Chapter 229: Let Us Be Brother and Sister

I Am Overlord

Xiang Shaoyun noticed that he was currently the focus of the three beauties, but he still had a calm smile on his face as he said, "Thank you for the favor you show me, big sister. However, the dao of zither is not my dao."

"Oh, but all dao lead to the same destination. With your outstanding talent in the dao of zither, relying on this dao will make it easier for you to gain martial prowess as well. Moreover, the zither is graceful and refined. Won't you look much more carefree practicing the dao of zither rather than the likes of sabers and spears?" Hua Cheng said after a slight astonishment.

She couldn't even imagine that a Transformation Realm young man would actually reject her offer. Even a King would wish to be her disciple. She even wondered if this kid was actually a nutcase or if he truly was someone who did not think much of Emperor Realm cultivators.

A solemn look covered Xiang Shaoyun's face as he declared, "The dao I pursue is the dao of saber."

"You are a saber user as well?" Hua Cheng asked curiously.

Her relationship with the Saber Emperor was common knowledge. He was a supreme expert in the saber. And when she heard that Xiang Shaoyun practiced the saber as well, her interest was piqued.

"If big sister is willing to play me a song, I won't mind demonstrating how my dao of saber is even better than my dao of zither," said Xiang Shaoyun, full of confidence.

Xiang Shaoyun was a person who had met numerous experts since young. Thus, his calmness before experts such as this Zither Empress was something not many people could compare with. That was how he had been able to speak so calmly with Hua Cheng.

Hua Cheng did not say anything. She merely gripped at the empty air. Immediately, the zither not far away flew toward her. She required no warm-ups before playing the zither. She propped it up with one hand while her other hand rested gently on the zither, as if she was stroking the face of her lover.

A battle song started resounding in the courtyard. The melody sounded like it was played by gods and demons. The moment it started playing, the courtyard seemed to have turned into a battlefield. Countless armored soldiers charged each other, and severed limbs and blood filled the battlefield. It was an extremely shocking scene.

Xiang Shaoyun felt like he himself had appeared on the battlefield with countless armored soldiers rushing toward him. Initially, he was still aware that he was currently in an illusion. But soon, he was completely drawn in.

He could clearly feel the pain from the wounds inflicted on him. He could also clearly sense the fierce murderous intent of the soldiers. If he did not strike back, he would die.


He erupted with his own murderous intent while his Overlord Skyslaying Saber appeared in his hand. He then started wildly attacking with his Berserk Lightning Blade. The soldiers weren't particularly strong and were quickly killed off. But there were just too many of them. Wave after wave arrived, as if there was an unending amount.

Xiang Shaoyun was forced to unleash his full power. He utilized his human saber unity and attacked with saber intent, unleashing a breathtaking slash that instantly severed numerous heads from their bodies. He was unstoppable!

"Come! Let this young master send you to the afterlife!" shouted Xiang Shaoyun, whose eyes had turned bloodshot from all the killing.

Not only was he using his saber technique, he was also using Yun Flame's power. The torrential 1,000 years old flame poured out and burned everything, turning the battlefield into a sea of flame.

Just as Xiang Shaoyun was happily slaying his opponents, the melody suddenly stopped. The soldiers and the battlefield vanished like they had never appeared in the first place.

Xiang Shaoyun froze.

Staring at the Overlord Skyslaying Saber in his hand and sensing the power of flame around him, he cried out inwardly, Shit, I fell for it!

After taking a deep breath, he withdrew all his power and raised his head to look at the elegant woman sullenly. He had completely fallen under the control of her melody. If she had wanted to kill him, she could have done it easily.

Xiang Shaoyun hated this feeling of being controlled the most. He increasingly felt that he was too weak.

"Not bad at all. You have actually comprehended saber intent. No wonder you care so little for the dao of zither," said Hua Cheng with an approving look. She added, "You even have the millennium earthcore fire on you. I suppose that is the new flame that had appeared at the Flame Mountain not too long ago? Kid, you are blessed with both talent and luck!"

"Since you already know everything about me, just do whatever you want with me," said Xiang Shaoyun with a shrug. As far as he was concerned, all his secrets had been exposed. The only thing he could do was accept what was coming to him.

The millennium earthcore fire was something that had caught the attention of the Cloud Margin Pavilion. If they decided to take it from him, he would be completely helpless. He even started regretting his act of showing off his zither skills. If it wasn't for that, he wouldn't have attracted this woman's attention.

With a faint smile on her face, Hua Cheng looked at Xiang Shaoyun and asked calmly, "What is your name?"

"Xiang Shaoyun," came the reply.

"Alright. I will address you as Little Brother Shaoyun in the future. You can call me Big Sister Hua Cheng as well. We shall treat each other as brother and sister!" said Hua Cheng sincerely while winking her large eyes.

The mouths of Gong Qinyin and Li Yaxuan were wide agape when they heard that. They stared at Hua Cheng in disbelief, wondering if they were hearing things. An Emperor Realm cultivator was actually telling a Transformation Realm kid to be her little brother? What was going on with the world?

Xiang Shaoyun was naturally happy to oblige as he flashed a happy smile and said, "Big sister, those are your own words. I have always wanted a beautiful big sister like you. I've never expected that my wish would actually be fulfilled. This is great!"

A crafty smile surfaced on Hua Cheng's face as she said, "Since you have acknowledged me as your big sister, you will have to listen to me in the future. Otherwise, you will suffer for your disobedience."

"Oh? But shouldn't an elder sister be pampering her little brother?" Xiang Shaoyun asked.

"Hmph. I have no intention to pamper you into a spoiled child. In the future, focus on cultivating the saber. If there is anything you don't understand, feel free to come ask your big sister. Although I don't cultivate the saber, I still know enough to guide you," said Hua Cheng, now looking like a regular nagging elder sister.

"Don't worry, big sister. I won't embarrass you," declared Xiang Shaoyun as he slapped his chest. He then rubbed his hands and said, "Big sister, after getting such a handsome, heroic, smart, and insanely talented little brother, shouldn't you be giving him a gift? It will be an embarrassment for a person of your stature if you don't, right?"

His words caused Hua Cheng to giggle as she said, "I am suddenly regretting my decision. You are too narcissistic, little brother. Will you be the ruin of the reputation I have painstakingly built?"

But after saying that, a jade plate appeared in her hand, and she tossed it over to him.

"You can have this star congregation jade. Never ever use it to create trouble in the pavilion. Or else, I won't spare you!" said Hua Cheng. She added, "I will tell Granny Mei to prepare an estate for you. In the future, you can stay there and focus on your cultivation. I will introduce a remarkable saber master to be your master later. Don't disappoint me, ok?"

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