Chapter 317: Saber Emperor to the Fight

I Am Overlord

The saber energy moved swiftly and arrived in a flash.

Linggu Haonan shouted a warning, "Jinxi, watch out!"

Zhu Jinxi was forced to withdraw his hammer and swing it at the incoming slash instead.


The two attacks collided, creating a deafening sound that rumbled and reverberated throughout the area. A sharp pain assailed Zhu Jinxi's hands as the impact of the collision tore his skin and threw his hammer away. Hua Cheng took advantage of the presented opening and plucked the zither strings, sending an array of sound attacks at Zhu Jinxi.

The combined attacks wounded Zhu Jinxi's body and ears, causing him to wail in pain as a large amount of blood gushed out of him. Yun Feng, who was supposed to be attacking Murong Qing and Yue Yuze, was forced to switch his target and attack Hua Cheng, preventing her from continuing her attack on Zhu Jinxi. Not daring to be too reckless, Yun Feng dragged Zhu Jinxi and retreated as soon as he blocked Hua Cheng's attack.

"Well done. You dare resist us? Are you not afraid of getting slaughtered?" said Linggu Haonan with a cold gaze.

Their search for Xiang Shaoyun had been met with numerous complications. Because of that, he was already in a bad temper. Now that someone in this small city was actually opposing them, his fury surged.

At this time, the newcomer who had helped Hua Cheng had finally arrived from the distance. He was like an excellent saber; his entire person emanated an aura so sharp it was hard for one to look straight at him.

He looked about 30 years old, and his face was resolute, his bearing proud and lofty. With a crude-looking saber hanging on his back, he emanated the aura of a remarkable saber master. If Xiang Shaoyun was here, he would call this person Saber Emperor Du Xuanhao in shock.

That's right. This person was none other than Du Xuanhao the Saber Emperor, one of the top three experts of the Cloud Margin City. He was a late-stage Dragon Ascension Realm expert with combat prowess far beyond Hua Cheng. It was no wonder he could defeat Zhu Jinxi with a single move.

"Brother Du!" Hua Cheng cried out in excitement when she saw who the newcomer was. Apart from her, the three other Emperors of Cloud Margin Pavilion were also overjoyed to see him. They all believed that with Du Xuanhao here, their crisis would be over.

Du Xuanhao nodded at Hua Cheng before glancing at Linggu Haonan's group. He asked, "Who are they? Why are they attacking you?"

"We don't know. They claimed to be looking for someone, but when they failed, they decided to destroy the Cloud Margin Pavilion instead," said Hua Cheng.

"Hehe, it doesn't matter who we are. What's important is that you tell us where that person is, and we will leave immediately after. Or else, today is the day this place faces destruction," said Linggu Haonan coldly. He looked at Du Xuanhao with contempt and added, "Not even a seventh-stage Dragon Ascension Realm cultivator can change that."

The moment Linggu Haonan said those words, the faces of the Cloud Margin Pavilion people turned unsightly. If even the seventh-stage Dragon Ascension Realm was not a high enough cultivation level, how strong were these people?

"Is that so? Interesting, I really want to see how strong you are," said Du Xuanhao.

"Looks like you won't be obedient without first being taught a lesson. Fine, attack together. I alone will crush everyone here," said Linggu Haonan, who had finally decided to attack personally.

He did not have the patience to waste any more time. If the Dragon Society found out they had crossed the border, they would be the ones to suffer.

"I alone am enough," said Du Xuanhao. He focused his gaze on Linggu Haonan and erupted with strength, causing a fiery saber energy to soar out of him.

As of this moment, he was the saber, and the saber was him. He was displaying the true form of saber intent.

"Saber intent? No wonder you are so confident. But that is still not enough," remarked Linggu Haonan with his eyes narrowed as he provoked Du Xuanhao with his middle finger.

"Open your eyes wide and see what I got, then," said Du Xuanhao. His aura reached the peak, and he drew the saber hanging on his back, sending a slash toward Linggu Haonan.

One Slash to Destroy the World

The slash unleashed a fire elemental saber energy several hundred meters long. It tore through the air toward Linggu Haonan. It was an extremely powerful attack, and it filled the Cloud Margin Pavilion people with hope.

Linggu Haonan’s response was to do something many viewed as madness. He actually reached out to grab the saber energy. A sparkling white radiance covered his hand as he grasped the saber energy, shocking the people there.

"Break!" With a howl, the saber energy was crushed in his grip.

Du Xuanhao did not cower from that display. He charged toward Linggu Haonan while swinging his saber repeatedly. This time, he attacked without holding anything back. Each slash was more powerful than the slash before, his flame energy more powerful than even the millennium earthcore fire.

Each of his slashes contained the principle of reducing complexity to simplicity, his saber containing a boundless might capable of easily killing eighth-stage Dragon Ascension Realm experts.

Du Xuanhao was also one who was capable of fighting those with a higher cultivation level. That was the source of his confidence. Linggu Haonan was forced to finally take Du Xuanhao seriously. A Silverfox Saber appeared in his hand as he sent numerous silver saber energies forward, crushing all the attacks sent by Du Xuanhao.

The two sabers clashed, creating a series of explosions up in the sky. The might of the explosions felt like actual mountains were crumbling down, filling the Cloud Margin Pavilion people with fear.

After defeating Du Xuanhao's attacks, Linggu Haonan streaked through the air toward him. He swung his saber, releasing a saber energy that was even more terrifying than what Du Xuanhao had sent earlier. The saber energy transformed into a seven-tailed silver fox. The fox bared its fangs and arrived before Du Xuanhao in a flash at a speed too fast for him to react.


Du Xuanhao was able to forcefully block the attack, but he felt like a mountain was crushing down on him. A mouthful of blood spurted out of his mouth.


Not even someone as strong as Du Xuanhao could stop Linggu Haonan. It was evident how terrifying Linggu Haonan was.

"So what if you know saber intent? With absolute strength, I can slaughter you like slaughtering a fowl," said Linggu Haonan with contempt. He resumed his attack, seemingly not intending to spare his opponent.

Hua Cheng was greatly alarmed. She quickly played her zither, sending some sound waves toward Du Xuanhao. When the sound waves reached Du Xuanhao, he roared, and his aura surged to a brand new height.


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