Chapter 26: Earth Star Spring!

I Am Overlord

In a very isolated corner of Martial Hall Palace, a group of youths were gathered together. These youths were none other than Xiang Shaoyun, Mo Buhui, Mei Lianhua, Lu Xiaoqing, and Xia Liuhui.

“Lianhua and I know that there is an Earth Star Spring in the outskirts of the Hundred Beast Mountain Range!” Mo Buhui told the group of people listening to him.

“E-Earth Star Spring?! Are you referring to the spring with liquified starlight? Once you take a drink from it, your stars will awaken! It is the Earth Star Spring that leaps you straight into the Astral Realm?” Xia Liuhui cried out in shock. Even the usually quiet and elegant Lu Xiaoqing could not help but feel moved upon hearing what they were talking about.

Xiang Shaoyun was also visibly surprised as he said, “An Earth Star Spring? It can help anybody below the Transformation Realm! Why are you sharing it with us instead of keeping it for yourselves?”

An Earth Star Spring was rumoured to be the result when starlight from the heavens fell onto spring water. Over time, an Earth Star Spring would begin to form. However, such springs were rarely seen. Even having one of them form among tens of thousands of mountains and hills was extremely rare. The rarity was further compounded by the fact that an Earth Star Spring was a spiritual spring that would only form if all conditions were met, and the conditions were all extremely rare.

Not only could the spring invigorate one’s astral energy, it also had the ability to directly strengthen it and increase one’s power. It posed an extremely tempting allure to any cultivator below the Transformation Realm. Even the calm and collected Xiang Shaoyun began to feel perturbed upon hearing the news.

He had already wasted 10 of his golden years for cultivation and had to grow stronger within 10 years for his revenge. The Earth Star Spring was something that could aid him in increasing his strength without any drawbacks at all; this was key for him!

“Although the Earth Star Spring is valuable, it’s not that easy to obtain. Near the spring itself reside numerous demonic beasts, including several giant demonic beasts!” Mo Buhui sternly said.

“Since it’s in such a dangerous location, how did the two of you find out that there was an Earth Star Spring there?” Lu Xiaoqing could not help but ask.

“We gained this information via mouth from a hunter that we had passed by who was about to die. Furthermore, at the time of his death, he was clutching a map in his right hand! It shouldn’t be fake,” Mei Lianhua said with absolute certainty. She then added, “We’re aware that the two of us alone lack the strength to reach the spring, so we planned to invite a few more powerful peers to journey with us. Perhaps, we’d have a sliver of a chance then.”

“Although the Elemental Star Spring is attractive, you need to be alive to be able to partake of it. This is way too dangerous! I feel like we should tell this matter to the overseers and elders to have them personally secure the spring! Perhaps then we’ll get some form of reward for it!” Xia Liuhui suggested.

“Hmph! Opportunities are left to the fated ones. Since you’re scared, you might as well back out now. You won’t be able to help much anyway, with your pathetic initial eighth-stage Basic Realm!” Mei Lianhua coldly retorted. 

Having been chastised as such by Mei Lianhua, Xia Liuhui’s face immediately reddened. She was unsure of what to say.

“Indeed. Although the place is fraught with dangers, the map that we have illustrates a safer path. This path will allow us to avoid numerous strong demonic beasts, letting us enter the deeper parts of the mountain range. However, whether or not we’re able to get to the spring will depend on our luck!” Mo Buhui explained.

“A safe route can only be so safe, right? We’ll definitely encounter various demonic beasts along the way, correct?” Xiang Shaoyun asked.

“Naturally. The Hundred Beast Mountain Range hosts innumerable demonic beasts. Even the outskirts are full of danger. Without absolute power, going in is akin to throwing your life away,” Mo Buhui gravely stated the situation. He then turned to Xiang Shaoyun and asked, “Does Brother Xiang still wish to venture in with us?”

