Chapter 4: Fighting for a Disciple!

I Am Overlord

Hidden deep within a cultivator’s body, one's natal chart could have up to nine stars.

One star is weak, two stars is somewhat bright, three stars is extraordinary, four stars ascend into the night sky, five stars illuminate the sky, six stars fill the halls with jade, seven stars lower the big dipper, eight stars is a celestial crossing the great ocean, nine stars shake the heavens.

Every star awakened was a testament to one's ability to cultivate. Ordinary people were unable to awaken these stars; hence, they would forever be hidden within them. A person capable of waking one star was considered weak, barely able to be considered a cultivator. Somebody capable of waking two stars was like unpolished jade, possibly having a bright future. Awakening three stars signified extraordinary accomplishments, glorifying one’s family and sect.

The owner of a four-star physique could reach extraordinary heights and be able to ascend the night sky and traverse the heavens and the earth. As for five-star physique owners, these were the blessed children of the heavens, able to illuminate the sky and spread their glory everywhere.

As for people who were able to awaken six or more stars, they would be classified under high-end physiques. Such miracles were only seen once in a thousand years in such a small place like Wu Town.

Since Xiang Shaoyun had attracted the power of five stars, it proved that he possessed a five-star physique. His accomplishments would be boundless, illuminating and resonating through the skies! In such a tiny place as Wu Town, Xiang Shaoyun indeed possessed the qualifications to be a genius only seen once every hundred years! Even throughout the whole of Martial Hall Palace, there was only one person who could compare—the number one beauty of Martial Hall Palace, Gong Qinyin.

All the outer court disciples stared at Xiang Shaoyun, their eyes full of admiration as well as envy. As for the elders, all of them were shivering with excitement. Such a genius must be taken as a personal disciple!

“Boy, what is your name? Are you willing to be a disciple of me, Lie Huo? I have a scroll containing the Burning Heaven Flame Technique! With this technique, you will be able to burn the high heavens and dry up the vast sea!” a red-haired elder excitedly said. This was the seventh elder Lie Huo, who commanded immense prestige in Martial Hall Palace.

“Brat, his Burning Heaven Flame Technique is incomplete. Here, I have a complete scroll of the Flowing Wave Technique, which will allow you to command fierce winds and treacherous waters, leaving you nothing to fear!” This old man was Jiang Lingzi, the sixth elder.

“Their techniques are all not worthy. This old man has the Indestructible Diamond Scripture, allowing you to train your body to ignore blades and spears, to withstand fire and water,” a golden-haired man said. He was the fifth elder, Jin Ye.

“I have a complete Shadowless Technique, a technique allowing you to travel anywhere without leaving a trace. Furthermore, if you join me, you will have two beautiful senior sisters under you. You will not lose out by joining us~" a sexy middle-aged woman coquettishly said, exuberating waves of seduction. She was the eleventh elder, He Yinghua.

At this moment, numerous Martial Hall Palace elders were extending olive branches to Xiang Shaoyun, completely overshadowing how he had been made fun of for having a third-stage Basic Realm cultivation. He now had an extraordinary status in the Martial Hall Palace, with the various elders trying to snatch him up.

The outer disciples stared blankly at this scene, their eyes red. They would give anything to have this opportunity presented to them. Unfortunately, they did not have Xiang Shaoyun’s talents, their natal charts sorely lacking.

“Cough cough,” Xiang Shaoyun cleared his throat and was about to speak when the Purple Lightning Marquis stepped in front of him, cupping his hands.

Zi Changhe said, “My apologies to all the elders here, but disciple Shaoyun here has already pledged to become my disciple. I was only testing his innate talent earlier. It was not our intention to startle everybody here, our sincerest apologies.”

“What? He’s already pledged to you?” seventh elder Lie Huo choked, unreconciled with what he had just heard. He then said, “Changhe, you are still young and your future is bright. You shouldn’t waste your talents by splitting your time fostering a disciple. How about this, I’ll exchange this infernal lotus for your disciple!”

