Chapter 22: Good Thing This Young Master Is Quick Witted!

I Am Overlord

And so the curtain fell on the battle between Xiang Shaoyun and Wu Mingliang. Xiang Shaoyun’s victory left everybody’s eyes wide open, and it bolstered his already-large reputation. That being said, the secret of him having reached seventh-stage Basic Realm was also out of the bag. However, this did not affect others’ perception of him whatsoever. Being able to defeat a ninth-stage cultivator at the seventh stage proved that he was more than sufficiently talented.

“Boss, you’re awesome! You once said that you’d take care of me! Now, I’ll forever be your man!” Xia Liuhui said as he held Xiang Shaoyun’s hand.

Xiang Shaoyun kicked Xia Liuhui to one side and loudly cursed, “F*ck you, don’t get touchy with me! I’m not into that shit!”

Xia Liuhui wore an expression of being wronged as he meekly said, “I most definitely am straight, brother! I was just a little excited just now.”

At that moment, a clear and crisp voice cut through the air. “Congratulations on your victory, Xiang Shaoyun!”

Turning his head to take a look, Xiang Shaoyun saw the cute little Lu Xiaoqing standing close to him, her delicate face containing traces of pink. He laughingly replied, “Many thanks, but I was fighting mere small fry. It’s not worth a mention at all.”

Although his words were very humble, he did not bother to hide the prideful grin on his face. Being praised by a beauty was a wondrous thing indeed.

“Your skin really is extraordinarily thick, isn’t it?” Lu Xiaoqing lightly giggled.

“How can that be?” Xiang Shaoyun replied heartily before saying to her, “Follow me, pretty little girl. I’ll treat you to a meal at the restaurant!”

“If you continue to call me that, I’ll be angry!” Lu Xiaoqing seemed rather dissatisfied with the way Xiang Shaoyun addressed her.

“Okay, okay. Lil Missy Xiaoqing, I’ll treat you to a meal, so give me some face, ok?” Xiang Shaoyun continued to poke fun at her.

Lu Xiaoqing’s cute little face flushed an even deeper shade of red as she angrily said, “Call me Lu Xiaoqing!”

“Boss, take me too! Take me too!” Xia Liuhui immediately jumped to his feet and pleaded Xiang Shaoyun.

Xiang Shaoyun stared daggers at Xia Liuhui and silently cursed, “Can this jackass not read the situation?” He had wanted to use this opportunity to be alone with Lu Xiaoqing, but this bastard had to stick his nose in. Just as Xiang Shaoyun was about to leave for the restaurant with Lu Xiaoqing and Xia Liuhui, two more people spontaneously appeared before him.

“It’s Brother Mo Buhui and Sister Mei Lianhua!” Xia Liuhui tipped Xiang Shaoyun off.

“May I know what business the two of you have with me?” Xiang Shaoyun politely asked the duo. He had long known from Xia Liuhui that these two ranked second and third in the outer court respectively.

“Haha, I heard that Brother Xiang was handing out invitations for a meal, so we decided to butt in as well. I wonder if Brother Xiang would be so kind as to treat the two of us as well?” Mo Buhui cheerfully laughed.

“I believe that Brother Xiang is not a petty individual. I’m sure you won’t mind, right?” Mei Lianhua glanced seductively at Xiang Shaoyun. If the two of them had previously looked down upon Xiang Shaoyun, their current attitudes had done a full 180.

Not only was he now as famous as they were, he also possessed a five-star physique. His accomplishments were sure to eclipse theirs; hence, making friends with him served to do them much more good than harm.

Xiang Shaoyun was a friendly person by nature. Waving his hand, he proudly said, “No problem! Since the two of you are willing to join, I must naturally play the role of a good host!”

As such, Xiang Shaoyun and co headed for the restaurant. Xia Liuhui was completely bowled over by Mei Lianhua’s divine appearance, constantly casting his eyes on her as his face would occasionally flash red. He was simply a completely pure youth. Xiang Shaoyun noticed his useless figure and began to regret taking in such an underling. This was simply tainting his heroic reputation.

