Chapter 298: Ninth-Stage Transformation Realm

I Am Overlord

Chapter 298: Ninth-Stage Transformation RealmXiang Shaoyun was struck by the rocks and trees flying at him from all sides, causing him to be disoriented. Without the high-grade armor he was wearing, he would have been reduced to mincemeat. After all, his opponents were all ghostrune kings. Their attacks wouldn't be weak.

Xiang Shaoyun was hit repeatedly, and blood could be seen dripping from the corner of his lips. Evidently, he had sustained injuries. He did not let himself be buried by the stones raining upon him. Relying on his Nether Soul Domain, he continued tracing all the objects flying toward him and swung his saber at them.

Unfortunately, even though the Nether Soul Domain helped him trace all the flying objects, his body was unable to react in time. Objects were hailing down on him from all directions, and many parts of his body were hit. He was in a terrible condition.

"Kid, do you need my help?" Devouring Ghost's voice rang out again.

"No," Xiang Shaoyun said resolutely.

It was not like he hadn't been in such a bad condition before. This was a good opportunity for him to temper himself. He squeezed even more power from his body, causing the White Tiger Wings that had dimmed to solidify once again. The wings immediately got to work and started slapping the flying objects away from him.

Bang! Bang!

Like a pair of exceptional weapons, the pair of wings swept everywhere, carrying with them a thick vicious gold energy that reduced everything they hit into dust, greatly reducing the pressure Xiang Shaoyun was in.

Xiang Shaoyun did not remain on the defensive. Once again, he displayed the advantage granted to him by the Nether Soul Domain as he started moving nimbly amid the flying objects while accurately dodging the attacks. Slowly, he approached the ghostrune kings.

These ghostrune kings had learned their lesson and gave Xiang Shaoyun no chance to approach them. They uprooted a large number of trees to form a blockade while continuing their relentless barrage on Xiang Shaoyun.

With the help of the White Tiger Wings, Xiang Shaoyun was doing much better. But his current energy expenditure was extremely high, and he wouldn't be able to last long. For some reason, he did not seem to care. In fact, it even seemed like he welcomed the expenditure.

After an unknown amount of time spent trying to catch the ghostrune kings, Xiang Shaoyun's energy was finally near complete exhaustion. The injuries he had sustained were also reaching a point where he couldn't hold on any longer.

His wings dimmed again, and that was followed by more than 10 heavy hits landing on his body. Blood started flowing from the parts of his body unprotected by the armor. Slowly, the pain eroded Xiang Shaoyun's willpower, forcing him to give up.

I can still hold on! I can still hold on! Xiang Shaoyun told himself repeatedly. He was unreconciled. He wanted to smash apart even more of his shackles and squeeze more of his potential out.

He started circulating the Heaven Conquering Overlord Manual. His nine stars shone brightly, squeezing out every ounce of strength left in him, and finally, more of his hidden potential was forced out. Strands of hidden power started coming out from within him, replenishing his astral energy and nourishing his injuries, helping him slowly recover his combat strength.

"This is not enough. I need more power! AHHHH!" Xiang Shaoyun roared and circulated his cultivation method even faster. His innate purple lightning, his white tiger energy, and Yun Flame's energy erupted at the same time, shrouding him with three different energies of purple, gold, and red. 

Xiang Shaoyun's energy barrier became firmer, and once again, his White Tiger Wings turned solid, and they seemed to have grown longer.

Bang! Bang!

Objects were still hailing down at him, but this time, his energy barrier stood tall. He was surging with power.

"Break!" He faced the sky and roared; his wings unfurled wide as a boundless energy spread from him, pushing all the flying objects away back at the ghostrune kings.

The ghostrune kings were forced to quickly scatter and avoid the flying objects.

"This human seems to have become stronger!" one ghostrune king shouted in alarm.

"Damn it! Why is this human different from other humans? Does he have an undying body?" said a different ghostrune king.

The ghostrune kings cursed and increased the intensity of their attacks, trying to kill Xiang Shaoyun at all cost. Now, Xiang Shaoyun was on the verge of breakthrough. He dissolved a large amount of spirit crystals in his astral cosmos sea, creating an unending flow of energy to supply his breakthrough.


He reached a certain limit, and he suddenly opened his mouth, letting loose a dreadful Tiger's Roar. The deafening roar reverberated through the area, and ghostrune kings dropped from the sky.

That one roar defeated all the attacks the ghostrune kings sent. Xiang Shaoyun felt his body becoming light as rich astral energy coursed through his meridians like an unending river. His acupoints shone brightly while his nine stars started resonating with each other. His entire inner body seemed to have turned into a breathtaking river of stars.

The eruption of numerous sources of power instantly broke through his limit, sending him into the ninth-stage of the Transformation Realm. The moment he stepped into the next stage, numerous changes occurred. His stars enlarged, and his astral cosmos sea expanded. Apart from that, every part of his body was also growing and improving. 

To cultivate was essentially to dig out the potential of the human body, to slowly reach perfection, to obtain a longer life span. That was why with each breakthrough the quality of one's body would improve. Xiang Shaoyun had reached the final stage of the Transformation Realm, and the Skysoar Realm was now within reach. 

For some reason, Xiang Shaoyun entering the ninth-stage Transformation Realm had created a scene far flashier than the scene of someone breaking through into the Skysoar Realm.

Everything in his surroundings were blown away by the energy storm that had formed around him as his entire body shone with a blinding radiance. Warm currents of energy circulated within his body repeatedly, and his injuries healed. Having recovered to his optimal state, he stretched lazily and remarked, "Battles are indeed the best way to grow."

He then looked at the ghostrune kings around him. They had been stunned by the roar and still remained stunned even now. Evidently, they were completely defenseless against sound attacks.

"Consider yourself lucky. Since this young master is in a great mood, I shall spare you," said Xiang Shaoyun, who didn't feel like killing more of them for no reason. He continued heading deeper into the ghostrune heartland. He had to get a soul raising stone, and he intended to leave the moment he got one.

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