Chapter 38: This Young Master Will Kill You!

I Am Overlord


The roar that Little White let out shook the entire surroundings, its ferocity no less than that of an Intermediate Demon beast. Ever since Little White had started following Xiang Shaoyun, this was the first time it had let out such a ferocious roar. Such a roar would force tens of thousands of Minor Demon beasts to submit and drive away Intermediate ones.

Similarly, the fiery beak eagle was startled to the point where its body started to shiver. In the very next moment, Little White bit at the fiery beak eagle. Although Little White was still a mere cub, it was still a tiger at its core, boasting a strong bite. With that, it bit straight into the fiery beak eagle’s flesh.

Crying out in pain, the fiery beak eagle vigorously shook its body, trying to throw Little White off. However, Little White firmly held on with its teeth, refusing to be flung off. Starting to panic, the fiery beak eagle’s wings rippled with hot qi, attempting to force Little White off with its heat.

However, no matter what it did, Little White refused to budge. After constantly trying to get the persistent tiger cub off its back, the fiery beak eagle ended up flying haphazardly and lost its balance, crashing straight into the peak of the mountain. Upon seeing this, Xiang Shaoyun became uncontrollably furious.

“Little White!” Xiang Shaoyun yelled with all the strength he could muster. He began madly ascending the face of the cliff once more. This time, he threw all caution to the wind, choosing to climb as fast as he possibly could even if it cost him his life.

Although Little White was a mere cub, it had gone through thick and thin with Xiang Shaoyun in recent times. To Xiang Shaoyun, he had already regarded the young tiger as a close companion. He definitely did not wish to see anything untoward happening to Little White.

What was initially thought to be a journey of more than two hours was concluded in barely an hour after Xiang Shaoyun chose to speed up. Skipping the process of recovering his energy, he sprinted to the peak of the mountain. Unfortunately for him, not only did he not encounter Little White even after repeated attempts of searching for him, he even came across a python beast that was an Intermediate Demon.

It took Xiang Shaoyun quite a bit of effort before he managed to barely kill off the python. Slicing open the midsection of the python, Xiang Shaoyun removed its gallbladder and swallowed it whole.

The terrible taste of the gallbladder left Xiang Shaoyun feeling horrible. However, he did not have the luxury of time to stop and heal himself. He kept forging on, searching for Little White’s footsteps. Not long after, he chanced upon members of the Mad Lion Hunting Group. Just as he was about to avoid them, the other party spotted his movements.

“And where did you come from? You actually managed to sneak by the group at the bottom of the mountain! Li Hui, go and capture him!” the leader of the party yelled.

“Understood!” the person named Li Hui replied then charged at Xiang Shaoyun, riding on a flaming tiger.

Xiang Shaoyun pushed his Overlord’s Nine Nether Steps to its very limit, running away from the scene as fast as he could. However, the flaming tiger was still an Intermediate Demon. It had a faster speed, and it was closing the gap on Xiang Shaoyun, slowly but surely.

“Brat, I don’t care who you are, but you aren’t escaping from me today!” Li Hui cackled viciously.

Li Hui had clearly reached the peak of second-stage Astral Realm, just short of the third stage by a little. His fighting prowess was immense. As he drew closer to Xiang Shaoyun, he directly leaped off the Flaming Tiger, the huge saber in his hand flying straight at Xiang Shaoyun.

The huge saber boasted tyrannical power, astral energy condensing around its edges as it began to glow. The Overlord’s Nine Nether Steps lived up to its reputation of being a top-tier movement technique. As Xiang Shaoyun’s strength increased, the maximum speed he could deploy correspondingly increased. As such, he tumbled to the right, barely managing to dodge the vicious saber blow.


A thick tree in front of the duo was instantly obliterated by Li Hui’s saber energy, bursting into smithereens.

“You damned slippery eel!” Li Hui cursed, seeing that his attack had missed Xiang Shaoyun.

