Chapter 40: Reaching the Earth Star Spring, Breaking Through to the Astral Realm!

I Am Overlord

Little White’s roar echoed furiously throughout the cave, causing Xiang Shaoyun’s ears to ring. It took quite a while before it settled down once again. Once the ruckus was over, Xiang Shaoyun took another look at the grown up Little White. Little White was now the size of a regular small monstrous beast. On his forehead, he found the word “King” written extremely clearly. Furthermore, the pressure that he was now emitting was no weaker than that of a mature striped tiger.

One must note that Little White, as of now, was not considered an adult beast. However, even at such a young age, he was already exuding such a majestic aura, further reinforcing that his lineage was not a simple one.

“What if Little White is able to refine his own demonic core and significantly raise his cultivation?” Xiang Shaoyun could not help wondering, staring at this tiger who showed no signs of discomfort whatsoever.

Right now, Little White was exuding a thick beast qi, golden fur slowly covering his body. It seemed like he would take time to thoroughly refine the demonic core.

“Little White has abundant spirituality from birth; the effects of the demonic core were probably all within his calculations. I should let him slowly refine it then. Let’s go farther into the cave,” Xiang Shaoyun muttered to himself. After confirming that there were no adverse side effects to Little White, he continued forging forward.

After walking for a while longer, Xiang Shaoyun found a golden blot of light ahead of him as Spiritual Energy slowly wafted to him, giving him a very pleasurable feeling. Walking closer to take a look, he found a golden flower lodged into a rock. It was actually a golden flood snake flower! One could see its body leaping around like a flood snake, spiritual qi floating around it as it swayed about, giving it a very mysterious aura.

“This…this is a 500-year-old golden flood snake flower! It has already grown five petals! This should be a spiritual herb that grew along with the transformation of the flood snake! This is a mid-grade spiritual medicine! Even Transformation Realm cultivators would go mad at the sight of this!” Xiang Shaoyun gleefully rubbed his hands in sheer joy.

The golden flood snake flower contained the essence of a flood snake. Martial cultivators who swallowed it would not only have their strength raised but would also be able to transform their qi into a flood snake form, significantly raising their combat power.

Xiang Shaoyun did not rush to pluck it. After all, he was currently a mere Basic Realm cultivator. Eating it at this stage would only waste its efficacy. The results would be much more pronounced if he waited until at least the Astral Realm before he decided to swallow it.

As the golden flood snake flower had absorbed a large portion of the spiritual qi in the air, there were no more spirit medicines around the area, although there were still quite a few old medicines lying around.

Furthermore, as Xiang Shaoyun continued walking, he noticed that the cave was slowly growing bigger and bigger. The moist scent in the air was also getting stronger by the minute, and the natural spiritual energy was growing thicker.

Drip Drip…

Xiang Shaoyun heard the dripping sound of water droplets. Although the sound wasn’t loud, inside the vast cave, it was amplified several times over, making it extremely noticeable.

Xiang Shaoyun’s eyes caught sight of a few water droplets falling from the edge of a cliff. Additionally, just below the cliff was a naturally formed basin filled with flowing spring water. Most eye-catching, the spring water seemed to be filled with tens of thousands of stars, lighting up the small area.

Seeing this small pool of water, Xiang Shaoyun immediately developed an urge to just dive in and swallow it whole.

“The Earth Star Spring! It’s actually the Earth Star Spring!” Xiang Shaoyun rejoiced.

No longer able to repress himself, Xiang Shaoyun rushed right in front of the small pool of water. Scooping out some of the water, he drank without hesitation. Every single drop of the spring was precious beyond compare. Even to an Astral Realm cultivator, this was a luxury hard to get hold of.

However, Xiang Shaoyun was gulping it down like a thirsty beast! If anybody else saw this, they would have fainted on the spot. This guy was too wasteful!

