Chapter 259: Wu Town's Change

I Am Overlord

While the Cloud Margin Pavilion people were heading toward the Land of Soul Springs, a group of super experts had arrived at Wu Town. Mounted on high-level mounts, they descended from the sky with a majestic presence that placed the people of the town in intense fear.

The leader of the group was mounted on a seven-tailed fox. He was currently scanning the town with a sinister look. His senses covered the entirety of Wu Town. Nothing could escape his detection.

"Commander, based on the trails, that trash is most likely hiding in this small town. Moreover, that old bastard Duo Ji has most likely stayed here for a period of time as well," said someone through voice transmission.

"Um. Capture and question the most powerful person here first," commanded Linggu Haonan calmly.

This was the group that had come from a different province. With their speed, they should have arrived long ago. However, they were sent on a wild goose chase before wasting more time and men at the Hundred Beast Mountain Range. Thus, they were forced to take some time to recuperate before resuming their journey. Now, they had arrived.

In the past two years, they had worked extremely hard searching for that one person. Failing their mission was punishable by death. They went to the estate of the town head, and when the Wu Clan saw how powerful the visitors were, they were so frightened they immediately got on their knees and started kowtowing.

Even Wu Hongxi, the patriarch of Wu Clan and the current town head, was on his knees. "I wasn't aware of your arrival, lords. Please forgive me for failing to welcome your revered selves."

After unfurling a portrait before Wu Hongxi, a man stepped forth and asked, "Have you seen this young man?"

"This...this is..." Wu Hongxi studied the portrait nervously. He found the person on it somewhat familiar, and it did not take him long to recall who it was.

Just as he was about to answer, someone else spoke impatiently, "How long will this take? Let me handle this. Get your ass over here!"

The person speaking was a slim man wearing a black cloak. Strands of black aura twirled around his body, making him look extremely sinister. He sent a black claw out right after saying those words, pulling Wu Hongxi to him. 

Wu Hongxi found himself flying toward the slim man uncontrollably. When the slim man gripped his head, Wu Hongxi cried out in fear, "No, please..."

Unfortunately, he soon blanked out as his memories were pulled from his head. The man was displaying an extremely terrifying technique—the Soul Searching Technique. A short while later, Wu Hongxi was tossed to the side. He crashed into the wall and no longer moved.

"Haha, commander, we got it right this time. That trash is here, and he had even gotten into a conflict with the town head," said the slim man.

"Really?" said the pleasantly surprised Linggu Haonan.

"Yes, there's no mistaking it. That kid has been hiding in a tiny school here to cultivate. Looks like the boy is making a determined effort to grow strong. Let's go pay him a visit," said the slim man.

"Good. We'll go right now. Let me see how much that trash has grown in the span of two years," said Linggu Haonan with a toying tone.

He then soared into the air on his seven-tailed fox. His subordinates all flew up as well. Just as the Wu Clan people were rejoicing that they had survived, a subordinate of Linggu Haonan suddenly said with a cold smile, "As for you guys, you may go meet your beloved town head now."

He then sent out a casual palm attack. The sparkling and translucent palm energy enlarged and covered the entirety of the Wu Clan's estate in the blink of an eye.


The estate was instantly turned into powder, leaving only a mushroom-shaped cloud of dust and smoke behind. The loud explosion alarmed the entire Wu Town, who thought that an earthquake was happening. The people in the Martial Hall Palace had also sensed the terrifying energy undulation. Two silhouettes flew out.

"It's the Wu Clan," said Elder Zhen Peng.

Beside him was Yang Gaochuan, the master of the Martial Hall Palace. He had just entered the Skysoar Realm recently, which was all thanks to the guidance he had received from Elder Zhen Peng. With the addition of two new Kings, the Martial Hall Palace was now much stronger as a whole.

"What a terrifying power. What happened there? Have some enemies of the Wu Clan come for them?" asked Yang Gaochuan.

"I have a bad premonition. Immediately evacuate everyone!" shouted Elder Zhen Peng with a solemn tone.

"That shouldn't have anything to do with us, right?" said Yang Gaochuan in confusion.

Elder Zhen Peng couldn't spare any time answering him and immediately bellowed, "Everyone, heed my command. Immediately leave the Martial Hall Palace and go as far as you can. Quickly, a disaster is imminent!"

The Martial Hall Palace people started panicking. The explosion earlier was incredibly terrifying, and coupled with Elder Zhen Peng's sudden command, many people started losing their mind.

Yang Gaochuan looked at Elder Zhen Peng and asked, "T-this...what's going on?"

"Stop asking. Quickly leave!" said Elder Zhen Peng.

But right after he uttered those words, Linggu Haonan's group appeared above them.

"Young master, Linggu Haonan is here to pay you a visit," Linggu Haonan's voice rang out. His voice spread far and wide, enough for everyone in the Martial Hall Palace and even the Wu Town to hear every word he spoke. 

The Martial Hall Palace members all looked up at the newcomers and started crying out in alarm.

"Who are those people? They feel so powerful!"

"They are probably looking for someone. We should just leave. Remember Elder Zhen Peng's command."

"Leave, leave. If we somehow angered those people, not even Elder Zhen Peng and the palace master will be able to stop their wrath."

"We should be fine, right? The strong won’t really lower themselves to bully the weak."


"Who are you looking for? I am the palace master of the Martial Hall Palace. How can I be of service to you?" Yang Gaochuan asked. He knew these people were strong, but he did not think they were here for the Martial Hall Palace.

"You are the palace master of this place? Do you know where my young master Xiang Shaoyun is?" asked Linggu Haonan with a toying expression.

"You are—" Yang Gaochuan was about to answer when Elder Zhen Peng interrupted, "There is no such person here. Lords, I think you have been wrongly informed."

"Hehe, why are you interrupting him? Are you hiding something?" said Linggu Haonan with a penetrating gaze.

Instantly, Elder Zhen Peng felt a chill crept down his spine.

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