Chapter 262: The Land of Soul Springs Opens

I Am Overlord

In the blink of an eye, three days passed. More organizations had arrived during the period, including the Myriad Sword Sect, Devil Blood Society, Black Ice Palace, and Buddha's Path Temple.

The Myriad Sword Sect were the cockiest of the bunch. Seated on their war chariots, they had arrived in an extremely showy manner. Each of them had a sword hanging on their backs, emanating a terrifying aura. When they arrived, they even drew their swords out and sent numerous sword energies shooting toward the sky to announce their arrival. It was quite a spectacular and terrifying sight.

In fact, the people there thought that the Myriad Sword Sect was declaring war on everyone present. But instead of following with a war declaration, the Myriad Sword Sect people only followed with a chant of their slogan: "The myriad swords return, who dares to cause strife?"

With that chant, everyone's swords seemed to resonate with it and started stirring, as if they were going to leave their respective masters. One ought to admit that the Myriad Sword Sect was really quite capable.

The Myriad Sword Sect had always focused on cultivating the sword. Each of their members was an expert in swordsmanship. According to Hua Honglou, among the younger generation of the Myriad Sword Sect, one of them had already comprehended sword intent. He was Wu Longfei, also known as the Flying Celestial Sword. He was rumored to be the number one swordsman of his generation.

The Devil Blood Society had also created quite a scene when they had arrived. Instead of arriving on war chariots, they were all mounted on numerous devil blood bats. The large number of bats covered the sky, filling the area with terrifying beast roars.

The devil blood bats were sinister demonic beasts that fed on blood and were not supposed to be a beast that could be tamed. The Devil Blood Society had used a devilish blood technique to form some sort of resonance with the devil blood bats, turning them into their companions.

From that alone, it was obvious that there were no good people in the Devil Blood Society. In fact, this was an organization most people intentionally kept a distance from. Each Devil Blood Society member was wearing a black cloak and emanating a sinister aura of bloodlust at all times, which made them look extremely unapproachable.

Similarly, they also had a few outstanding experts among their younger generation. One of them was a woman known as the Devil Fairy, an extremely stunning genius who had killed a King when she was just an eighth-stage Transformation Realm cultivator. She was obviously someone with a terrifying potential as well.

As for the Black Ice Palace, Buddha's Path Temple, and Thousand Forest Academy, these three organizations were similar in strength with the Cloud Margin Pavilion. All three of them had their own extraordinary geniuses as well: from the Black Frost, Qiang Hanchen; from the Black Ice Palace, the Moha Cicada; from the Buddha's Path Temple, Wu Chi; and from the Thousand Forest Academy, the playboy young master Lin Zihan. They were all young geniuses comparable to the Lightning Kid.

Apart from these people, there were also many young experts around that weren't much weaker than them. There were also the hidden geniuses of the various organizations that would only reveal themselves during a real fight.

Xiang Shaoyun did not really care much for these people, but since Hua Honglou had gathered all this information and informed all her companions, he was informed of it as well.

It was not that he considered everyone beneath him. But he was confident he could defeat anyone at the Transformation Realm and below. Only those reaching the Skysoar Realm would be able to pose him some threat.

Finally, the Land of Soul Springs started opening. The environment around the mountain suddenly started changing, and a clump of translucent radiance appeared out of thin air. Strands of incorporeal power started to spread throughout the area.

The strands of incorporeal power gave one an odd sensation, as it did not feel like regular astral energy. Rather, it felt more like some sort of forbidden energy. The crowd turned mad as everyone rushed toward the clump of light.

"The Land of Soul Springs has opened! Charge, everyone!"

"My breakthrough into the King Realm is imminent! This time, I will obtain a soul spring and enter the Skysoar Realm!"

"Piss off! Get in my way and die!"

"Are you in a rush to die or what? The Land of Soul Springs will stay open for a month. What's the rush?"



When those people made contact with the shiny door that had just formed, many of them instantly wailed miserably, and blood sprayed.

"A group of idiots. That is a forbidden door. Without sufficient strength, don't even dream of going through it," sneered someone.

That's right. The door of light was a unique existence that prevented the weak from even going through it. In fact, those too weak to enter would even suffer a backlash from the door. That was also why only late-stage Transformation Realm disciples had been sent here by the Cloud Margin Pavilion. They had long known about the door.

The Myriad Sword Sect, Devil Blood Society, Buddha's Path Temple, Black Ice Palace, and Thousand Forest Academy were naturally aware of the same as well. Instead of charging madly, the disciples of these organizations all entered in an orderly fashion.

When they approached the door, the unaffiliated cultivators in the way were forced to move aside and let them enter first. These large organizations had evidently come prepared. All their disciples were strong enough for the door, and not a single one of them failed to go through it.

When Xiang Shaoyun stepped through the door, he sensed that the destructiveness contained within the door had the power of a seventh-stage Transformation Realm cultivator. Those below that realm or with worse combat prowess would not be able to get through the door.

When stepping through the door, he sensed a sharp power blasting straight toward him. He had been completely focused on the door and was caught by surprise. He had not expected a sneak attack at this time, and the prowess of the attack had completely surpassed the Transformation Realm. It was a King who had sneak attacked him. The attack came too suddenly, and he had no hope of defending himself.

Rumble! Rumble!

The attack landed, causing a series of loud explosions that expanded to even those around him.

"Xiang Shaoyun!" Hua Honglou and Li Yaxuan cried out in alarm.

Unfortunately, the two had already gone through the door and could only watch on as Xiang Shaoyun was attacked.

"Which scoundrel is courting death?" shouted a Cloud Margin Pavilion elder.

That elder wanted to attack someone, but the ambusher had retreated almost immediately, not giving anyone an opportunity to catch him. The ambushing King moved speedily and was already far away in a flash. It was likely that he cultivated the power of wind.

The elder wanted to give chase but was stopped by someone who said, "Don't go. Be careful lest this is merely a bait."

The one who spoke was the other elder, He Luo. And with He Luo's interruption, the ambusher vanished.

"Elder He, are we going to just swallow this? How will the others view us?" asked the elder resentfully.

"Which is more important? How others view us or the lives of our other disciples? In any case, it's not like that kid is dead for sure," said He Luo. But inwardly, he was thinking, Hah, even if that kid is not dead, he has most likely been severely injured. If he can survive with such injuries, I will spell my name upside down from now on!

The other elder wanted to keep arguing but was completely out of words. As for the other organizations, they were still busy going through the door, and they completely ignored the Cloud Margin Pavilion.

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