As the water of the Earth Star Spring not-so-slowly entered his stomach, Xiang Shaoyun’s natal chart began to resplendently glow, directly absorbing the water from the Earth Star Spring. His natal chart then began emitting strands of pure energy, which coursed through the meridians within his body. His 365 acupoints lit up, similarly absorbing this wondrous energy.

Adopting a cross-legged sitting position, Xiang Shaoyun began to madly revolve the Heaven Conquering Overlord Manual, his strength rapidly climbing like a firework. Peak of eighth-stage Basic Realm, early ninth-stage Basic Realm, mid ninth-stage Basic Realm, late ninth-stage Basic Realm. The surge of energy was even enough for him to directly break through into the first stage of the Astral Realm!

Only after reaching the middle phase of first-stage Astral Realm did Xiang Shaoyun manage to forcefully suppress it. Otherwise, the surge would have carried him all the way to peak first-stage Astral Realm. Even reaching the second stage would not have been a problem!

Earth Star Spring! This was indeed a spiritual spring that allowed one to awaken their natal charts! Even if an Astral Realm cultivator swallowed some of it, they would easily be able to climb two or three stages.

However, Xiang Shaoyun had long awoken his nine stars. Furthermore, the amount of energy he needed to absorb was several times that of a regular cultivator, up to 10 times! Even after drinking so much of the Earth Star Spring’s water, he had only reached the first stage of the Astral Realm.

Most importantly, Xiang Shaoyun had used the remaining energy to strengthen his foundations, not wasting a single drop of energy. Furthermore, all of his inner injuries had been thoroughly healed, not leaving a single old wound. The Earth Star Spring had also purified his meridians and acupoints, greatly increasing his already outstanding cultivation ability.

This was the miraculous aspect of the Earth Star Spring; it wasn’t something a regular spring could compare to. After having undergone the transformation from the Earth Star Spring, Xiang Shaoyun opened his eyes. The moment he lifted his eyelids, two rays of light as sharp as blades shot out from his eyes. If anybody was there to witness this, they would find it hard to stare straight into his eyes.

For a while, Xiang Shaoyun found that his sight had become incomparably clear. He was able to see clearly even in pitch-black areas.

“Could I have formed my Heavenly Eyes just like that?” Xiang Shaoyun asked himself, excited beyond belief. He examined things with his eyes, finding that nothing could escape his sight. He could even see a tiny ant from afar.

“I hear that the Heavenly Eyes can see through all. Let’s see if I can see through that rock!” Xiang Shaoyun’s eyes then fell on a piece of rock. However, he found that he could not see inside it. He was then assured that it was only his eyesight that had changed. Wanting to develop Heavenly Eyes was still a ways off for him.

Xiang Shaoyun was not too depressed about this matter. Generally, Heavenly Eyes were formed since birth. Those without innate Heavenly Eyes would find it extremely difficult to cultivate. Furthermore, he had never specifically trained his eyes before. Wishing for his eyes to become Heavenly Eyes all of a sudden was extreme, even for him. However, his eyes becoming as powerful as they were now certainly had something to do with his physique.

All of a sudden, Xiang Shaoyun felt the ground tremble as something drew closer to him.

Stomp Stomp!

A demonic beast seemed to be coming from ahead of where he was. It was so massive that the cave itself seemed to be shaking!


An ear-splitting roar sounded through the cave, giving Xiang Shaoyun a massive headache.

“Shit! The area in front of this place should be the king kong giant ape’s territory! It must’ve been guarding the water from the Earth Star Spring!” Xiang Shaoyun came to a sudden realization, his expression turning grave.

Quickly, Xiang Shaoyun retrieved a few empty gourds and proceeded to store as much of the spring water as he could. He had prepared these empty gourds to store the water from the Earth Star Spring anyway. Now was the time to use them.

As Xiang Shaoyun felt the king kong giant ape draw closer and closer, he quickly stowed the filled gourds as he ran for his life back the way he had come. The way he had come from was extremely narrow. There was no way for a king kong giant ape to pursue him through there. As such, he managed to successfully pass this round of danger.

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