“Lie Huo you shameless old man! You dare to use a low-tier spirit medicine to barter for a five-star physique?! Kudos to you for daring to say it out loud!” Jiang Lingzi snorted before looking to Zi Changhe, and smiling, he said, “Changhe, I know that you cultivate astral lightning energy. I just so happen to have this thing here—a middle-tier medicine, Purple Lightning Vine! I trust that you know its benefits to your cultivation, so could you let me have that brat learn cultivation under me instead?”

Zi Changhe replied without hesitation, “No need. The brat has already completed the ceremony to take me as his master, so it would be improper to hand him over to you now.”

Facing all of Martial Hall Palace’s elders, Zi Changhe faced quite a bit of pressure. However, for a five-star physique, he would be willing to offend all of them. Behind Zi Changhe, Xiang Shaoyun gloated to himself, “See? I already said that you would fight to take me in as a disciple, but you didn’t believe me. Hehe, now you know of this young master’s genius!”

Upon hearing Zi Changhe’s words, the elders could not help but have a tinge of disappointment. They knew that trying to fight for this disciple would not be an easy task at all. At this moment, Qing Xiuhe lightly coughed before speaking, “Changhe, this boy was able to attract the power of five stars before breaking the Evaluation Stele. It’s possible that his talent is even more terrifying than that! Such a fine seedling being under your tutelage is undermining his innate talents; how about leaving him under me personally?”

That caused a ruckus among the outer disciples.

“Th-the vice palace master wants to take him in as a personal disciple?! Is there still justice in this world?!”

“One’s fate is in the stars, one’s fate is given by the heavens. This guy has a five-star physique; no matter where you go in Cloud Margin City, there will be some expert who would want him as a disciple!”

“Indeed. If the palace master himself was here, he would also fight over this disciple! It’s a pity that he has business in the city. No one knows when he’s coming back either.”

“He’s born a genius. We should just work hard; maybe we will have extraordinary achievements some day.”

The outer disciples were all gloomy after witnessing what had unfolded. They practiced all their lives just for the chance of becoming an inner disciple, yet this third-stage Basic Realm brat had gained the recognition of not only the elders, but even the vice palace master himself. This was the unfairness of life.

Zi Changhe unhappily replied, “Vice palace master, I’m only taking him as a disciple on behalf of my master. In truth, he can be considered my junior brother, and he will come under my master in the future.”

Hearing Zi Changhe, Qing Xiuhe’s expression slightly changed. Following that, he lightly sighed and said, “Since this is the case, forget it. He’ll be a disciple of Martial Hall Palace from now on, so allocate some resources to him. Everybody disperse!”

Even though they were all unwilling to let Xiang Shaoyun go, the elders left the area one by one after hearing Qing Xiuhe. The outer disciples also proceeded to go about their own business again, but from now on, the scene of Xiang Shaoyun attracting the power of five stars would remain deeply etched within their minds.

People possessing this level of talent would definitely not turn out to be just some commoner; hence, even if they could not befriend him, they definitely could not offend him. After the crowd had dispersed, Zi Changhe heaved a sigh of relief.

“Hehe, I told you that you’d fight to take me in as a disciple! Now you know of my prowess!” Xiang Shaoyun said, his smile full of pride.

Before he had even finished talking, Zi Changhe firmly hit him on the head before sternly saying, “What’s there to laugh about? From now on, you will call me senior brother, if not master. Just at third-stage Basic Realm, what is there to be proud of? You’ll be under me from now on. If you can’t hit the standards I set for you, see how I’ll deal with you!”

“Damn, since when was there such a fierce senior brother such as you?” Xiang Shaoyun said, dissatisfied.

“Hoh, so you think you can disregard everyone because you have a five-star physique? Let me tell you first that it’s the geniuses who will fall most easily. If you don’t listen to me, then don’t blame me for anything that happens to you in the future!” Zi Changhe coldly said.

“Okay okay, from now on I will definitely work hard to become the number one person in all of Martial Hall Palace!” Xiang Shaoyun said seriously, showing no trace of his prior arrogance.

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