Chapter 78: Now an Overlord

I Am Overlord

"Has Xiang Shaoyun gone crazy? He's challenging so many people? Is he planning to settle all his grudges at once?"

"In truth, the biggest threat among them is Li Tianba. The others don’t really amount to anything. But Xiang Shaoyun has still acted too recklessly. Nobody would dare issue random challenges like him during an arena battle." 

"Perhaps he thinks that with a five-star physique he can do whatever he wants? Little does he know that a genius is nothing before he grows up."

"I keep having a feeling that there is some conspiracy here. Look at that sly smile on his face. I can smell the cunning all the way from here."

The observing disciples started talking among themselves. Even for the original match between Xiang Shaoyun and Li Tianba, people were not optimistic of Xiang Shaoyun’s chances. Now that he was challenging even more people, everyone believed his victory was simply impossible.

Li Tianba stood there and watched silently as he thought to himself, Since you are the one with a death wish, you can’t blame anyone for what’s going to happen.

"Anyone else? I'll deal with all of you today," Xiang Shaoyun said, further shocking the people. Was he going to challenge all his enemies?

"Enough. Xiang Shaoyun, are you going to fight or not? Stop messing around," Li Tianba shouted, finally losing his patience.

"Hehe, you guys may attack freely. Remember, don't hold back. Otherwise, your defeat will be very miserable," Xiang Shaoyun sneered as he gestured at them. This was the moment for him to vent his pent up anger. The Wu Clan and Li Clan had nearly caused him to lose his life. Now was the time for him to get a tiny bit of payback.

"We don't need so many people for you. I alone am enough," Wu Mingguang shouted and immediately attacked with his weapon. The long sword snaked through the air toward Xiang Shaoyun.

In the blink of an eye, numerous sword energies enveloped Xiang Shaoyun, each of them incomparably sharp. Wu Mingguang was worthy of being a third-stage Astral Realm expert. His attack unleashed 60 percent of the sword technique's power, and an ordinary Astral Realm cultivator would find it hard to defend against such an attack.

Xiang Shaoyun looked at the sword energies indifferently. With a look of disdain, he said, "Too slow, too weak."

Right after he uttered those words, he moved. He danced amid the sword energies, avoiding all of them before rushing up to Wu Mingguang.

Cloud Splitting Palm!

Xiang Shaoyun only used an ordinary tier-1 battle technique, but for some reason, this ordinary tier-1 battle technique contained an earth-shattering might.

"Careful!" Li Tianba had sharp eyes and immediately realized that Wu Mingguang was in danger. He quickly threw out a reminder as he dashed over. Unfortunately, he was too late. Xiang Shaoyun's palm smoothly landed on Wu Mingguang's chest.


The palm sent Wu Mingguang flying. His chest sank, and he coughed out blood without stop. When Xiang Shaoyun was a first-stage Astral Realm cultivator, he was already capable of fighting those at the third stage. Now that he was at the fourth stage, he could dispose of a third-stage cultivator as easily as an adult bullying a child.

What happened was precisely what he had intended—to teach these arrogant fellows a lesson before they even realized how strong he was. After Wu Mingguang was sent flying, Li Tianba arrived with his massive axe and swung it down toward Xiang Shaoyun's back. Xiang Shaoyun moved like he had a pair of eyes behind him. With an odd footwork, he dodged the attack and charged in a different direction.

"F*ck it! Die!" Wu Mingliang had been paying close attention to Xiang Shaoyun. When he saw Xiang Shaoyun rushing toward him, he clenched his teeth and attacked.

Wu Mingliang was only at the first stage of the Astral Realm. His attack was nothing in Xiang Shaoyun's eyes. As Xiang Shaoyun's strength grew, his speed had also grown massively to the point people could hardly catch a glimpse of him when he moved. Noiselessly, he arrived behind Wu Mingliang and heavily kicked Wu Mingliang's back.


Thus, Wu Mingliang repeated what had happened to his sixth brother—flying in the air while coughing up blood.

"You are the one who has created troubles for me again and again. I will give you an unforgettable lesson," Xiang Shaoyun said as he chased after the flying Wu Mingliang with a ruthless glint in his eyes.

"Don't get too full of yourself!" Li Tianba howled and mustered all his strength to chase after Xiang Shaoyun. He swung his axe. Unfortunately, his speed was incomparable to Xiang Shaoyun’s. After catching up to Wu Mingliang, Xiang Shaoyun grabbed him and tossed him toward Li Tianba's incoming axe.

"No!" Wu Mingliang peed his pants in fear when he sensed the terrifying axe heading his way. When Li Tianba saw what was happening, he forcefully shifted the trajectory of his axe since it was too late to withdraw the attack. However, Xiang Shaoyun kicked Wu Mingliang to send him toward the axe's new trajectory.


Li Tianba had no way of stopping his attack, and thus the attack squarely hit Wu Mingliang's shoulder, sending his arm flying. Blood sprayed everywhere, presenting everyone with a scene of gore.

"AHHHH!" Wu Mingliang grabbed his severed shoulder and wailed miserably.

"Seventh brother!" Wu Mingyang screamed. He tried jumping onto the arena, but the martial officer stopped him.

The officer said, "An ongoing battle cannot be disturbed. Any offender is punishable by death."

"Bastard! He severed my brother's arm!" Wu Mingyang yelled furiously.

"Who do you think you're scolding? If your brother surrenders, he can leave the arena immediately," the martial officer said unhappily.

"Fine, fine, I am conceding on behalf of both my brothers," Wu Mingyang shouted.

"I-I sur—" Li Hong'er was scared out of her wits, her body still shivering from fear. Thus, she tried to surrender as well. Unfortunately, before she could finish her words, Xiang Shaoyun appeared beside her and slapped her face.


"You want to duel me, right? I hope you are enjoying yourself," Xiang Shaoyun said as he slapped Li Hong'er repeatedly, causing her face to swell as she wailed.

In truth, Xiang Shaoyun had already forgotten about Li Hong'er. But since she insisted on creating trouble for him, he decided to no longer hold back when facing her, either. At this moment, Li Tianba finally recovered from the shock of severing Wu Mingliang's arm. Fury filled his eyes. "Bastard! Let go of my sister! Die!"

This time, Li Tianba no longer dared to wave his axe around. He ran over and sent a palm strike towards Xiang Shaoyun with all his might.

Blood Noxious Palm, 100 percent power!

"Li Tianba? The self-proclaimed, number-one overlord of the Martial Hall Palace? Today, let this young master show you what an overlord looks like. I was born to be king, and today, I hereby proclaim myself as overlord. With one punch, I will defeat you!" Xiang Shaoyun decided to use Li Tianba to establish dominance, to properly plant fear in the hearts of all the disciples. The time had arrived for him to prove his might.

He sent Li Hong'er flying with one more slap then clenched his fist and focused his power into it. Purple qi curled around his fist before his fist shot out to meet Li Tianba's palm.


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