“I’m just a passer-by! If you continue chasing me, then I’ll kill you!” Xiang Shaoyun yelled in reply.

“Heheh, if you have the ability to do so, then stop running!” Li Hui madly screeched.

“Then I’ll do just that!” Xiang Shaoyun actually came to a halt, sending a fist straight at Li Hui.

One punch from Xiang Shaoyun carried around 500 kilograms of weight behind it without a single ounce of astral energy supplementing it. This was a telling sign that he was merely a late Basic Realm cultivator.

Li Hui could not help but sneer in disdain at Xiang Shaoyun. He grabbed Xiang Shaoyun’s hand in one fell swoop, preparing to forcefully twist off his arm. Contrary to his expectations, however, he found that he was unable to twist Xiang Shaoyun’s arm off, even after using 70 percent of his full strength!

One must know that 70 percent strength was normally enough to completely rip apart even a peak Basic Realm cultivator. Taking advantage of Li Hui’s carelessness, Xiang Shaoyun’s eyes lit up as he raised his other hand, a ray of finger energy shooting straight at Li Hui.

“Shit!” Li Hui was still a peak second-stage Astral Realm practitioner after all. Upon sensing the danger in the attack, he immediately let go of Xiang Shaoyun and dodged the ray. However, this attack was no more than a feint. Although there was a bit of astral energy imbued into the attack, the amount was almost negligible. Xiang Shaoyun’s real move was hidden behind his feint.

Cloud Splitting Palm!

Xiang Shaoyun seized upon the opportunity given to him when Li Hui released him, sending a palm with his full strength straight at Li Hui’s chest area. No matter how experienced Li Hui was in combat, he would not be able to dodge this attack from Xiang Shaoyun even if he tried.


After being struck by the attack, Li Hui vomited blood and was flung miserably aside.


Xiang Shaoyun grabbed onto his one and only chance, drawing his Golden Wolf Sword. With a single slash, a golden light filled with astral energy rushed towards Li Hui’s throat, a surefire kill.

Li Hui’s head was lopped off his body, and his expression was frozen in disbelief as his vision slowly turned dark. A lofty, second-stage Astral Realm expert was actually killed by a peak eighth-stage Basic Realm cultivator.

One couldn’t help but think that this was a plot from a child’s tale. Although the Basic Realm cultivator was weaker than his foe, he was not only able to escape but could also galiantly turn around and kill his enemy! A good plot, good development, and finally, a fairytale ending.


At that moment, the flaming tiger charged over, opening its mouth wide as it prepared to swallow Xiang Shaoyun whole.

“You’re going to join your master!” Xiang Shaoyun growled, slashing mercilessly with the Golden Wolf Sword.

From afar, the Mad Lion Hunting Group had already taken note of all that had happened. The leader of the party bellowed, “Damn that brat! Quickly capture and bring him to me! I want to thoroughly teach him a lesson!”

Just as more subordinates prepared to give chase, a fearsome roar pierced the air.


The roar shook the heavens and the earth, scaring the Mad Lion Hunting Group out of their wits.

“Shit, there’s a large beast here! It’s a king kong giant ape!” A few experts on the mountain began panicking.

Simultaneously, numerous bodies began surrounding the one-meter-tall king kong giant ape. However, this ape possessed an extremely sturdy body; normal attacks would be unable to wound it. Its physical strength was even more overbearing—it continuously leaped at people, its attacks decimating people almost at once.

“Bastard! As long as I, Mad Lion, am around, you shall not run rampant!” bellowed a middle-aged man riding a lion. He wielded a giant sword as he rushed towards the king kong giant ape.

The middle-aged man was actually at the Transformation Realm; every slash he sent carried with it a majestic sword momentum, cutting down trees and grass near the fight.

“Let the brat go for now! Go and support the captain first!” The rest of the Mad Lion Hunting Group members no longer bothered about Xiang Shaoyun. Instead, they rushed forward with their full strength, preparing to surround and kill the king kong giant ape.

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