Chapter 200: Millennium Earthcore Fire

I Am Overlord

The millennium earthcore fire was only a tiny clump of flame. It swayed about gently, looking like an innocent fairy as it pulsed repeatedly. It transformed without stop, assuming one form after another, such as the form of a tiny flower, a tiny flame beast, a demon head, and so on.

It looked incredibly odd yet innocent, as if it posed no threat at all. But in truth, it was dreadfully destructive and not even a King Realm cultivator could easily survive its attack. It had after all taken a millennia to form before finally showing itself to the world.

Everyone present wanted to tame the earthcore fire, but it wasn't an easy feat. Just the large number of flame beasts surrounding the earthcore fire were annoying enough to deal with. One had to possess sufficient intimacy with fire or one had to be skilled enough in taming flames before one could even consider obtaining the earthcore fire.

The people were scattered all over the crater, all staring at the millennium earthcore fire and thinking of a way to obtain it. Also hanging on the wall was a certain young bald monk. He had a handsome face, a monk brand on his head, and a wide pair of ears. Coupled with the Buddhist cassock he wore, his entire person emanated kindness.

He seemed to be chanting something repeatedly, which was most likely a Buddhist flame taming technique. The earthcore fire started pulsing incessantly, looking like it was going to fly toward the monk soon.

"Where did this monk come from? You're trying to steal from us?" someone shouted resentfully.

Nobody else spoke as everyone started using their own respective secret techniques to attract the millennium earthcore fire as well. Chen Zilong had activated his Qilin Arms, causing numerous apparitions of fire qilin to appear behind him, with some of them roaring fiercely.

Fire qilins were top fire elemental beasts and were born intimate with fire, possessing an innate ability to control fire. In fact, they were not much weaker than the legendary beast, the vermilion bird.

Chen Zilong was planning on using the fire qilins to attract the millennium earthcore fire. Sure enough, what he did immediately worked. The millennium earthcore fire started changing its direction and slowly pulsed in the direction of Chen Zilong. Even so, it still remained rooted where it was. When the others saw this, they grew anxious.

Fan Ren, who had a demonic core on hand, was even more brazen. He directly went down, trying to approach the millennium earthcore fire. He did not seem to have any regards for his own life. Thanks to the aura sharing similar properties with the earthcore fire that the demonic core was emanating, the damage he suffered while approaching was reduced considerably.

Huo Linfei did not wait around doing nothing either. He fully unleashed his green flame. The green flame was in fact a beast flame that was much more powerful than ordinary flames. With the green flame as bait, he tried to attract the earthcore fire.

Another person took out an odd bottle. It was unknown what function the bottle had, but when the bottle was aimed at the millennium earthcore fire, it started releasing some sort of energy that tried pulling the millennium earthcore fire in.

Everyone used different techniques, trying their best to obtain the ultimate prize. At this point, the millennium earthcore fire seemed somewhat confused. It started surging, instantly increasing the temperature within the crater and intensifying the fire burning within the crater.

Two people were immediately injured and nearly fell off the wall. They quickly retreated, no longer daring to stay. But two clumps of flame suddenly appeared before them. Next, their energy barriers were ignited, followed by their bodies.


The two wailed miserable before falling off the wall, their bodies on fire. The numerous flame beasts also started stirring, but not one of them dared to move. They were akin to puppets under the millennium earthcore fire's control that could only stay there awaiting its command. Everyone's hairs stood on end at the fearsome sight.

Their senses told them that the two had been killed by two strains of energy released by the millennium earthcore fire. They wondered if the millennium earthcore fire had in fact obtained a full consciousness and had transformed into a demon. What should they do if it decided to attack them next?

Xiang Shaoyun, who had been staying silent, started getting uneasy. He had a feeling that the millennium earthcore fire was merely toying with everyone. That's right. Toying. Like a playful child, it was playing with its toys as it wished and had no intention whatsoever to submit to anyone.

Looks like this earthcore fire is not simple at all, thought Xiang Shaoyun.

He was feeling vexed by the fact that he had never cultivated the power of fire before this. He also did not know any flame taming techniques, and he did not have the flame beast king's demonic core. How should he proceed then?

"Amitabha. Everything in the world has a spirit. A human has a spirit, a demon has a spirit, even a flame has a spirit. As for you, you are a spirit among flames, while I am a Buddha among humans. If you become my karmic flame, I will help you become the most supreme of karmic flames," chanted the young monk.

Traces of dharmic teachings were contained within his words, words capable of reeling in all living beings. Even the others there were slightly affected by the words, and they felt their will wavering. It was unknown if the millennium earthcore fire actually understood what was said, but it sent a strain of its power toward the young monk.

The young monk stood his ground and slammed both his palms forward, forming a Buddhist symbol before him. The Buddhist symbol then captured that strain of power in his palm and started refining it. When the others saw that, they were first astonished before they realized something.

It was the test of the millennium earthcore fire. If the young monk was able to refine that strain of power and obtain the millennium earthcore fire's approval, he would most likely be the master of the millennium earthcore fire.

"I am the son of qilin, born to be the God of Fire. I am the only one who can help you become a divine flame. Submit!" shouted Chen Zilong who fully activated his Qilin Arms. The qilin apparition turned solid before it charged toward the millennium earthcore fire.

As a response, the millennium earthcore fire sent a strain of power toward Chen Zilong as well. Chen Zilong was overjoyed as he quickly accepted that strain of power with both hands and started fusing it with his arms. When the others saw that, they started shouting as well, but not one of them was able to solicit any response from the millennium earthcore fire.

Apart from them, the earthcore fire only gave a chance to Fan Ren, Li Yaxuan, and Huo Linfei. The person with a bottle couldn't accept it and shouted, "I will take you myself then!"

He then increased the power of his bottle, causing a massive devouring force to surge out as he tried to pull the millennium earthcore fire in with brute force. But instead of pulling the millennium earthcore fire up, he alerted the flame beasts. They immediately sent tongues of flame toward him.

"F*ck! Fine, I quit!" He was smart enough to know when to quit. After a shout, he quickly escaped.

The speed in which he fled was incredibly astonishing, to the point even Xiang Shaoyun was gaping in amazement.

That guy sure is good at hiding his strength, Xiang Shaoyun judged inwardly.

Right this moment, the temperature of his surroundings soared as a strain of flame appeared near him.

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