As they were halfway there, a thought suddenly hit Xiang Shaoyun, and he cried out, “Damn it!”

“What’s wrong?” Lu Xiaoqing asked, completely clueless about Xiang Shaoyun’s sudden outburst.

“Were you beaten stupid? Boss, don’t scare me!” Xia Liuhui hurriedly asked.

“Wait awhile for me, I’ve got something to do at the Hall of Limits. Once I finish it, I’ll treat you to all you can imagine at the restaurant, I promise!” Xiang Shaoyun said extremely confidently before sprinting headfirst to the Hall of Limits.

“F*ck, I almost forgot I have no points left! Good thing this young master is quick witted!” Xiang Shaoyun sighed in relief. If they really had gone to the restaurant only to find out that he was completely broke, it would be a source of great embarrassment. He had to go to the Hall of Limits and challenge the second room for more points.

“Something to do at the Hall of Limits? He can’t be going to challenge the first room, right?” Mei Lianhua speculated.

“That should be the case! With his current strength, it should be just right for him to challenge the first room. Why don’t we go take a look?” Mo Buhui suggested to the group.

“Boss is definitely not going to challenge the first room. He should be going for the second room!” Xia Liuhui replied with absolute certainty.

“For real?!” Lu Xiaoqing asked, full of astonishment.

“Of course it’s real! Boss mentioned to me before that he had already cleared the first room!” Xia Liuhui proudly replied.

“Then all the more we should go and take a look! I’ve been wanting to challenge the second room for a while now!” Mo Buhui spiritedly said.

As such, the group of them followed closely behind. By the time they arrived at the Hall of Limits, Xiang Shaoyun had already entered the second room.

“Revered overseer, is Xiang Shaoyun challenging the second room?” Mei Lianhui asked the overseer in charge. 

Nodding his head, the overseer replied, “Indeed. He just went in.”

“As I said, my boss was rushing for the second room!” Xia Liuhui exclaimed, slightly moved.

“I want to go in,” Mo Buhui said without hesitation.

“Are you sure?” the deacon asked.

“I’m sure,” Mo Buhui confidently replied.

“Okay then, enter as you like. If you can stay in there for an hour, it’ll be your success,” the overseer instructed.

“I also want to go in!” Lu Xiaoqing said as well.

“Since Sister Xiaoqing is so brave, I, Mei Lianhua, cannot fall behind!” Mei Lianhua added in turn.

“Very good, you’re all brave youngsters! No matter whether or not you clear the room, you’re all deserving of praise!” The overseer laughed. Looking at the Xia Liuhui standing to the side, he asked, “They’re all going in, what about you?”

“About that…overseer, I-I haven’t challenged the first room yet, so forget it.” Xia Liuhui tried to avoid the matter.

“Challenge the first room then! You’re already at the peak of seventh-stage Basic Realm, not too weak at all!” The overseer encouraged Xia Liuhui before subsequently adding, “If you’re able to last for half an hour, you’ll have passed. How about it? Do you want to give it a shot?”

Xia Liuhui’s expression turned troubled. However, the moment he caught sight of Mei Lianhua’s disdainful gaze, he gritted his teeth and loudly proclaimed, “I’ll give it a shot, then! I, Xia Liuhui, am not afraid of anything!”

As such, they each separately entered the Hall of Limits. Within the second room of the Hall of Limits, Xiang Shaoyun had already begun to experience the trials in the room. 

This room actually contained a boulder formation. Numerous boulders each weighing 500 kilograms, a weight that was equal to a normal ninth-stage Basic Realm cultivator’s maximum output, were flying non-stop throughout the room. If one was careless for a single moment, one would immediately be pummeled by the various flying boulders, possibly leading to death.

Any ninth-stage Basic Realm cultivator would find it extremely difficult to stay in the room for a whole hour. The Hall of Limits challenged one to the very limits, and those who were able to successfully emerge would attain exceptional rewards.

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