Chapter 62: Please Allow Me This, Young Master

I Am Overlord

Nobody had a clue what Elder Zhen Peng was up to, and they all looked in the direction the elder was flying. There, a young man could be seen coming out of a limit room and trying to sneak away. The young man was clearly Elder Zhen Peng's target.

"Shit! Even after I did you a favor, you're still not willing to spare me?" the young man cursed to himself.

The young man was none other than Xiang Shaoyun. He had just come out of the sixth limit room. He planned to sneak off while Elder Zhen Peng was celebrating his breakthrough and had not expected to be caught. At present, Elder Zhen Peng was already before him, sealing his path of escape. Elder Zhen Peng was now a second-stage Skysoar Realm cultivator, and his new cultivation level granted him an incredibly fast movement speed.

"S-senior, w-what do you want? Fine, fine, I'll surrender," Xiang Shaoyun, raising his hands, said nervously. He was scared the old man would kill him in a fit of anger.

Elder Zhen Peng's eyes rested on Xiang Shaoyun, a complicated expression on his face. He was conflicted about what he should do to this kid. At this moment, Yang Gaochuan, Qing Xiuhe, and the other elders arrived.

Yang Gaochuan quickly said, "Elder Zhen Peng, please have mercy. I was the one who sent this child into the sixth limit room. He owns a five-star physique and has a bright future ahead of him."

Yang Gaochuan was begging for leniency on behalf of Xiang Shaoyun as he believed that Elder Zhen Peng was blaming Xiang Shaoyun for disturbing his peace during breakthrough. Although the others did not know what had happened, when they heard Yang Gaochuan speaking for Xiang Shaoyun, they had their own guesses.

"Palace master, what is going on with Xiang Shaoyun? How can you allow him to enter Elder Zhen Peng's sixth limit room?" Qing Xiuhe asked probingly.

Yang Gaochuan replied, "Now is not the time for that. Let's deal with this first."

It was also at this time that Li Xuemeng suddenly shouted at Xiang Shaoyun from among the group of elders, "Impudent! Xiang Shaoyun, quickly kneel down and apologize for your offense! Disturbing Elder Zhen Peng's breakthrough is a crime punishable by death!"

Li Xuemeng's words came at the perfect time to ignite the fury in all the other elders. It had always been a taboo to disturb someone’s breakthrough, not to mention something as major as Elder Zhen Peng's ascension into the Skysoar Realm.

A single King Realm expert signified the prosperity of the Martial Hall Palace as a whole. If the breakthrough failed, Xiang Shaoyun would not be able to make up for it even if he was to die 10 times over, even if he had a five-star physique.

"For daring to disturb Elder Zhen Peng's breakthrough, this kid can't be spared!" said an elder.

"That's right. Regardless of why he was in the limit room, he can't be spared from punishment."

"Damnable brat, does he really think he can do anything just because he has a five-star physique? I say we cripple his cultivation and expel him from the Martial Hall Palace!"

"I think we should just kill him to prevent future problems."


A few elders echoed Li Xuemeng's sentiment. Some were close to Li Xuemeng while others were simply trying to get on Elder Zhen Peng's good side.

As for the other elders who had not said anything, they all revealed complicated expressions. They still did not have a clear idea on what had happened, so they did not make any decisions.

Zi Changhe couldn't help but say, "Fellow elders, I think we should let Elder Zhen Peng make the decision here. If Xiang Shaoyun has indeed committed any wrongdoing, he should be punished. But if this is merely a misunderstanding, I beg Elder Zhen Peng and palace master to spare him out of respect for my master."

"Zi Changhe, don't forget that disturbing Elder Zhen Peng’s breakthrough is a crime punishable by death. Even your master won’t protect him in this situation. Elder Zhen Peng's breakthrough into the King Realm is no trifling matter!"

"You are clearly abusing your official position to avenge your private grudge! I believe Elder Zhen Peng has his own thoughts on this. The final say is not up to you!" Zi Changhe stood his ground.

Li Xuemeng was about to argue back when Yang Gaochuan bellowed, "Enough. Stop bickering. Just listen to Elder Zhen Peng's arrangement."

With that, everyone sank into silence.

At this time, Xiang Shaoyun said meekly, "S-senior, d-don't keep staring at me like this. I-I'm shy." After saying those words, his neck shrunk further. His current look gave one the urge to rush forth and give him a good beating.

"Sigh. I, Zhen Peng, have spent my life in cultivation yet my clarity of mind is not even comparable to a youth," Elder Zhen Peng sighed and proceeded to do something that shocked everyone there.

He gave Xiang Shaoyun a deep bow. "Young master, please allow me to stay by your side and guard you from now onward."


Those words slammed into everyone’s minds, sending them into a daze. A King Realm cultivator was an existence high above many others. He was the strongest in the Martial Hall Palace, also the most powerful in Wu Town.

But this King was currently swearing his allegiance to a tiny Astral Realm young man? It turned their world upside down. They wondered if everything was merely an illusion. Even Xiang Shaoyun was stunned.

"Please allow me this, young master!" Elder Zhen Peng begged when he received no reply.

At this time, Yang Gaochuan licked his lips and said, "E-Elder Zhen Peng, d-do y-you want to think this through? This kid is only at the Astral Realm. Even if he has a five-star physique, he is not worthy enough for this! If you really think so highly of him, you can just give him some guidance in his cultivation." 

"That's right, Elder Zhen Peng. I think you should first focus on consolidating your cultivation," Qing Xiuhe chimed in.

Li Xuemeng also couldn't resist speaking up, "Elder Zhen Peng, h-have you been tricked by this brat? I'll kill him for you!"

"Bastard!" Elder Zhen Peng turned his head and cursed Li Xuemeng. His single word rumbled out like an all powerful thunderclap, and an aura of kings flowed out, instantly sending Li Xuemeng flying and coughing out blood. The sight of this shocked the elders.

Elder Zhen Peng scanned the crowd then said with an unprecedented seriousness, "I, Zhen Peng, am not yet senile. I know what I'm doing. From today onward, he is my young master. I will stand guard by his side as he grows. Laying even a finger on him will be tantamount to attacking me!"

Elder Zhen Peng spoke with such resolution that it did not seem he would change his mind. Yang Gaochuan, Qing Xiuhe, and the others once again revealed complicated expressions on their faces.

When Li Xuemeng heard those words, he was so enraged he spat out another mouthful of blood. After all, he had already included Xiang Shaoyun in a list of people he must kill. But now, Elder Zhen Peng had taken on the role of Xiang Shaoyun's guardian. No, to be precise, Elder Zhen Peng had become Xiang Shaoyun's follower! Would he still have a chance to do anything to Xiang Shaoyun? What if Xiang Shaoyun turned around to make a move against them instead? Not a single one of them could resist a King Realm's wrath!

At this thought, Li Xuemeng’s entire body grew cold.

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