Chapter 319: I Have a Few Strands of Soul Spring Here

I Am Overlord

After Linggu Haonan's group left, Chen Jiayan, Du Xuanhao, Hua Cheng, Murong Qing, Yue Yuze, Luo Zihan, and the others heaved a sigh of relief. Just Linggu Haonan was already a difficult opponent for them. If his subordinates attacked as well, it was very possible that all of them would have died there.

"Brother Murong, what's going on exactly? Who is that Xiang Shaoyun to have so many experts searching for him?" asked Chen Jiayan.

Murong Qing shook his head bitterly and said, "I am clueless as well. Perhaps only Hua Cheng knows who he is." He continued after a slight pause, "Old Luo, please check on Lightning Emperor. He has just broken through and was struck down before he even got a chance to stabilize his cultivation base. I hope he's fine."

"Lightning King has broken through? No wonder I felt some intense undulations from here earlier," said Chen Jiayan in astonishment.

"Yes, but they had beaten him up. I don't know if he's even alive right now," said Murong Qing with a sigh.

"It's a pity. Just hope for the best," said Chen Jiayan. He looked at Hua Cheng, but when he saw her injuries, he couldn't bring himself to question her about Xiang Shaoyun. Rather, he spoke gently, "Hua Cheng, Du Xuanhao, both of you have sustained serious injuries. Go back and focus on recovering. We don't know if they will suddenly change their mind and return. I need to go take a look at the Land of Soul Springs since my clan's Zilong is there as well. If those madmen decide to slaughter children as well, things will get troublesome."

He was about to leave with the two Chen Clan Emperors when Murong Qing stopped him.

He said, "I'll go with you. Our Cloud Margin Pavilion disciples are there, so I need to be there as well."

Before they left, Hua Cheng spoke weakly, "Xiang Shaoyun is a young man with a bright future, also my godbrother. If possible, please do help him."

"Who is he? How has he provoked such powerful enemies?" Murong Qing asked.

Hua Cheng shook her head. "I don't know much. The only thing I know is that he was a disciple from the Martial Hall Palace."

"How can a tiny organization like the Martial Hall Palace provoke such powerful existences? You better forget that young man from now on. Otherwise, the entire Cloud Margin Pavilion will suffer because of him," said Murong Qing grudgingly. He then left with the Chen Clan and the others.

"Is Xiang Shaoyun a young man of about 17 years old?" asked Du Xuanhao.

Hua Cheng nodded. "Yes, he is a genius in saber who has comprehended saber intent. I was planning to recommend him to be your disciple, but something like this has happened instead."

"Hehe, he has rejected me long ago," said Du Xuanhao with a helpless smile. He continued, "Go back to the pavilion and rest up. I am going over to take a look as well."

Before waiting for Hua Cheng's reply, he set off in the same direction Murong Qing's group had left. Although he was quite badly injured, he was still well enough to travel. In any case, he had already consumed some healing pills and liquid.


In the Land of Soul Springs, after defeating Wu Longfei and Devil Fairy, Xiang Shaoyun's reputation spread far and wide. The disciples of the numerous organizations could only gasp at his prowess. One thing many couldn't forget was the pair of White Tiger Wings Xiang Shaoyun had shown. All of them believed that it was a powerful flying technique, which stirred many people's greed.

For any cultivator, a flying battle technique was extremely beneficial to have. Therefore, some people started planning to capture Xiang Shaoyun before he recovered and snatch the flying battle technique from him.

Unfortunately for those people, Xiang Shaoyun was guarded by Liang Zhuangmin and Hua Honglou. They took care of anyone who tried anything against him. They were both among the strongest cultivators in the Land of Soul Springs, and it was almost impossible for these regular cultivators to prevail over them.

Furthermore, even Lin Zihan had volunteered to stay behind and stand guard while Xiang Shaoyun healed up. Because of that, they did not even have to worry about being overwhelmed by the sheer number of their enemies.

After beating away two attempts, no one else dared to try anything anymore. 

After two days, Xiang Shaoyun recovered considerably. But he still needed some time to fully heal up as he had sustained too many injuries, even if he had healing pills and spirit spring water.

Nevertheless, he had recovered enough to protect himself. He had benefited greatly from the battle. He constantly visualized the battle between him and Wu Longfei and Devil Fairy, trying to see what he had done wrong and what his opponents had done right, slowly growing his combat sense and experience.

There are too few variations in my attacks. Looks like I need to increase my arsenal of battle techniques, Xiang Shaoyun thought to himself.

He possessed Yun Flame within him, yet he hadn't been able to use much of Yun Flame's power during his battle with Wu Longfei and Devil Fairy. It had been quite a waste to have such a treasure within him. Because of that, he found the need to increase the number of battle techniques he knew, and he also needed to improve the battle techniques he did know.

But that was something he could only deal with after leaving the Land of Soul Springs. He stood up and walked toward Liang Zhuangmin and Hua Honglou.

"Brother Yun, how are you feeling?" Liang Zhuangmin asked.

Xiang Shaoyun smiled. "Yes, much better."

"That's good to hear. Let's leave. This is the final day before the exit shuts. If we don't leave, we will be stuck in here for 10 years," Liang Zhuangmin said.

"Too much time will be wasted if we stay here for 10 years. Let's go," Hua Honglou said.

"Um, we need to leave. But there's no rush," said Xiang Shaoyun. He looked at Lin Zihan and said, "Are you looking for a soul spring?"

Lin Zihan answered earnestly, "If Brother Xiang only has one, then forget it. But if you have more, I do wish to trade for one of them."

Hua Honglou interrupted before Xiang Shaoyun could reply. "Lin Zihan, does no one in your Thousand Forest Academy have one? Shouldn't you be trading with your own people instead?"

Lin Zihan had a helpless smile as he said, "If that were the case, things would have been much simpler. Our entire academy did very badly this time."

"Well, the soul spring is too precious, and we don't have enough for ourselves. I think you should just forget it," answered Hua Honglou on Xiang Shaoyun's behalf.

Lin Zihan sighed. "True. I'll be taking my leave, then. I believe I can still enter the Skysoar Realm relying on myself."

With a disappointed look on his face, he turned to leave.

It was then that Xiang Shaoyun called out to him and said, "Brother Lin, wait a minute. Here, I have a few strands of soul spring here. Take them."

He handed Lin Zihan a jade bottle containing a few strands of soul spring.

"Shaoyun, where did you get so many of them? Why are you giving them to him?" Hua Honglou asked.

"From the moment Brother Lin decided to help me, he has been my friend. What are a few strands of soul spring compared to a friend?"

Lin Zihan finally recovered from his shock and said, "T-these are for me?"

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