Chapter 238: I Want to Go With You

I Am Overlord

The two attackers were known as the Twin Stars. They were twins and had a similar cultivation level with the young man Xiang Shaoyun had just defeated. But when they joined hands, they were able to defeat even eighth-stage Transformation Realm cultivators.

They were each mounted on a Great Demon gold lion, both arriving in a ferocious fashion. Their plan was to capture Xiang Shaoyun and claim the bounty reward of 5,000 spirit crystals. The Twin Stars were acting quite overbearingly, as they did not even bother saying anything. They rushed at him and attacked straight away with their massive sabers.

Two saber energies flew out and transformed into two roaring lions that charged Xiang Shaoyun. From this attack alone, Xiang Shaoyun could see that the two were above the previous young man in terms of combat prowess.

Little did they know that Xiang Shaoyun had been able to battle eighth or even ninth-stage Transformation Realm cultivators since he was only a second-stage Transformation Realm cultivator. Now that he had defeated even a Skysoar Realm expert, would he fear them?

"Come on, then. Let me teach the Lightning Alliance a good lesson today. You will come to learn that some people you just can't offend," Xiang Shaoyun muttered to himself. He then formed a claw with each of his hands, directly tearing at the two lions.

The Twin Stars attacked him from two different directions, completely surrounding Xiang Shaoyun's path of escape, not giving him any chance to avoid their attacks. One had to admit that the Twin Stars were really quite capable. It was no wonder that many people with higher cultivation levels were afraid of them.

Unfortunately, they had selected the wrong opponent today. Their attempt to surround Xiang Shaoyun was nothing to him. He was able to easily tear a gap open with his claws, which continued on to leave dreadful claw wounds on the two lions.

"Roar! Roar!"

The two lions wailed in pain and started struggling, nearly throwing their riders off. Xiang Shaoyun seized the opening and jabbed at the two with his finger.


The two were unable to avoid Xiang Shaoyun's finger energy. A bloody hole was left in each of them, leaving them wailing in pain. Xiang Shaoyun then strode off, not bothering to look at them again. A calm smile was on his face, as if nothing had happened at all. That left an enigmatic impression in the hearts of all the observers.

"How powerful. He was able to defeat the Twin Stars with only two moves. No wonder Guardian Qiu has to issue a bounty for him. But the bounty reward is way too low for an opponent like this."

"Who would have guessed that an outsider would be so strong? Both Big Axe and Twin Stars were defeated successively. It is obvious this person's combat prowess is above the eighth-stage Transformation Realm. Ordinary cultivators would not dare to try anything against him."

"Is he heading toward Guardian Qiu's estate? He is a tad bit too brave, isn’t he? Guardian Qiu is not someone ordinary cultivators can compare to."

"Let's go. A good show is going to unfold. It has been a while since someone dared challenge the Lightning Alliance."


Xiang Shaoyun was in no rush. In fact, he was intentionally slowing down. He looked more like someone taking in the scenery on a casual stroll than someone heading toward his enemy. In truth, he was only waiting for more opponents to arrive so he could properly establish his dominance.

Sure enough, some people could not stand how he was behaving. Thus, new challengers arrived. This time, five Transformation Realm experts had arrived at the same time. One of them was an eighth-stage Transformation Realm cultivator while the other four were also Transformation Realm experts of different levels. All of them were experts from the Lightning Alliance.

They were not here for the little amount of spirit crystals offered on the bounty. Rather, they were here to battle for the glory of the Lightning Alliance. Unfortunately for them, they were still too weak for Xiang Shaoyun.

Xiang Shaoyun wasn't even trying as he defeated them easily. Finally, the crowd realized how powerful Xiang Shaoyun was. Some of the people that were stirring no longer dared to do anything.

At this time, Gong Qinyin appeared riding on a snow lion with a zither hung on her back. She said, "I want to go with you!"

She spoke with an incomparable resoluteness in her eyes, as if she was not going to take no for an answer. The people around them were all stupefied.

"Isn't that Junior Sister Gong Qinyin? She's here to attack him as well?"

"Are you dumb? See the look in her eyes? She's obviously here for him. Oh god, I can feel my heart shattering."

"But Junior Sister Gong is Lord Zither Empress's personal disciple. How does this kid know her? What kind of bullshit luck does he have?"

"Maybe this kid has a shocking identity as well? If that is the case, the Lightning Alliance is going to suffer this time."

"Hmph. With the alliance leader around, nobody can challenge the glory of our Lightning Alliance!"


Xiang Shaoyun glanced at the beauty before him and nodded when he saw the resolute and aloof look in her eyes. "Come along then."

He then continued on. As for Gong Qinyin, she smiled before getting off the snow lion, and she obediently followed. In the eyes of others, she was following his lead, which shocked the crowd even more.

Meanwhile, in Qiu Chonglei's estate, a lot of Lightning Alliance members were gathered. Suddenly, a young man arrived on a demonic eagle. The demonic eagle landed before Qiu Chonglei. Then, the young man hopped down in a flustered manner before saying, "Reporting to Guardian Qiu. Xiang Shaoyun has defeated the Big Axe, Twin Stars, and a few others. He is currently heading here."

"Haha, what a ballsy kid. He dares to come on his own accord?" Qiu Chonglei roared in laughter.

"Guardian Qiu, permission for me to go harvest his head for you!" said someone.

"It's fine. Since he wants to come, we will let him come. I do want to see if he can actually reach my estate," said Guardian Qiu with a sneer on his face. He then shouted, "By my order, the bounty for Xiang Shaoyun is hereby increased to 10,000 low-grade spirit crystals!"

For any Transformation Realm cultivator, 10,000 low-grade spirit crystals was a sum large enough for them to risk their lives.

"Yes, Guardian Qiu!" someone answered.

A certain young man in the estate suddenly stood up and said, "Qiu Chonglei, keep the 10,000 low-grade spirit crystals for me. This young master shall capture him for you."

Next, a young man could be seen rushing out of the estate on a flame wolf. Very few people dared to address Qiu Chonglei by his name directly. The young man who had just charged out happened to be one of them.

"Hehe, that kid actually got his interest piqued? Looks like I won't have a chance to fight that Xiang Shaoyun myself anymore," said Qiu Chonglei with a faint smile.

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