Chapter 280: Are You Thanking Me or Are You Taking Advantage of Me?

I Am Overlord

Within the ghostrune territory was a cliff, and on this cliff was a stone platform known as the Moon Gazing Platform. The reason it was named such was because on the fifteenth day of each month, one could get the best view of the full moon from the platform. Someone eventually carved the words "Moon Gazing Platform" onto it, and by extension, the cliff came to be known as the Moon Gazing Cliff.

The cliff directly faced the place where the ghostrunes resided, and occasionally, random soul springs could be seen drifting over. A lot of people had obtained soul springs here before, and because of that, a lot of people were here currently.

The Moon Gazing Platform was not infinitely large, and thus it signified that only a limited number of people could climb onto the platform. And to climb, strength was required. A lot of humans were currently fighting each other to get a spot on the platform.

Members of Myriad Sword Sect, Devil Blood Society, and the other organizations were all trying their best to climb to the platform. As of now, only a few people had managed to get on the platform, and each of them was a War King.

One of them was dressed in a hemp garment with a sword hanging on his back. He was resting with his eyes shut in an indifferent manner. This person was none other than Wu Longfei, the person known as the Flying Celestial Sword.

He was the current strongest swordsman of the younger generation in the Myriad Sword Sect. He had already comprehended sword intent, and his cultivation base was extremely powerful. If he could enter the Skysoar Realm, he would definitely be a king among kings.

As he sat on the best spot on the Moon Gazing Platform, his entire aura and presence were completely kept within him. He was like a veteran monk in deep meditation, looking proud and aloof. Just like that, he sat there silently. Not one person dared to approach and bother him.

Not far from him, a woman dressed in all black was seated. She had a black veil on her face, and only her pair of eyes capable of tugging at one's soul was visible. Anyone meeting her gaze would be completely pulled in uncontrollably. On top of that, she also had an hourglass figure that was extremely fatal to any man.

She stood there facing the wind with her long hair drifting about on her back, looking like a bewitching lone flower. A woman with such peerless magnificence was certainly none other than the Devil Fairy from the Devil Blood Society. Apart from the two, there were a few other young men and women who were similarly outstanding cultivators.

They included Fan Ren the Scarlet Broadsword and Chu Chunyu the Lithe Snake Sword from the Myriad Sword Sect, Zi Jingyun the Lightning Kid and Chen Zilong the Son of Qilin from the Cloud Margin Pavilion, Han Chen the Blackfrost Spear and Xue Yue the Ice Fairy from Black Ice Palace, Wu Chi the Moha Cicada and Zhi Yong the Little Honest Monk from the Buddha's Path Temple, and Lin Zihan the Playboy from Thousand Forest Academy.

One could say that the most talented youths of the various organizations were gathered here, and each of them had occupied a good spot for themselves. Nobody dared to fight them as that would be tantamount to suicide.

These people had been on the platform since three days ago. Some of them had already gotten their own soul spring but still remained and occupied the spot. Even so, nobody could do anything to them.

Near the Moon Gazing Platform was an empty space where some overseers from the previous generation were gathered. They did not fight for the spots on the platform, as they had decided to let the young take the stage. This space was enough for them to get the soul spring they needed.

A continuous stream of people was trying to get to the cliff. At the same time, many were trying to climb the platform. Anyone who managed to actually get on the platform would be subsequently left alone. That was an unwritten rule here.

Xiang Shaoyun, Liang Zhuangmin, and Hua Honglou had just arrived at the base of the cliff. The moment they arrived, they were approached by a group of Red House members.

"Big sister, you're finally here. Quickly get on the Moon Gazing Platform. The spots are getting filled up quick."

"Yeah, Chen Zilong is already on the platform, but the vice house leader, Li Yaxuan, is injured. We will have to rely on you."

"Big sister, the Lightning Alliance people are going overboard. They keep making trouble for us."

"Big sister, a lot of brothers and sisters have been killed. You need to avenge them!"


The Red House members were all complaining incessantly. It would seem like they were having a hard time.

Behaving like the big sister that she was, Hua Honglou said, "I will teach those Lightning Alliance people a lesson. Nobody can look down on us of the Red House. Just wait and see. Oh, where's Yaxuan? How bad are her injuries?"

"Senior Sister Hua, I'm here," Li Yaxuan's voice rang out nearby.

She could be seen seated and healing up at the corner guarded by a few Red House members. From her pale face and the bloodstain on her body, it was clear she was in a rather bad state.

Hua Honglou dashed over and asked, "Who did this?"

She and Li Yaxuan were practically sisters, and she was naturally furious when she saw her sister in such a bad shape.

"Zilong already killed them, but I am no longer able to get onto the Moon Gazing Platform. Big sister, you need to get up there fast. If the spots are all taken, it will be hard for us to do anything," said Li Yaxuan weakly.

"Good! That person deserves death!" Hua Honglou praised. She looked at Xiang Shaoyun and asked, "Can you give me one more drop of the healing spiritual liquid?"

Xiang Shaoyun walked over and shot Li Yaxuan a glance. He then gave her a drop of the healing spiritual liquid without any hesitation while saying, "Senior Sister Li is also my friend. No way I will just watch without helping."

"This...this is a healing spiritual liquid?" Li Yaxuan asked in astonishment.

"Yes. Take it. It will help you heal faster," said Xiang Shaoyun.

"Thank you, Xiang Shaoyun," said Li Yaxuan gratefully.

"I will thank him on your behalf," said Hua Honglou before landing a quick peck on Xiang Shaoyun's cheek.

Right after doing that, she dashed straight toward the Moon Gazing Platform.

"Sister-in-law, why are you being all shy now? Wait, let your brother-in-law lend you a hand," said Liang Zhuangmin, who chased after Hua Honglou.

Xiang Shaoyun rubbed his still somewhat damp cheek and said helplessly, "Are you thanking me or are you taking advantage of me?"

After consuming the drop of liquid, Li Yaxuan smiled and said, "You say it like you were molested or something. If my big sister heard that, she would be infuriated to death. This is the first time I have ever seen her kiss a man."

She then shut her eyes and started focusing on recovering. Xiang Shaoyun did not linger on the same topic as he turned and looked at the massive number of people trying to get to the platform.

It was an extremely steep cliff, and there was only one rugged path leading to the top. This small path was filled with people. The weak would either be pushed off and fall to their death or be outright beaten to death. That was why only a small number of people had been able to actually get on the platform.

Everyone on the path was busy doing something, either fighting, climbing, or helping one's companion. In short, it was chaotic. Both Liang Zhuangmin and Hua Honglou shot straight to the top. With their top-tier strength, they were almost unstoppable.

Xiang Shaoyun waited no longer and started charging to the top as well. He would think of what to do after getting the soul spring. In any case, it would be helpful for him during his future breakthrough into the Skysoar Realm.

But just as he had started moving, a silhouette blocked his path and shouted, "Xiang Shaoyun, to get up there, you have to go through me."

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