Chapter 300: Wondrous Nether Soul Domain

I Am Overlord

Xiang Shaoyun was greatly tempted by Devouring Ghost’s suggestion.

"But that doesn't seem like a good solution either? Sure, I can find a place for them to stay. But I will have to go look for them whenever I need their help. If one day I face a formidable enemy, I will probably die before I can even get to them," said Xiang Shaoyun.

"Yes, that is a valid concern. But that is only applicable to others. You are different. Wouldn't it be a waste to not utilize the Nether Soul Domain you have?" said Devouring Ghost.

"Huh? What does the Nether Soul Domain have anything to do with this?" asked Xiang Shaoyun in confusion.

"No way, are you completely clueless about the Nether Soul Domain?" asked Devouring Ghost in astonishment.

"If I knew, why would I be asking you?" said Xiang Shaoyun with a helpless tone.

He only knew a tiny bit about the Nether Soul Domain and had not been able to find out more of its secrets.

"Haha, no wonder.... Fine, I'll tell you what I know. Like the astral cosmos sea, the Nether Soul Domain can be used to store things, but it can only store things that resonate with it. An example would be your Nether Dragon Soul Headband. The ghostrunes are living beings, and they have a natural preference for environments with thick soul power. Soul power is for them what astral energy is for us humans. Your Nether Soul Domain is a space formed of soul power, and entering your Nether Soul Domain will only be beneficial to them," said Devouring Ghost.

Xiang Shaoyun was pleasantly surprised. "Is that true?"

He had not expected that the Nether Soul Domain would have such a wondrous function. If that was the case, it wouldn't be a problem for him to take a few ghostrune kings with him.

"Of course. But they will be cultivating by absorbing soul power. So if you want them to grow, you have to grow yourself as well. They can then grow through you," said Devouring Ghost.

"I see. So what do I need to do to get them in my Nether Soul Domain, then?" Xiang Shaoyun asked.

"Well, I don't know. It's not like I have a Nether Soul Domain of my own," replied Devouring Ghost.

Xiang Shaoyun sank into a short silence before he tried summoning the Nether Soul Domain out. The Nether Soul Domain was a piece of black space that innately existed within his head. With his soul at the center, the Nether Soul Domain filled the space within his head, causing his senses to be far more sensitive than others. That was how he had come to possess the gift of instincts and visualization.

Xiang Shaoyun had never known about the Nether Soul Domain's function before Devouring Ghost told him, and that also explained why it had "Domain" as part of its name.

He willed for the Nether Soul Domain to come out with his mind. An indescribable force started spreading all around him, and the Nether Soul Domain seemed to come alive. All the ghostrunes in the area suddenly froze. Their eyes lit up brightly as they started scanning the area, searching for the source of the sudden sense of comfort they were experiencing.

"W-what comfortable sensation! This is soul power! What wondrously pure soul power!" the ghostrune patriarch cried out in alarm.

Finally, their gazes landed on Xiang Shaoyun. They could see a piece of dark space around him, and that was the same space emanating an aura that resonated with them. Without even thinking about it, they started flying toward Xiang Shaoyun.

Xiang Shaoyun flinched at the sight of the massive number of ghostrunes flying toward him.

"Hmph. Stay where you are!" Devouring Ghost snorted coldly and sent a wave of terrifying soul power out, suppressing all the ghostrunes and forcing them to stop.

Xiang Shaoyun took the chance to quickly pull back his Nether Soul Domain. He was now sure that Devouring Ghost was right. His Nether Soul Domain could really store the ghostrunes.

He stepped forward and said to the ghostrune patriarch, "Did you feel the aura earlier?"

"Yes, that is the feeling we love most. Why is it gone?" asked the ghostrune patriarch in agitation.

"Haha, glad to hear you actually like it. That is my personal domain. Any kings among you willing to become my follower may stay inside that domain. In fact, there is a good chance those joining me can become emperors in the future," said Xiang Shaoyun with a hearty laugh.

"Is that true?" asked the ghostrune patriarch. For him, it was a very tempting offer.

"Of course. But by becoming my follower, you will need to leave this place and follow my commands from now on. If you can agree, I will allow you to enter my domain," Xiang Shaoyun laid out his terms.

"Yes, if you can bring our entire race into your domain and take all of us out of here, we can agree to anything," said the ghostrune patriarch in excitement.

"Hold on, I did not say I'm taking everyone out. I only need a few of your kings," Xiang Shaoyun quickly clarified. He could not begin to imagine having his head filled with ghostrunes. What was he to do if they decided to empty all his soul power?

That caused the ghostrune patriarch to hesitate. "Can't you take all of us away?"

Just as Xiang Shaoyun was about to reject, Devouring Ghost's voice rang out, "It is even better to take all of them. You can resettle them when you leave this place. In the future, you will have a powerful ghostrune army for yourself, an army capable of striking fear in the hearts of all your enemies."

His words tempted Xiang Shaoyun, who had never thought that far ahead before.

"But I'm afraid that they will eat up the entirety of my Nether Soul Domain," said Xiang Shaoyun.

"You are underestimating the Nether Soul Domain. It is not that weak. Just take all of them with you. You still have the pool of soul spring you can use to nourish them as well, so you have nothing to worry for now," said Devouring Ghost. "Of course, it will be even better for them if you can grow rapidly."

Xiang Shaoyun finally made up his mind and said, "Fine, I'll accept all of them!"

He then said to the ghostrune patriarch, "I can take all of you with me, but after leaving, I will resettle all of you somewhere else. My domain will only be reserved for the strongest among you."

"Ok. We can agree with anything so long as we can leave this place," said the ghostrune patriarch, brimming with excitement.

"Good. Gather everyone. I will bring everyone out of this place," said Xiang Shaoyun.

The ghostrune patriarch started commanding all the ghostrunes to gather.

Odd screams of the ghostrunes started reverberating everywhere as they communicated among themselves, greatly frightening the humans who had no idea what the ghostrunes were up to. In their fear, the humans hid anywhere they could and decided not to do anything before they knew what was going on.

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