Chapter 293: Intense Battle With Lightning Kid

I Am Overlord

"So this is the number one Transformation Realm expert of the Cloud Margin Pavilion? His combat strength is indeed something else."

"The power of lightning has always been the most offensive power. The Lightning Kid looks decently capable, but he is still not comparable to the strongest swordsman of our Myriad Sword Sect. I reckon just Fan Ren, the Scarlet Broadsword, is enough to defeat him."

"Who is that person putting on a fight against Lightning Kid? I think he doesn't look like a pushover either. Why have I never heard of him?"

"He is Xiang Shaoyun, also from the Cloud Margin Pavilion. He does not get along well with the Lightning Alliance, and he is a genuine War King."

"Why are there so many War Kings among this generation's Cloud Margin Pavilion disciples? There's Zi Jingyun the Lightning Kid, Chen Zilong the Son of Qilin, and now, we have this Xiang Shaoyun. Is this the sign that the Cloud Margin Pavilion is about to rise in prominence?"


The people in the area started talking among themselves. Meanwhile, the lightning snake wreaked havoc, kicking up clouds of dust as the lightning energy shone brightly. Lightning Kid was worthy of being known as the number one under Skysoar Realm in the Cloud Margin Pavilion. The lightning power he erupted with was incredibly dreadful.

Facing his attack head on, even Xiang Shaoyun felt somewhat pressured. He judged that Lightning Kid's combat prowess was comparable to his big brother Liang Zhuangmin, strong enough to battle a second-stage Skysoar Realm expert, and Lightning Kid even stood a chance against a third-stage Skysoar Realm expert.

Xiang Shaoyun did not dare to hold back against such an opponent. He erupted with power as well. Innate purple lightning wrapped around his fists, and each punch he released contained a force powerful enough to crush stones. Further enhancing the prowess of his punches was the incredibly destructive innate purple lightning.

Instantly, the two of them exchanged over 100 moves. The battlefield was in complete chaos, and most of the people couldn't even see clearly what was happening. The only thing they could see were slithering lightning snakes and roaring purple dragons.

The lightning snake was a rare variation of demonic snake while the purple dragon was a true emperor among beasts. When the battle first started, they were evenly matched. However, the purple dragon was still the higher tiered beast. With the overbearing dragon's presence, the lightning snake was ultimately forced into retreat.


Xiang Shaoyun's fist met Lightning Kid's palm, his innate purple lightning coursing forward to suppress Lightning Kid's lightning power before sending him flying. Lightning Kid felt his arm go numb, his bones assailed by an intense pain as if his arm was about to be crippled.

"What lightning power is this? It can actually damage me? That's not possible!" shouted Lightning Kid as he gripped his injured arm.

"If that's all you got, prepare for defeat," said Xiang Shaoyun, losing interest. He increased the intensity of his attacks, flooding the area with his innate purple lightning.

Lightning Kid tried his best to defend himself, but he found that Xiang Shaoyun's lightning power was too terrifying. It was as if he was facing a true natural lightning, a power capable of damaging even him. If it wasn't for the high-grade armor he had on, he would have been seriously injured by now.

"Piss off!" Not willing to keep taking the beating, Lightning Kid unleashed all the energy contained in his stars.

Lightning That Shakes the Heavens!

A terrifying shockwave of lightning energy spread out from him, forcing even Xiang Shaoyun to temporarily pull away from him. He took the chance to press close to Xiang Shaoyun.

Lightning Step!

Using a footwork that made him move like a bolt of lightning, he caught up to Xiang Shaoyun instantly. Lifting his spear, he plunged it at Xiang Shaoyun's chest. This was the strongest attack Lightning Kid could muster. His spear transformed into a lightning snake over 10 meters long. It opened its mouth wide, trying to swallow Xiang Shaoyun.

The sudden shockwave from earlier had caught Xiang Shaoyun by surprise. Because of that, he nearly fell victim to this follow-up attack. He quickly punched at the tip of the spear, but he was not able to gather enough strength behind the punch. Thus, he was sent flying. Furthermore, the impact of the collision had even temporarily disabled his arm.

The Lightning Kid was not a War King for nothing. It was simply impossible for Xiang Shaoyun to easily defeat him with brute force alone. Smarter attacks would be required. With the success of his attacks, Lightning Kid started gaining confidence. Again, he stabbed and sent a massive lightning snake biting down at Xiang Shaoyun.

Stab after stab was sent, flooding the area with lightning snakes. Xiang Shaoyun was not given a chance to do anything at all as Lightning Kid strove to defeat his opponent once and for all with this series of attacks.

Rumble! Rumble!

The battlefield, filled with a massive amount of lightning energy, shook without stop. The surrounding people were forced to retreat; they didn't want to be hit by a random shockwave.

"What a terrifying offensive power. Is this the real strength of Lightning Kid? This is the strength of a genuine War King!"

"I think he is already a Super War King, right? Regular Skysoar Realm experts won't be able to stop his attacks at all."

"Definitely. Things aren't looking well for Xiang Shaoyun."

"We can't be sure just yet. Xiang Shaoyun had the advantage just a short while ago. I doubt he will be defeated so easily."


Xiang Shaoyun was bombarded by a series of attacks to the point his energy barrier was destroyed. Fortunately, he was wearing a high-grade armor as well. Otherwise, he would have been seriously injured by now. A battle was not only a competition of strength, but it was also a competition of equipment. 

Although Xiang Shaoyun was not gravely injured, his arm had still been hit by the spear twice, causing his blood to seep out.

"Young master, do you need me to act?" asked Devouring Ghost, who could no longer stand it. He was very disappointed with the combat prowess Xiang Shaoyun had displayed, but he still did not want to see his new master dead.

Xiang Shaoyun could sense Devouring Ghost's contempt, causing his mood to sour. He replied, "No. Defeating him is nothing hard at all!"


The presence around Xiang Shaoyun underwent a complete change as his presence of dragon and tiger roiled out. Next, he utilized the Tiger's Roar and sent a sound attack forth.

Lightning Kid had been focused on sending attack after attack at Xiang Shaoyun and had not expected such a terrifying sound attack to come from his opponent. Instantly, he felt an intense pain stab into his ears. A white tiger king seemed to be pouncing at him, frightening him and causing his presence to weaken.

"Time to end this," Xiang Shaoyun roared and unleashed the aura of a tiger king accompanied by the roars of a dragon. An aura of utmost majesty appeared around him as he dashed forward.

Lightning Bolt Fist!

Xiang Shaoyun was still not using any weapons, and he attacked with his fists. This time, he was not holding anything back and sent his fist blasting toward one of Lightning Kid's vitals. The attack struck, and blood spurted out like a fountain. Intending to finish Lightning Kid off, Xiang Shaoyun followed with even more punches.

Bang! Bang!

The rain of punches made Lightning Kid feel like he was a small boat out on sea during a storm. He no longer knew what was going on around him anymore.

"Don't you dare harm our alliance leader!" The Lightning Alliance members realized that things were getting serious and immediately acted.

Numerous attacks were sent, completely surrounding Xiang Shaoyun in their attempt to stop Xiang Shaoyun from killing Lightning Kid.

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