Chapter 42: Gong Qinyin!

I Am Overlord

Xiang Shaoyun’s landing sent him straight to the bottom of the lake, and he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood as he plunged straight into its depths. Luckily, he was prepared beforehand. Revolving the Heaven Conquering Overlord Manual, he managed to preserve his consciousness and stay awake. He also held on tightly to the bag on his back, not letting it slip away from him. The bag consisted of all his harvests from the trip. He could not afford to lose it.

Xiang Shaoyun surfaced as fast as he possibly could, afraid that there would be some ferocious creature hidden within the lake. However, the moment he emerged from the water, the sight that greeted him left him bleeding from his nose.

A graceful figure slowly arose from beneath the surface of the water. Stark naked, her most private parts were fully exposed to his lustful eyes. Although her waist was slender, her breasts and bottom were all extremely well-endowed, posing a deadly allure for both men and even some women. Furthermore, glistening water droplets bounced off her porcelain-like skin, as if fervently teasing a man’s most primal instincts.

Although Xiang Shaoyun felt a warm liquid trickle from his nose, he was unable to pull his eyes away from the beautiful scene, continuing to stare straight at the sight before him. Feeling Xiang Shaoyun’s unwavering gazer, the person could not help but curse, “Bastard!” 

Dipping beneath the surface of the water again, she swiftly swam back to dry land before covering her exquisite body with a light gown. Out of nowhere, she suddenly took out a bow and nocked an arrow, aiming it in Xiang Shaoyun’s direction. 

“Go to hell you pervert!” the girl yelled before condensing all her strength into the arrow and sending an arrow imbued with Astral Energy flying towards him. The swift and merciless arrow whistled through the air, carrying behind it the strength of at least a third-stage Astral Realm cultivator. The arrow arrived in front of Xiang Shaoyun in a matter of mere moments, startling and forcing him to dive under the water again.


The moment the arrow hit the water, a column of water immediately flew up from the lake along with the sound of an explosion. Xiang Shaoyun could even feel the wind from the arrow across his face. The arrow from the beautiful girl gave him an even greater sense of danger than falling from the top of the cliff.

“Damn it, just why is my luck so rotten? I’ve only just escaped from the verge of sure death, and now I’m being pursued by this little girl!” Xiang Shaoyun groaned to himself.

Not daring to stay a moment longer, he swiftly swam away as quickly as he could, avoiding the girl’s shots. The girl on the shore took the opportunity to swiftly dress herself. Looking carefully, the girl was around fifteen to sixteen years of age. She had a face as beautiful as a lotus flower. Her silky black hair flowed softly in the wind, accentuating her charming features. Furthermore, the bow and sword on her back gave her a heroic aura.

“Pervert, get out of there! I, Gong Qinyin, must kill you today!” the girl named Gong Qinyin shrieked.

At this moment, Xiang Shaoyun surfaced at an entirely new spot. Upon hearing the girl’s voice, he muttered to himself, “Why does the name Gong Qinyin sound so familiar?”

If it was any other Martial Hall Palace disciple who was in his place, they would have known at once who Gong Qinyin was. She was Martial Hall Palace’s first ever genius to trigger five stars illuminating the sky, and she was also known as the Divine Arrow Maiden, Gong Qinyin.

Back then, the moment she stepped into Martial Hall Palace, she had triggered the phenomenon of five stars illuminating the sky. Furthermore, her cultivation had improved in leaps and bounds, reaching the Astral Realm within a matter of two months. Not just that, in just slightly over a year, she had improved and was now at the late phase of third-stage Astral Realm. One could not help but admire her talent.

Upon seeing Xiang Shaoyun resurface from the water, she shot yet another arrow at him, not even giving him the chance to explain himself. This forced Xiang Shaoyun to once again duck back into the water, leaving him rather depressed.

This young master didn’t do it on purpose! At the very most, this young master will take full responsibility for having seen your body! Xiang Shaoyun thought to himself. Unable to hold his breath underwater indefinitely, he swam as fast as he could to shore. As long as he got to dry land, he would have a chance at escaping.

Little White, who had fallen off the cliff with Xiang Shaoyun, was not very injured either. Grabbing tightly onto him, Xiang Shaoyun swam towards the nearest shore he could find. Completely focused on escaping, he swam as fast as he possibly could. Immediately after drawing close to a relatively far away shore, he leapt out of the water.

Gong Qinyin monitored the lake like a hawk. The moment she saw Xiang Shaoyun rushing out from the lake, she charged at him without a second thought, nocking yet another arrow on her bow. Given that her nickname was the “Divine Arrow Maiden”, her bow technique was naturally nothing to scoff at.

With a single arrow, astral energy rushed at Xiang Shaoyun like a sea of shooting stars, quickly and viciously. Although he did not have water to conceal himself in, he had the Overlord’s Nine Nether Steps. As nimble as a nether spirit, it would be hard for people at the same cultivation to even notice him. Gong Qinyin’s surefire shot actually ended up missing him completely.

“So fast!” Gong Qinyin lightly gasped to herself. A while later, she nocked yet another arrow as she muttered, “But he can’t possibly be faster than my arrows!”

The second arrow flew forward.

This time, she simultaneously shot two arrows. The two arrows were launched in different directions, cutting off either path for Xiang Shaoyun. Hearing the sound of rushing wind swiftly closing in on him, Xiang Shaoyun immediately ducked. The very moment he lowered himself, a swift arrow sliced across his hair and crashed heavily into the ground in front of him. 

Xiang Shaoyun broke out in cold sweat. Drawing the Golden Wolf Sword, he turned around and bellowed, “Little girl, I’ve had enough of you!”

Before he had even finished speaking, an arrow flew straight straight for his face. Without a second thought, Xiang Shaoyun slashed to block the arrow.


Xiang Shaoyun managed to deflect the arrow, but the raw power behind it left his hand trembling after forcefully countering it. If not for the fact that he had already broken through to the Astral Realm, this arrow would have been enough to knock the Golden Wolf Sword directly out of his hand.

Swish! Swish!

Arrow after arrow came flying straight at Xiang Shaoyun, each arrow stronger than the previous. In the face of such danger, Xiang Shaoyun did not dare hold back. Invigorating his astral energy, the Golden Wolf Sword glowed with astral energy, cutting down arrow after arrow. Even so, he still sustained two arrow wounds.

“I must get closer to her position!” Xiang Shaoyun decided. With the Overlord’s Nine Nether Steps, he rushed towards Gong Qinyin while dodging the incoming arrows.

“You’ve finally grown some balls, you pervert! If I don’t kill you today, I’m not worthy of being called Gong Qinyin!” Releasing her bow, she immediately drew the sword on her back and sent a flurry of slashes straight at Xiang Shaoyun.

Not only was Gong Qinyin adept at the bow, her swordsmanship was equally outstanding. Xiang Shaoyun met her head on, resulting in a violent clash of swords. Sparks flew as Astral Energy violently spread throughout the area. Xiang Shaoyun was obviously at a disadvantage, being continuously forced back by Gong Qinyin.

Gong Qinyin was obviously stronger than Xiang Shaoyun, even in terms of physical prowess. Although Xiang Shaoyun had unlimited potential lying within him, he could not hold a candle in terms of combat power and experience to Gong Qinyin. If this continued, he would most certainly end up defeated.

“Pervert, go to hell!” Gong Qinyin suppressed Xiang Shaoyun to that point that he was completely frazzled. Taking advantage of Xiang Shaoyun’s confusion, she thrust her sword toward his heart. This little girl really wanted to take his life!

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