Chapter 196: Drawing in Lightning

I Am Overlord

With Xiang Shaoyun's shout, his aura soared. At the same time, the presence of dragon and tiger surged out from him, roaring. Instantly, the seemingly unequaled kingly presence roiled out from him, pushing the attacks of the Double Crimson Tyrants and the flame beasts away.

"What's going on here!" Chixiong asked in astonishment when he noticed the powerful pressure.

Shaxiong's eyes went wide as he said, "His aura is growing! He is breaking through! Stop him or things will get troublesome!" Just as the two were about to attack Xiang Shaoyun, the flame beasts suddenly started attacking them and ignored Xiang Shaoyun.

They had all sensed the presence of the king of beasts emanating from Xiang Shaoyun, a presence that they instinctively feared. Because of that, Xiang Shaoyun was able to catch a respite and successfully break through.

Third-stage Transformation Realm!

After the breakthrough, Xiang Shaoyun felt himself fill with power. Astral energy coursed through his veins, thoroughly improving the condition of his body.

The strength Xiang Shaoyun gained through a breakthrough was perhaps several times or even more than 10 times more than what others at a similar cultivation level would obtain. Otherwise, he wouldn't have required so many spirit crystals to sustain his breakthrough.

Previously, he was able to battle an eighth-stage Transformation Realm cultivator as a second-stage Transformation Realm cultivator. Now, he could easily fight a ninth-stage Transformation Realm cultivator or even someone at peak Transformation Realm. That was the scary part about his physique.

Xiang Shaoyun took a deep breath and smiled in satisfaction. "Finally, another breakthrough. Let me try out my new strength..."

His gaze landed on the flame beasts not far from him. The beasts were also staring at him, a complicated look in their eyes. The person before them was obviously a human, but why was he giving off the pressure of a beast king?

Xiang Shaoyun casually swung his saber, sending out a saber energy that was much stronger than before. Before the flame beasts could even react, they were killed.

As the flame beasts exploded, an energy barrier formed around Xiang Shaoyun's body again. The defensive power of his energy barrier had also increased significantly. Now, the barrier was able to easily block all the explosions without suffering any damage whatsoever.

"Not bad. I have indeed grown a lot. If I was at the fourth stage, I doubt I would even need to fear the temperature here anymore. But for now, the coldstar stone will be enough," Xiang Shaoyun muttered in satisfaction before his gaze finally landed on the Double Crimson Tyrants.

The two were naturally still dealing with the flame beasts. Of course, they had also sensed the increase in Xiang Shaoyun's strength and were already planning to fight while retreating. Earlier, they hadn't been able to take down their opponent even after working together. Now that their opponent had broken through, they stood an even smaller chance against him.

"Let's go," said Chixiong when he saw Xiang Shaoyun looking at them.

"Leave? Will you be able to?" Xiang Shaoyun smiled before he darted forward like a lightning bolt and arrived before the two in the blink of an eye. At the exact moment he arrived, he swung his saber at them.

Berserk Lightning Blade!

No saber intent was used in the attack, but the power of innate purple lightning was used instead. The tyrannical lightning power was akin to a divine lightning bolt shooting down from the sky.

The Double Crimson Tyrants were given no choice but to counterattack, as they were unable to escape in time.

Trapping the Sun, Piercing the Moon!

They held nothing back and worked together to unleash their strongest attack. They were using a king-grade technique, which was also the only technique they knew. This was the same technique that had helped them kill many experts.

Chixiong's flaming chain turned into numerous chains that enveloped the area several dozen meters around them. At the same time, Shaxiong stabbed his flaming fork more than 10 times in quick succession, each stab sending three energy spikes flying forward. With the two working together, it almost seemed like they could trap the sun and the moon and that they possessed the power to destroy stars.

Rumble! Rumble!

The attacks of the two parties finally met, creating a series of intense explosions. The flame beasts were all forced into retreat by the might of the collision. They no longer dared to advance. As for Xiang Shaoyun, he was completely trapped in the cage of chains formed by the Double Crimson Tyrants.

"Haha, don't dream that you can defeat us just because you broke through. Time for you to die!" Chixiong roared with laughter as he quickly pulled his chain back so as to kill Xiang Shaoyun.

At the same time Shaxiong kept watch, not giving Xiang Shaoyun any chance to escape.

"Seems like I have underestimated you two. However, that still doesn't change the fact that you two are the ones who will die," said Xiang Shaoyun. Immediately, his presence of dragon and tiger surged out. At the same time, his lightning bone erupted with power, wrapping his entire body with lightning. Then, he attacked again.

Lightning Slash From the Clear Sky!

Xiang Shaoyun used his trump card, turning his entire person into a lightning bolt before swinging his saber with the power of human saber unity. At the same time, the heavens above seemed to have sensed something. Dark clouds gathered, and a massive lightning bolt shot down.

That bolt of lightning struck Xiang Shaoyun's body, but it did not harm him at all. Instead, the lightning energy poured into his body, increasing the power of innate purple lightning within his lightning bone. With this combination, the prowess of his slash reached a whole new level.

Rumble! Rumble!

The power in Xiang Shaoyun's body was too rich, and because of that, he had to unleash it. Otherwise, the overabundance of power would kill him. He swung his saber madly, sending one purple energy after another streaking across the air, leaving numerous over 10-meter-long cuts everywhere. Even the flame beasts that were unable to escape in time were killed, to say nothing of the Double Crimson Tyrants.

The two felt like they were facing a natural calamity that forcefully tore their attacks and their weapons apart. Their defenses were akin to paper and were immediately destroyed while their bodies were turned into mincemeat. They died a terrible death.

Not far away, some Transformation Realm cultivators had sensed the series of explosions and the sudden lightning bolt. They were greatly shocked.

"What's going on? Who released such terrifying power? Don't tell me a King has arrived?"

"No, no Kings will come. Perhaps a Great Demon is breaking through and facing the lightning tribulation?"

"The direction of the sound...isn't that where the Double Crimson Tyrants are? Did they do that?"

"What a terrifying lightning power. Is that the work of the pavilion's freak genius, Lightning Kid?"

"Lightning Kid? That's the younger brother of the Young Lightning King. He is definitely capable of something like that!"


All the people were alarmed by the power they felt. None of them dared to approach the source of power as someone so terrifying could only be a peak Transformation Realm cultivator. In fact, it felt even slightly stronger than the power released by a peak Transformation Realm cultivator. Approaching rashly was no different than suicide.

At times, curiosity would get one killed.

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