“Heh heh. As long as you’re not scared of me taking the Earth Star Spring as my own, I’m not afraid of anything!” Xiang Shaoyun said, full of his usual confidence.

“As I previously mentioned, just by these words of yours, I am willing to bring you along to the Earth Star Spring! We will naturally have a share as well, right?” Mo Buhui hurriedly asked.

“Of course!” Xiang Shaoyun nodded his head in reply.

“Then what are we waiting for?! Let’s set out at once!” Mei Lianhua said, excited beyond belief.

“Don’t be so hasty. We should prepare a bit for the trip; otherwise, it really will be a road of no return,” Xiang Shaoyun warned.

“Indeed, we can’t afford to rush the matter. Three days—we’ll set forth in three days,” Mo Buhui said. Looking at the quiet Lu Xiaoqing, he politely asked, “Lu Xiaoqing, will you be joining us?”

“If you don’t mind me coming along, I’d be happy to,” Lu Xiaoqing replied without hesitation. This was a chance to propel herself into the Astral Realm! She wouldn’t miss it for the world.

“I also want to go!” Xia Liuhui boldly said, as though he had a sudden change of heart.

“Only the top 10 disciples of the outer court are allowed to go in and out of Martial Hall Palace freely. You, unfortunately, don’t have a chance,” Mei Lianhua mercilessly said. Ever since she fell for Xiang Shaoyun, Xia Liuhui was no more than an eyesore to her.

“Xia Liuhui, you should stay here and cultivate. Going to the Earth Star Spring with your strength would be forcing it. If your boss is able to get his hands on the Earth Star Spring, I will surely share a drop with you!” Xiang Shaoyun nobly promised.

“Boss is truly the one who treats me best!” Xia Liuhui was moved.

“Wow, Shaoyun! You’re so generous!” Mei Lianhua purred, her beautiful eyes sparkling.

The manliest of men not only needed to have a heroic appearance but also sufficient charisma. One’s charisma was fueled by their character and strength. Although Xiang Shaoyun was slightly narcissistic, he was easygoing and generous, greatly fueling his personal charisma. As such, Mei Lianhua had already begun to throw herself at him.

After discussing for a while more, the group fixed a gathering time and dispersed. Having no plans to train, Xiang Shaoyun ran to the Medicine Hall. Before setting out on a journey, not preparing sufficient medicines was a no-go. With 2,000 points, he could at least afford a few old medicines. If he were to properly mix the old medicines together, it would greatly strengthen their medicinal properties.

He used 600 points to exchange for a few younger herbal medicines as well as several stalks of old medicines before leaving the Medicine Hall. After that, he ran to the Battle Technique Hall. This was not the outer court’s Battle Technique Hall but the one within the inner court.

Within the inner court’s Battle Technique Hall were battle techniques of varying styles and tiers. If one had enough points, one could exchange for a new battle technique. Right now, all Xiang Shaoyun had were tier-1 battle techniques. These were all insufficient for him.

He needed to master a tier-2 battle technique in order to be more thoroughly prepared. Then, if he were to encounter a mid-tier demonic beast along the way, he would be able to protect himself.

After entering the inner court’s Battle Technique Hall, he found that the viscosity of its formation was much thicker compared to the ones at the Medicine Hall and the Weapon Hall.

"The formation is much more potent here! It seems that Martial Hall Palace places a lot of emphasis on the Battle Technique Hall," Xiang Shaoyun muttered to himself.

At the same time, he also realized that the one handling the Battle Technique Hall was not an ordinary overseer but an unfamiliar elder. This could be inferred from his manner of dress as well as the title plate on his chest.

Bowing respectfully, Xiang Shaoyun politely said, "Greetings to elder!"

This wizened old elder opened his eyes slightly before he feebly said, "The first floor has tier-1 and tier-2 battle techniques; the second floor has tier-3 battle techniques. As long as you have enough points, you can get whichever skill you want."

After his explanation, he once again closed his eyes, as if nothing else here had anything to do with him.

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