Chapter 277: You Brought That on Yourself

I Am Overlord

Blood spurted out of Xiang Shaoyun's shoulder, causing him to hiss in pain. Devil Face pressed on with another claw attack directed toward Xiang Shaoyun's back. But a raging tongue of flame appeared out of nowhere, setting his hand on fire.


The might of this flame was completely outside Devil Face's expectation. His glove was completely destroyed, and his hand was seriously injured. If he hadn't pulled away in time, his entire arm would have been reduced to ash.

Now, it was Xiang Shaoyun's turn to attack. He turned around and grabbed at Devil Face as he shouted murderously, "Kill!" Even with only one good arm remaining, he was still able to fully unleash the might of his claw attack.

Seven Scorching Sun Claws, Silver Tearing Stance!

Devil Face's chest was clawed, revealing the inner armor he was wearing. It was actually a king-grade armor, and it successfully reduced half the damage Xiang Shaoyun dealt to him.

Devil Face took this chance to send a kick at Xiang Shaoyun before quickly withdrawing. Xiang Shaoyun twisted his body and avoided the kick before pushing on with his Overlord's Nine Nether Steps.

One Step to Cross the Nine Nether Realms!

Xiang Shaoyun was starting to grasp the true essence of this footwork. Devil Face was shocked to see Xiang Shaoyun moving so fast. And before he could even attack, Xiang Shaoyun's attack arrived.

Lightning Bolt Fist!

Xiang Shaoyun shifted his claw stance into a fist stance. As the innate purple lightning erupted from his body, his fist shot out like an unstoppable lightning bolt.


The punch connected, causing Devil Face's entire body to go numb. Ordinary Transformation Realm experts would be dead by now, but Devil Face was able to survive relying on his own strength and his king-grade armor. Unfortunately, he was still unable to escape defeat.

The only reason Xiang Shaoyun used a different technique was so he could break Devil Face's defense with the power of lightning. At the same time, by numbing Devil Face's reflex with lightning, he could then press on and finish his opponent off.

He pressed on, assuming his claw stance again and attacked. This time, he utilized the power of Yun Flame and clawed at Devil Face's arm, repaying Devil Face for the earlier attack on his shoulder. Yun Flame was worthy of being the millennium earthcore fire with the overbearing might it was displaying.


First, Devil Face had his arm ripped open. Next, his arm was lit on fire. The pain assailed him, causing a heart-wrenching wail to come out of his mouth. He struggled to extinguish the flame, but his efforts were futile.

Xiang Shaoyun did not press on. He sneered and said, "If you can extinguish this flame, I will spare you."

The moment Devil Face heard those words, he chopped at his burning arm with his other hand.


He cut his own arm off, his miserable wails reverberating through the air once again. A large amount of blood gushed out of his severed arm unendingly. Despite the suffering, Devil Face had saved his life with what he did. If he was even one second slower, the flame would have spread all over him. At that time, death would be certain. One could say that Devil Face was quite the decisive person.

"I will remember this!" said Devil Face. Bracing the pain, he gave Xiang Shaoyun one last look before retreating.

Instead of giving chase himself, Xiang Shaoyun got the bucktooth tiger to do it.

Devil Face shouted in panic, "I thought you were sparing me?"

"Yes, I am sparing you, but I can't do anything if he isn't," said Xiang Shaoyun shamelessly.

Devil Face ran with all his might, but the bucktooth tiger was much faster. Due to Devil Face's excessive blood loss, his combat prowess had dropped significantly as well. Thus, he wasn't even the bucktooth tiger's match.

"Ah....I will have my revenge...even if I have to return as a ghost!" shouted Devil Face.

Although Devil Face still had some trump cards, he would not be able to use any of them in his condition with serious injuries. Ultimately, Devil Face ended up in the bucktooth tiger’s stomach.

"You brought that on yourself," said Xiang Shaoyun coldly. 

He had experienced a lot over the past two years. Being kind to the enemy was equivalent to being cruel to oneself. He would not be overly forgiving like he was in the past. Now, he would repay anyone who dared to offend him. Meanwhile, the other Devil Blood Society members were being beaten into retreat by Liang Zhuangmin and Hua Honglou.

Both Liang Zhuangmin and Hua Honglou were War Kings. As for the Devil Blood Society group, only Devil Face had similar combat prowess. Thus, nobody could contend against the two's onslaught. However, Liang Zhuangmin and Hua Honglou hadn't exactly remained unharmed.

Liang Zhuangmin had once again fully exhausted all his energy, and three deep wounds had appeared on his body. If it wasn't for the earthstone heart he had on him, he would have collapsed by now.

Hua Honglou wasn't any better off. Her back and thigh were laden with wounds, and her inner organs were badly injured as well. The moment the enemies retreated, she collapsed to the ground. Xiang Shaoyun quickly rushed over and stood guard for the two as they recovered.

If I have a good healing spring like the millennia stone milk, I will be able to greatly speed up this recovery, thought Xiang Shaoyun inwardly.

In their current environment or other environments similar to this, if one was injured and couldn't recover in time, things would become extremely dangerous. That was why Xiang Shaoyun longed for a spring capable of healing.

But a spring like that was extremely rare, and only those with extremely great fortune would be able to obtain one. While Liang Zhuangmin and Hua Honglou were recovering, Xiang Shaoyun was also recovering.

One of his arms was badly injured, but fortunately, his bones were still fine. Otherwise, that arm would most likely be crippled. He smashed some herb and bandaged his arm. He then took out a storage ring the bucktooth tiger had given him earlier.

"This guy actually has a storage ring. Looks like his identity is not simple," lamented Xiang Shaoyun before sending his consciousness into the ring.

Soon, the contents within the ring was bared before him. There were a lot of spirit crystals, healing pills, numerous pills, and a large number of dark elemental treasures. Of these items, a certain bottle of liquid caught Xiang Shaoyun's attention. He took the bottle out and opened it slightly. Instantly, strands of energy rich in vitality drifted out, giving him an urge to consume the entire bottle of liquid.

"Is this young master really so heaven-defyingly lucky, to the point anything I wish for will appear before me?" said Xiang Shaoyun with a gleeful laugh.

This was not a bottle of millennia stone milk liquid, but it was also an extremely rare spiritual liquid extremely helpful for healing. There were at least a dozen drops of this liquid in the bottle, and each drop had the medical efficacy equivalent to 10 spirit medicines. This much would be enough for him for now.

Without thinking about it, he consumed a drop of it. Instantly, a refreshing sensation spread throughout his body. Strands of energy rich in vitality nourished his wounds, giving him an incomparably comfortable feeling.

"This is great!" Xiang Shaoyun cried out in excitement. He then shouted at Liang Zhuangmin and Hua Honglou, "Big brother, Hua Honglou, wake up. I have some good stuff here."

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