Chapter 272: Earthstone Heart

I Am Overlord

After leaving the tunnel, Xiang Shaoyun and Liang Zhuangmin dashed straight toward the ancestral temple next to them. While charging, Liang Zhuangmin pushed his senses to the maximum, trying to sense any dangers around them.

He found with astonishment that there really wasn't anyone here at all. The only things he could hear were the sounds of chaos and the fire all around the place. Evidently, the cannibals were in internal disorder.

Is something big happening among the cannibals? But how did Xiang Shaoyun know about it? Wondered Liang Zhuangmin inwardly.

But since his current focus should be the earthstone heart, he did not bother wasting too much time thinking about his doubts. After entering the ancestral temple, they saw piles of bones on both sides of the temple. 

There were beast bones and human bones, and crimson blood could be seen dripping to the ground. Right in front of them was an altar where numerous skulls were arranged, exhibiting a sinister sight. Both Xiang Shaoyun and Liang Zhuangmin were bold, but even they felt their legs go somewhat weak upon seeing this sight.

"The earthstone heart is on the altar!" Xiang Shaoyun quickly recovered and pointed at a fist-sized yellow rock on the altar.

The yellow rock was emanating a faint radiance that made the entire altar look yellow. As for the power of earth emanating from the yellow rock, it flooded the entire temple. The moment Xiang Shaoyun pointed at where the earthstone heart was, Liang Zhuangmin charged forth impatiently.

Right as Liang Zhuangmin's hand was about to reach the earthstone heart, Xiang Shaoyun's pupils shrunk as he cried out, "Brother Liang, retreat! There is danger!"

As he said that, he drew his saber and slashed. But he was still too slow as a few disgusting massive worms had charged out of a certain section of the altar. These worms, with thick brutal energy around them, opened their mouths and bit down at Liang Zhuangmin.

Fortunately, Liang Zhuangmin was able to react in time. A brown energy barrier immediately formed around him. The worms were only able to bite Liang Zhuangmin's barrier and failed to harm him. It was at this time that Xiang Shaoyun's saber energy arrived.

Cling! Clank!

These worms looked extremely disgusting, but they still had terrific defensive power. Xiang Shaoyun wasn't even holding back, yet he could only send them flying instead of killing them directly. As the worms were sent flying, Liang Zhuangmin reached out and grabbed the earthstone heart before stowing it away.

"Go!" Liang Zhuangmin shouted and dashed away.

But as he was fleeing, a yellow worm suddenly flew over and bit into his body. Although Liang Zhuangmin had a powerful energy barrier and a decent armor protecting his body, this yellow worm seemed to be different from the other worms. Its teeth were sharp enough to directly tear through Liang Zhuangmin's energy barrier and armor to reach his body.


Liang Zhuangmin screamed from the pain, but he was still able to slam his hand at the worm. The worm seemed like it could read minds, as it was able to avoid the attack before biting at a different spot on Liang Zhuangmin's body. Xiang Shaoyun arrived again, with his saber that was now powered by innate purple lightning. An overbearing and boundless lightning power surrounded the worm.

Lightning Slash From The Clear Sky!

Xiang Shaoyun attacked with all his power, causing the entire temple to shake. He did not know if the slash was enough to kill the worm, but he had no time to check. He quickly dragged Liang Zhuangmin out of the temple. 

Why was he in such a rush? Because he had found out from Xiong Bao that the old cannibal king was returning. Sure enough, right after Xiang Shaoyun and Liang Zhuangmin stepped out of the temple, they heard the old cannibal king roaring.

Shit! Xiang Shaoyun cursed inwardly and charged toward the tunnel as fast as he could. But he wasn't as fast as the old cannibal king's attack. A massive and powerful attack arrived and blasted the entrance to the tunnel.


With that, the entrance was destroyed, severing their escape path. Xiang Shaoyun had no choice but to drag Liang Zhuangmin toward a different direction. At this time, the old cannibal king landed on the ground and started raining attacks on Xiang Shaoyun and Liang Zhuangmin at a terrifying speed worthy of a late-stage King Realm individual.

"Xiong Bao, kill him!" No matter how fast Xiang Shaoyun was, he couldn't be faster than the old cannibal king. Thus, he had no choice but to reveal his trump card.

After commanding Xiong Bao to attack, he mustered all the strength available to him to try his very best to survive. The old cannibal king's attack arrived, and since Xiang Shaoyun had to protect the injured Liang Zhuangmin, his back was struck.


Both Xiang Shaoyun and Liang Zhuangmin were hammered into the ground; a massive crater appeared around them. Just as the old cannibal king was about to press on, Xiong Bao mounted a sneak attack from his back.

The old cannibal king had never imagined that Xiong Bao would attack him. Thus, he was hit on his back, causing him to drop to the ground and cough blood. Even though he was stronger than Xiong Bao, he still sustained a serious injury because he was caught completely off guard.

Xiong Bao did not stop at only one attack. He pressed on with even more attacks. He could not afford to allow the old cannibal king any respite. It would be best if he could kill this old cannibal king while he was down. Unfortunately, the old cannibal king was too strong. The instant he was injured, he activated his defense. Thus, he was able to fully defend himself against Xiong Bao's follow up attacks.

"Xiong Bao, you bastard!" roared the old cannibal king after regaining his bearing. He then started his counterattack.

Meanwhile, Xiang Shaoyun and Liang Zhuangmin were crawling around underground. Xiang Shaoyun had survived the old cannibal king's attack thanks to the armor he had gotten from the Zither Empress. Even so, he was still badly injured with numerous internal organs bleeding.

Liang Zhuangmin was also in a bad condition. He was first bitten by the worm then hit by the shockwave of the old cannibal king's attack. Therefore, he was in an even worse shape than Xiang Shaoyun.

The two supported each other as they fled with all the strength they had left. While they fled, Liang Zhuangmin took out a spirit medicine and healing pill before swallowing them both. His priority right now was to stay alive.

Xiang Shaoyun also did the same as he directly dissolved some spirit medicines in his astral cosmos sea, trying to heal up as quickly as possible. He was very clear that Xiong Bao would not be able to defeat the old cannibal king. He had to flee with the fastest speed he could muster. The instant he sensed Xiong Bao's death, he pushed out all the power left in him, causing white tiger wings to unfurl from his back.

"Let's go!" said Xiang Shaoyun as he grabbed Liang Zhuangmin and flew away.

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