Chapter 250: Zi Changhe Becoming King

I Am Overlord

It was a silent and starry night. Within his room, Xiang Shaoyun had just consumed the two spirit medicines, filling his body with a large amount of lightning energy. Regular Transformation Realm cultivators would be able to grow or even enter the next stage after consuming spirit medicines.

But Xiang Shaoyun's lightning bone instantly devoured the energy from the two spirit medicines, leaving nothing behind. Even so, the lightning bone was still radiating intense hunger. Of course, the hunger wasn't as bad anymore.

Xiang Shaoyun reminded himself, Looks like I can't excessively exhaust the essence of the innate purple lightning in the future. That will only harm my own foundations.

Xiang Shaoyun ignored the lightning bone for now and started circulating his energy through his meridians. At the same time, strands of energy swirled around the star congregation jade hanging on him as it incessantly absorbed the energy from the stars. The energy congregated around Xiang Shaoyun, greatly increasing the speed of his astral energy absorption.

This was a star congregation jade of great quality, and it was capable of gathering a large amount of astral energy and increasing the energy absorption speed of a cultivator by three or even five times. That was why Xiang Shaoyun had the confidence to enter the eighth-stage in only two or three days.

Back when he obtained Yun Flame, he had reached peak seventh-stage Transformation Realm. He had been consolidating his foundations since then. Coupled with the battle he had with Qin Yu and the Lightning Alliance members, he could feel that he was going to break through soon. With the star congregation jade helping him grow even faster, there was no need for him to wait any longer. 

After three days and three nights of nonstop energy absorption, Xiang Shaoyun was filled to the brim with energy. During this period, he had also used spirit crystals to compress and purify his energy a few times as well. His foundations were now completely stable, ready for a breakthrough.


Outside his estate, a cold-looking overseer had appeared. The overseer was stopped by Long Hui, who was guarding the estate.

"Who are you?" asked Long Hui. As an elder, he was still quite imposing when he spoke.

When the overseer saw who the person speaking was, he quickly bowed and greeted, "Greetings, Elder Long Hui. I am here to issue Xiang Shaoyun a challenge on behalf of my young master, Huo Linfei."

After saying that, he passed Long Hui the written challenge. It was a very simple message. On it, only the word "battle" was written, undersigned by Huo Linfei's name.

Long Hui accepted the written challenge and said calmly, "Xiang Shaoyun is currently in secluded cultivation. I will be keeping the letter on his behalf. He will decide if he wants to accept the challenge after he leaves seclusion."

"Yes, Elder Long Hui. I'll be taking my leave then," said the overseer. He did not dare to act too rashly in front of Long Hui and quickly left after completing his mission.

But inwardly, he was questioning himself doubtfully, I heard Xiang Shaoyun was brought to the pavilion by Elder Long Hui. But what exactly is the relationship between them?

The overseer had not gone far when a powerful aura suddenly soared into the sky from Xiang Shaoyun's estate.

The overseer turned around in astonishment. Shock immediately covered his face as he cried out in alarm, "Igniting the star, a King is born! H-how is this possible?"

This overseer was not the only one who was alarmed. Some people nearby had also noticed the phenomenon. All of them wondered who was the one who had ignited the fate star to enter the King Realm.

"Isn't that the estate of the genius Liang Zhuangmin? Is he finally going to break through?"

"You are too slow. Liang Zhuangmin has been chased out of the first-class estate. Now, Xiang Shaoyun the War King is the new owner of that place. Surprisingly, he is going to enter the King Realm already. This speed is simply inconceivable."

"Everyone knows he is only a peak seventh-stage Transformation Realm cultivator. Why is he suddenly breaking through into the Skysoar Realm?"

"What's the big deal about that? He is a War King. Maybe he had been suppressing his cultivation base for a very long time. Now that he is finally allowing his cultivation base to erupt, it is completely normal for him to soar through several stages in a row. But will he be able to succeed?"


The person in the cultivation room was Zi Changhe, not Xiang Shaoyun. He was currently at an optimal mental state, and he had an abundant supply of energy within him. He was in a perfect condition to ignite his fate star.

He could feel his soul leaving his body, flying straight to the sky above, staring directly into his fate star. So long as he went over and ignited his fate star, the corresponding stars in his body would wake up. He would then be able to hold even more astral energy within him and have much more devastating power under his control.

But when Zi Changhe felt himself getting near the fate star, he suddenly had a sensation he did not have enough strength to go on. It was as if he was going to drop back down to the world below at any moment. This was when the perseverance and the foundations of a cultivator were tested.

"I can do it! I can't disappoint Shaoyun after all he has done!" said Zi Changhe resolutely. He then activated his cultivation method, erupting with the terrifying power he had gained refining the innate purple lightning. Instantly, his soul returned to peak condition. He continued flying toward the fate star.


Ignite the fate star!

Suddenly, Zi Changhe felt the river of stars within his body ripple. His astral energy erupted, and his strength started to grow. Strands of pure astral energy coursed through his meridians, pushing him straight to first-stage Skysoar Realm. It was then that a flickering star suddenly appeared high above in the night sky, notifying the people in the Cloud Margin Pavilion of what was happening.

"Someone has entered the Skysoar Realm. But which overseer is it? Or is it a disciple?"

"There are a lot of peak Transformation Realm experts in the pavilion. Every now and then, some of them will break through. But generally, they will apply for some resources from the pavilion before attempting their breakthrough. On top of that, us, the enforcers, will also be requested to keep watch while the person attempts the breakthrough. But I don't recall receiving any notifications about a breakthrough recently?"

"That is the direction of the first-class estates. Is one of the freaks living there breaking through?"

"What a lucky person. Becoming a King is akin to a carp becoming a dragon."


The overseer who was there to send Xiang Shaoyun the written challenge could clearly sense the terrifying kingly presence rippling out of Xiang Shaoyun's estate. He shivered and cried out in alarm, "Shit! If Xiang Shaoyun is the one breaking through, wouldn't Young Master Linfei suffer?" 

He hesitated slightly before muttering to himself, "Well, there is no way I can withdraw the challenge. I need to return and inform the young master so he can think of what to do next."

Right after he left, Zi Changhe walked out of the cultivation room. The overseer would most definitely have an amusing reaction if he was here to see that the person who had broken through was actually not Xiang Shaoyun.

"Congratulations for reaching the Skysoar Realm," congratulated Long Hui.

"Thank you, Elder Long Hui," said Zi Changhe, who did not dare to slight the elder. He then asked, "Where is Shaoyun?"

"He is in secluded cultivation. I believe he will leave soon," said Long Hui. Right after he said those words, he sensed something from Xiang Shaoyun's room.

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