Chapter 269: I'm a Nice Guy

I Am Overlord

Two cannibal kings had arrived, with one of them being a second-stage King. Even when facing two cannibal kings, Liang Zhuangmin was still able to protect himself, but his speed made it very hard for him to actually escape them.

"You really think you can eat me?" Liang Zhuangmin sneered and erupted with power. His body suddenly enlarged, his muscles becoming even more explosive. With his pair of axes, he started releasing overbearing axe energies at the two cannibal kings, forcing them to reduce the aggression of their attacks.

Even when faced with a disadvantage, cannibals would never escape. They kept Liang Zhuangmin surrounded, trying to take him down. As for Liang Zhuangmin, the longer the battle dragged on, the more valiant he seemed. His axe technique was extremely exquisite, allowing him to stand his ground against two cannibal kings at the same time.

If it wasn't for the advantage the two cannibal kings had due to their ability of flight, Liang Zhuangmin would have killed them by now. But it was not like Liang Zhuangmin was completely helpless against them. He suddenly revealed an opening and collapsed to the ground, causing one of the cannibal kings to dive down trying to finish him off.

Suddenly, Liang Zhuangmin swung his two axes at the incoming cannibal king. The cannibal king tried to block the attack, but he failed to endure the overbearing strength of the axes. Thus, two terrible cuts were left on his chest.

Liang Zhuangmin was able to pull off his plan successfully, but the cannibal king hit him with his final attack—the cannibal had roared before his death, sending out a wave of brutal energy that invaded Liang Zhuangmin's body and started corroding his mind.

On top of that, the other cannibal king had also resumed attacking Liang Zhuangmin, smashing his energy barrier apart in order to finish him off.

Liang Zhuangmin had astonishing willpower. Even as he resisted the brutal energy invasion, he still faced the other cannibal king tenaciously. Unfortunately, with the condition he was in, the prospects of him surviving was rather low.

"God damn it! Am I fated to die here?" roared Liang Zhuangmin in indignation.

The cannibal king's bone club struck him, sending him crashing toward a pile of rocks while coughing up blood without stop.


The cannibal king roared before charging at Liang Zhuangmin again. He was planning to rip Liang Zhuangmin apart alive. During this moment of crisis, a silhouette appeared out of nowhere. Saber energy streaked through the air straight toward the cannibal king.

As a response, the cannibal king surrounded his body with barriers formed of multiple layers of brutal energy. Alas, that slash had an extraordinary might and was able to instantly slice through the barriers before landing squarely on the cannibal king's back. Accompanied by a wail, the cannibal king rolled to the side.

"Die!" The newcomer was none other than Xiang Shaoyun. With a roar, he continued swinging his saber, sending powerful saber intent attacks toward the cannibal king.

Here in the Land of Soul Springs, Xiang Shaoyun was unable to borrow the power of natural lightning for some reason. However, the innate purple lightning within him was enough for him to deal with this second-stage King Realm cannibal. He pressed on after the successful first hit with an unending wave of attacks, not giving the cannibal king any respite.

Although the cannibal king had been hit by the first slash, it did not mean that he was completely helpless now. On the contrary, he turned even more ferocious after sustaining the injury. He roared furiously, sending a wave of even more powerful brutal energy wrapping around Xiang Shaoyun's body.

Xiang Shaoyun completely ignored the brutal energy and pushed the power of his saber intent to the peak. Combined with the Lightning Slash From The Clear Sky, even facing this cannibal king head-on was possible for him. The two clashed repeatedly, and eventually, the injured cannibal king was forced into retreat. He flew into the sky in his attempt to avoid Xiang Shaoyun's attack.

Right this moment, Xiong Bao descended from the sky. When the cannibal king saw Xiong Bao, he quickly cried for help. Xiong Bao responded and quickly flew toward the cannibal king only to suddenly attack, smashing the head of the cannibal king apart. Even at his death, the second-stage King Realm cannibal still had no idea what had happened.

After killing the cannibal king, Xiong Bao vanished again. Xiang Shaoyun had no intention to fully reveal this card of his. As for the other cannibal king that was nearly dead due to Liang Zhuangmin's attack, he was finished off by Xiang Shaoyun.

After dealing with the two cannibal kings, Xiang Shaoyun went over toward the badly injured Liang Zhuangmin. Liang Zhuangmin was trying his best to control his mental state to no avail. His entire mind was flooded by the effect of the brutal energy. The moment Xiang Shaoyun approached, Liang Zhuangmin started howling and dragged his badly injured body forward, trying to attack Xiang Shaoyun. But due to the injuries he had sustained, his combat prowess had dropped significantly.

"Shut up already," said Xiang Shaoyun as he gripped Liang Zhuangmin's arm before activating the Nether Dragon Soul Headband to draw all the brutal energy out of Liang Zhuangmin.

The Nether Dragon Soul Headband did not disappoint, as it was still able to devour the brutal energy that was not in Xiang Shaoyun's body. After the brutal energy was cleared from Liang Zhuangmin, the clarity in his eyes returned as he looked at Xiang Shaoyun with gratitude on his face.

Xiang Shaoyun spoke before Liang Zhuangmin could say anything, "You are badly injured. Heal up first. We'll speak later."

Liang Zhuangmin nodded before taking out a healing pill and a stalk of spirit medicine to heal himself. He entered meditation right where he was. Since Xiang Shaoyun was already helping, he decided to finish the job and stand there as a guard.

For reasons unknown to even Xiang Shaoyun himself, he had helped this Liang Zhuangmin. Perhaps he was simply feeling apologetic for having taken over the first-class estate. He also commanded Xiong Bao to stop the other cannibals heading this way before having him return to the lair as well.

Xiang Shaoyun would wait until the right time before making a move on the earthstone heart. Liang Zhuangmin was well aware that it wasn't wise to stay here for long. Thus, after a slight recovery, he stopped his meditation and said, "I did not expect you would actually help me."

"Hehe, well, I'm a nice guy," said Xiang Shaoyun.

"No matter what, I have to thank you," said Liang Zhuangmin. "I will definitely repay your favor."

"There's no need for that. I will be happy enough if you don't hold a grudge against me for snatching your estate from you," said Xiang Shaoyun with a wave of his hand.

"Haha. Do you think I, Liang Zhuangmin, will bear a grudge for something so trivial?" said Liang Zhuangmin. "Although it was indeed embarrassing for me, it's not like I haven't been an embarrassment these years. You've probably heard about me, right? A mere estate is nothing compared to the prospects of entering the Skysoar Realm." 

As Liang Zhuangmin spoke, a helpless look covered his face. Evidently, he had not expected himself to be stuck at the Transformation Realm for so many years either.

"With your talent, entering the Skysoar Realm shouldn't be difficult at all. Why are you stuck, then?" asked Xiang Shaoyun curiously.

"Yes, it's supposed to be easy. But at times, things will turn out contrary to what one would expect," said Liang Zhuangmin with a look of pain. From his expression, he seemed to have a trouble that was hard to talk about.

"Let's leave this place first. This is the territory of the cannibals. They can find us too easily here," suggested Xiang Shaoyun.

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