Chapter 202: Battling the Various Geniuses

I Am Overlord

The space within the crater was wide, but it wasn't wide enough for the explosions of so many flame beasts. The chaos made it hard for the people who were trying to refine the millennium earthcore fire to focus. Some of them were even dragged into the chaos and were attacked by the flame beasts as well.

"You damnable bastard. If I fail because of this, I will kill you!" Huo Linfei shouted furiously after dodging a series of attacks from the flame beasts.

"Amitabha. Without dust and without filth. Selfless and thoughtless. Unwavering will...f*ck! Even a Buddha would be angry in this situation! Benefactor, if you insist on staying, don't blame me if I decide to send you back into the wheel of reincarnation!" said the young monk. He was no longer able to remain calm after an endless stream of flame beasts attacked him.

A vicious glint surfaced on Fan Ren's honest-looking face as he glared at Xiang Shaoyun. He wished for nothing more than to rip Xiang Shaoyun apart. Even Chen Zilong and Li Yaxuan wore unsightly expressions as they stared at Xiang Shaoyun with resent.

As for Xiang Shaoyun, he completely ignored them and continued sliding down the wall while swinging his saber without stop. With the skin, he did not need to bother defending himself. Thus, he entered the human saber unity mode and sent his saber intent everywhere, killing to his heart's content.

Each flame beast killed equaled another explosion. The explosions filled the crater with flame, making it hard for anyone to calm their mind or stay focused. That in itself was already infuriating enough for everyone there. Suddenly, someone cried out in alarm, "The millennium earthcore fire is sinking!"

The cry attracted everyone's attention. When they looked over, they found that the millennium earthcore fire was indeed sinking into the lava. It had most likely been frightened by the havoc Xiang Shaoyun was wrecking, so it was now seeking refuge in the lava.

The lava would be too hot for any of them to approach. Not even King Realm cultivators would be able to approach. Thus, once the earthcore fire hid within the lava, only Emperor Realm cultivators would have a chance of capturing it. Everyone fumed at that realization.

"Kid, I'm going to kill you for sure!" Huo Linfei shouted at Xiang Shaoyun before charging straight at Xiang Shaoyun's direction.

Apart from him, the young monk and Fan Ren did the same. They were all peak existences within the Transformation Realm and were no weaker than Xiang Shaoyun. In fact, they were even slightly stronger than him. The three attacked at the same time, sending three different attacks crushing down at Xiang Shaoyun.

Huo Linfei swung his blazing saber, the young monk slammed his palm forward, and Fan Ren swept his massive sword. The three attacks had differing strengths, but each of them were undoubtedly powerful.

Xiang Shaoyun was busy killing flame beasts when he sensed the incoming attacks. Without any hesitation, he swung his saber at the three attacks. He did not think that the human skin would also be immune to the incoming attacks as well. That was simply impossible.

Rumble! Rumble!

The attacks collided, creating a series of explosions. Xiang Shaoyun held no superiority hanging on the wall. The impact from stopping the three attacks caused him to lose balance and continue sliding down the wall.

Huo Linfei took the chance to pounce on him, slamming his blazing saber downward. "Just keep on rolling all the way down!"

A fiery dragon flew out of the blazing saber and blasted the spot Xiang Shaoyun was hanging, causing him to slide down at an even faster speed. Xiang Shaoyun was quick on his feet, and he immediately jumped onto a nearby flame beast, kicked it, and sent himself springing away. He swung his saber at Huo Linfie. With saber intent infused into it, the slash he sent was nearly unstoppable.

Huo Linfei was no pushover either. The instant the saber energy flashed forward, he placed his saber in front of him and blocked the incoming slash. Even so, he was blasted into the wall. It was obvious Xiang Shaoyun was the one with the upper hand in the exchange.

Just as Xiang Shaoyun was about to take the chance to stabilize himself on the wall, the young monk arrived. The monk chanted Buddhist scriptures without stop as a thick tongue of flame formed a Buddhist symbol in his palms. He then shot it toward Xiang Shaoyun.

The attack was boundlessly valiant and surpassed the might of ordinary peak Transformation Realm cultivators. From that attack, it was clear the young monk was also one with the capability of battling King Realm cultivators.

As Xiang Shaoyun was midair without any footing, he couldn't even change his direction or the speed at which he was moving. He could only release his innate purple lightning and send a punch at the incoming attack. His fist shot forward like a lightning bolt.

It connected with the Buddhist attack, instantly creating a massive explosion of lightning and fire. The two different powers were unable to do anything to each other. Instead, the flame beasts nearby were the ones killed by the impact. As for Xiang Shaoyun, the impact sent him falling.

"Shit!" Xiang Shaoyun's face fell as he quickly slashed his saber at the flame beast near him, causing the flame beast to explode. The impact of the explosion pushed Xiang Shaoyun to the side, allowing him to stab his saber into the wall and stop his fall.

"Phew! I nearly shat my pants there!" Xiang Shaoyun broke out in cold sweat from the fright. Without any hesitation, he started climbing. Since the millennium earthcore fire had hidden itself in the lava, his new priority was to flee. But of course, the others were no longer letting him leave alive. Above him, Fan Ren had dug a massive boulder out, and currently, the boulder was falling right on him.

"Just go all the way down!" Fan Ren shouted.

The boulder was only several hundred catties in weight, but combined with the strength at which Fan Ren had tossed it down, it carried a weight reaching several tens of thousands of catties.

"Damn it!" Xiang Shaoyun cursed and quickly shifted to the side. But on the wall, his speed was far slower than the dropping boulder. Thus, he was ultimately forced to swing his saber and smash the boulder apart.

That was not the only attack Xiang Shaoyun was facing. The flame beasts were still spitting tongues of flame at him repeatedly. Although the attacks couldn't harm him, they still slowed him down considerably.

Apart from that, Huo Linfei and the young monk had arrived once again. Both attacked without stop, forcing Xiang Shaoyun to flee everywhere in a sorry manner. They were not giving him any chance to run.

"Are you really not going to leave me a way out?" Xiang Shaoyun howled at them.

"We told you to leave earlier, but you refused. Now you die," Huo Linfei said, still furious.

"Benefactor, it's time you return to the wheel of reincarnation," said the young monk.

"Remember those words. If I survive today, I will come for your lives," Xiang Shaoyun swore.

Right after that, Huo Linfei, the young monk, and Fan Ren all resumed their attacks. This time, he could no longer dodge or block the attacks, and he was helplessly sent falling down. Below him the wide expanse of lava was teeming with an intense power of fire. Anyone falling into the lava would be instantly destroyed.

Would Xiang Shaoyun survive the fall?

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