Chapter 215: Gathering of Brothers

I Am Overlord

The enforcers stared at Xiang Shaoyun and Xia Liuhui the moment they arrived and asked, "Are you the ones creating trouble and committing murder here?" 

As for the leader of the enforcement squad, he was none other than the overseer Long Hui had introduced to Xiang Shaoyun earlier. The overseer had not expected that Xiang Shaoyun would be involved in a murder so soon after he arrived. Inwardly, he cursed, This distant relative of Elder Long Hui's is too insensible!

"Sir overseer, he is still alive," Xiang Shaoyun said as he picked the unconscious Ye Lingyun up.

The overseer heaved a breath of relief. He then said, "As long as nobody died, all is well. Not even I can help you if someone was killed." 

The overseer had someone drag Ye Lingyun away and left without even bothering to ask what happened. It stupefied the people there. Although the overseer had not said much to Xiang Shaoyun, the little he did say was enough to display the absolute bias the overseer had toward Xiang Shaoyun.

"He is definitely a senior brother from the inner pavilion. Otherwise, how would the lord overseer let him off so easily?"

"But I don't recall seeing him before this at all. Then again, he really is crazy strong."

"I wonder what this senior brother's name is. He is just so cool and handsome. How good would it be if he sets his eyes on me?"

"Stop dreaming. Work hard to become an inner disciple first, and you will stand a chance."


The people there automatically assumed that Xiang Shaoyun was an inner disciple. Even Xia Liuhui drew the same conclusion.

"Boss, I did not expect that you would have joined Cloud Margin Pavilion much earlier than me. Back then at the Golden River Valley, I thought something bad happened to you," said Xia Liuhui emotionally.

The people Xia Liuhui respected most in the Martial Hall Palace was Xiang Shaoyun, and that remained true even now.

"Let's stop talking for now. We will chat after we deal with your wounds," said Xiang Shaoyun. He then left with Xia Liuhui. After looking for a place they could sit down comfortably, he started treating Xia Liuhui.

The combination of consuming medication and externally applying medication would always be the best method of treatment for any wound. The worst of Xia Liuhui's injuries were all external injuries, and he did not suffer many internal injuries. After consuming the rejoining grass Xiang Shaoyun gave him, he was much better.

As for the moonwater flower, he couldn't bear to use it. He returned it and said, "Boss, this moonwater flower is too valuable. I can't take it from you."

"Sure, go feed it to a dog or something then. Your boss is too rich to care about something like this," Xiang Shaoyun said.

Xia Liuhui immediately kept it away and said, "Feeding me is better than feeding a dog."

"Hah, you are still as cheap as ever," Xiang Shaoyun teased.

"Boss, you can't insult me like that! I'll fight you with my life!" Xia Liuhui said and feigned anger.

 Xiang Shaoyun glowered at Xia Liuhui and said, "Ohh, so you are all grown up now and are going to step on your boss too?"

Xia Liuhui laughed dryly and said, "Boss, you will forever be my boss. How would I dare?" He continued, "Boss, why are you in the Cloud Margin Pavilion as well? Do you know how much my sister-in-law has missed you during the past year?" 

His words caused Xiang Shaoyun to recall that graceful silhouette. A sense of guilt welled up in him as he said, "Tell me about how you two got here first."

"How we came here is somewhat related to you, boss. Elder Zi is the one who brought us here," said Xia Liuhui as he started explaining how they got here.

After the Golden River Valley incident, Xiang Shaoyun had gone missing, and it caused a large uproar within the Martial Hall Palace. Elder Zhen Peng seemed to have turned mad as he directly charged into the Gateflag Academy demanding an answer. He caused a scene and nearly dismantled their signboard from their gate.

The Gateflag Academy lost all their prestige from their inability to deal with Elder Zhen Peng. From then on, they no longer dared to mess with the Martial Hall Palace. It was also rumored that Elder Zhen Peng had even personally entered the Golden River Valley. Unfortunately, he couldn't find Xiang Shaoyun's whereabouts at all.

One ought to admit that Elder Zhen Peng was truly loyal to Xiang Shaoyun. He knew that Xiang Shaoyun's best friends in the Martial Hall Palace were Xia Liuhui and Lu Xiaoqing. Thus, he personally guided them in their cultivation, helping them grow faster.

With the guidance of a King like Elder Zhen Peng and the assistance of resources from the Martial Hall Palace, the two were able to grow at a lightning speed. Perhaps inwardly they did not want to fall too far behind Xiang Shaoyun. Thus, they had been working insanely hard in cultivation as well.

Three months ago, Zi Changhe's master, Liu Xinji, who was once the vice palace master of Martial Hall Palace, had returned to the palace. Liu Xinji was an expert who had become a King a few years before Elder Zhen Peng.

After becoming a King, he left the Martial Hall Palace for a position in the Cloud Margin Pavilion, which was one of the reasons why the Martial Hall Palace had no King Realm expert before Elder Zhen Peng had become a King.

Liu Xinji had returned to bring his disciple Zi Changhe to cultivate at the Cloud Margin Pavilion. Although Zi Changhe could no longer become a Cloud Margin Pavilion disciple, it still wasn't a problem for him to stay there thanks to Liu Xinji's status as a King.

That was when Zi Changhe begged Liu Xinji to bring Xia Liuhui, Lu Xiaoqing, and Wang Zhenchuan to the Cloud Margin Pavilion. It was his way of repaying Xiang Shaoyun.

Initially, Liu Xinji refused. But Zi Changhe insisted that he would not go if the three did not come with them. That coupled with Elder Zhen Peng's persuasion made Liu Xinji agree. It wasn't that Liu Xinji respected Elder Zhen Peng very much. Rather, Elder Zhen Peng had gifted Liu Xinji almost all his wealth to make him agree. After all, most people prioritized personal benefit above all else.

That was how Xia Liuhui, Lu Xiaoqing, and Wang Zhenchuan had come to be outer disciples of the Cloud Margin Pavilion. In fact, they were only able to become outer disciples through Liu Xinji's backdoor authorization. Otherwise, they would have never been accepted.

As for Xia Liuhui and the others, they naturally continued working hard on cultivating when they arrived at the Cloud Margin Pavilion. But Lu Xiaoqing was a fatally attractive female and had attracted Ye Lingyun's attention. He kept trying to approach her, and because of that, a conflict erupted between him and Xia Liuhui.

Today, Xia Liuhui was alone when he was caught by Ye Lingyun, and that was how everything that had happened today started. When Xiang Shaoyun heard the simple explanation, he smiled. "Looks like my decision to come is correct. Otherwise, I would never have known that you were all here."

"What do you mean, boss? Aren't you an inner disciple?" Xia Liuhui asked in astonishment.

"Hehe, I am not even an outer disciple, so how can I be an inner disciple?" Xiang Shaoyun laughed. He continued, "I will tell you the whole story later. Can you contact Lu Xiaoqing and Wang Zhenchuan first? Also, don't forget my senior Zi Changhe. It is time for us to have a good gathering!"

"Sister-in-law is in a secluded cultivation. As for Senior Brother Wang Zhenchuan, he is a fanatic cultivator, so I don't know where he is hiding and cultivating alone right now. As for Elder Zi, he is currently in the inner pavilion. He has to be the one to come look for us, not the other way around," Xia Liuhui said.

Xiang Shaoyun was about to reply when he noticed someone rushing toward them.

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