Chapter 296: He is a Walking Calamity

I Am Overlord

With his back fully exposed, everyone believed that Xiang Shaoyun would not be able to escape the attack of his three other enemies. Little did they know that having his back exposed was part of Xiang Shaoyun's plan. Immediately after killing his target, he continued dashing forward.

Crossing worlds with a single step!

In the blink of an eye, Xiang Shaoyun vanished far ahead, causing the three incoming attacks behind him to all miss.

"Fourth brother!" the three shouted in alarm when they saw that their fourth brother was dead.

All four of them were sworn brothers, and the death of their fourth brother had provoked them greatly.

"Xiang Shaoyun, I am going to turn you into mincemeat!" shouted the third brother in fury as he chased after Xiang Shaoyun.

"Third brother, come back here!" shouted the leader.

They could only display the prowess of the Minor Four Divisions Sword Formation when there were four of them. Now that one of them was dead, the formation was as good as broken. Their individual strengths were completely no match for Xiang Shaoyun.

Sure enough, when the third brother gave chase, Xiang Shaoyun turned around and said coldly, "You guys are allowed to kill me, but I can't return the favor? What kind of bullshit is that?"

With a raging murderous intent, the third brother stabbed his sword straight at Xiang Shaoyun's throat. Unfortunately, before his sword could hit, Xiang Shaoyun's saber arrived and sliced through his sword. The saber continued on and sliced his arm off as well. Both the arm and the broken sword were sent flying.

Just as Xiang Shaoyun was about to press on with more attacks, the first and second brothers arrived and attacked from his two flanks. Without their sword formation, their attacks were much less threatening.

Xiang Shaoyun activated his gift of instincts, baring the openings of their attacks before him. Then, he danced amid their swords with his wondrous footwork before finally swinging his saber at them.


Two wails rang out at the same time.

A mortal wound could be seen on each of them. Xiang Shaoyun had been placed in a difficult position almost immediately after his intense battle with Lightning Kid. Thus, he was currently in a sour mood, and the only way to vent was to kill.

He danced about elusively while his saber swept everywhere overbearingly. None of his opponents could stop him. Eventually, he cut the leader of the Four Divinity Swords into two at the waist.

"Y-you fiend! The Myriad Sword Sect will not spare you!" shouted the terrified second brother of the Four Divinity Swords before fleeing in a rush.

Alas, he was not as fast as Xiang Shaoyun and had his head sliced off soon after. The third brother with a severed arm also tried to flee. But he was still suffering from Xiang Shaoyun's lightning attack, and his body was too numb to run.

"Don't kill me! Please spare me!" he begged when he saw Xiang Shaoyun walking toward him with a saber in hand. As of this moment, he no longer had a shred of courage remaining.

"One who kills should always be prepared to be killed," said Xiang Shaoyun.

Just as Xiang Shaoyun was about to deal him a killing blow as well, someone from the Myriad Sword Sect stepped forth and bellowed, "Enough! Xiang Shaoyun, it's time you st—"

Before that person could finish his words, a saber energy streaked through the air and separated his head from his body, shocking the surrounding people. 

This guy is a walking calamity! they all concluded.

"Rest in peace," said Xiang Shaoyun before finishing off his final target.


Blood splattered and filled the area with the stench of blood. The people present had all witnessed death before, but they were still shocked by Xiang Shaoyun's decisiveness when killing the Four Divinity Swords. Looking at Xiang Shaoyun who was dyed red with his enemies' blood, reverence filled their eyes.

Xiang Shaoyun scanned the crowd and asked, "Anyone else want my soul spring?" 

Wherever his gaze reached, people avoided his eyes and lowered their heads. For them, Xiang Shaoyun's gaze felt like a sharp blade, and it was very hard for them to meet it.

"Xiang Shaoyun, don't think of leaving after killing four overseers of our Myriad Sword Sect. Members of Myriad Sword Sect, kill him!" commanded a voice as cold as a snake.

A feminine young man with a snake-shaped sword in hand stepped out. He was Chu Chunyu the Nimble Snake Sword from Myriad Sword Sect. Along with his appearance, the other Myriad Sword Sect members in the area stepped out as well.

Xiang Shaoyun had not expected that there would still be people trying to make a move on him. With a few words, this Chu Chunyu had actually managed to get over 40 Myriad Sword Sect disciples to step forth.

Apart from that, a young man from the Devil Blood Society also stepped forth and said, "He has the soul spring on him. Disciples of Devil Blood Society, kill him and take his soul spring."

This was the same young man who had had a short conflict with Xiang Shaoyun on the Moon Gazing Platform. Back then, Xiang Shaoyun, Liang Zhuangmin, and Hua Honglou had killed the three overseers in charge of guarding him.

This young man was Mo Sha, a young genius who had been kept hidden by the Devil Blood Society. He was no less talented than Devil Fairy, and he was similar in strength to Devil Face, whom Xiang Shaoyun had killed not too long ago. At Mo Sha's command, about 40 Devil Blood Society disciples stepped forth as well.

Looking at the over 40 people surrounding him, Xiang Shaoyun said, "Splendid. Bring it on. Do you think I, Xiang Shaoyun, will be afraid?"

The people paused, shocked that Xiang Shaoyun still had such confidence. And it was at that moment that Xiang Shaoyun did something none of them expected. He raised his hand and showed them his middle finger before turning around and running away. The people from Myriad Sword Sect and Devil Blood Society were completely dumbfounded.

Didn't he just declare that he was not afraid? Why was he suddenly fleeing? What?

Chu Chunyu was the first to recover, and he shouted, "Bastard! Give chase! Don't let him escape!" 

"You won't be able to escape death," Mo Sha sneered.

And thus, the people of Myriad Sword Sect and Devil Blood Society started chasing after Xiang Shaoyun. But shortly after, they all retreated.

Why? Because Xiang Shaoyun had charged straight into the heartland of the ghostrune territory. If they followed him there, none of them could escape death, and they had no intention to die together with Xiang Shaoyun.

Xiang Shaoyun escaped, leaving his name etched deeply in the minds of these members of the younger generation through the two battles he fought. For them, Xiang Shaoyun was now comparable to the likes of top geniuses like Wu Jianfei, Devil Fairy, and Wu Chi. As for which of them was the actual number one below Skysoar Realm, that could only be answered through battle.

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