his combat prowess?" Chen Zilong asked.

"No, his combat prowess is very stable. It is definitely not something he got from a forbidden technique. Moreover, I have witnessed him fight two times. He is indeed only a second-stage Transformation Realm cultivator. But his cultivation base is incredibly thick, and his true combat prowess is no weaker than any of you. Therefore, he is definitely someone with terrifying talent. Also, I suspect the face we are seeing is not his true face," Li Yaxuan voiced her suspicions.

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