Chapter 8: Challenging One’s Limits!

I Am Overlord

Appearing right beside Xiang Shaoyun was precisely Lu Xiaoqing. Her face showed faint traces of pink, and her cute round eyes did not dare to look directly at Xiang Shaoyun, as if she was a bit shy. She was a compassionate girl, and she pitied Xiang Shaoyun.

Before Xiang Shaoyun even had the chance to speak, a mocking voice resounded through the air, “Oho, a five-star physique genius has fallen to the point where he needs a woman to feed him? How sad of you.”

Who else could have said this but Gou Zi? He had even appeared right beside Xiang Shaoyun with two other people. He gazed scornfully at Xiang Shaoyun, as if he wanted to swallow him whole.

Ignoring Gou Zi’s words, Xiang Shaoyun looked at Lu Xiaoqing and sincerely said, “Thank you, but I can’t accept this.” 

Having said that, he stood up and looked at Gou Zi’s group of three and declared, “The three of you, remember this! You may mock me today, but I will make you pay me back ten times as much in the future!”

Laughing coldly, Gou Zi said, “The likes of you dare to spout this nonsense? In less than three days, you will starve to death! You really don’t know your place!”

Gou Zi and his men did not dare to personally take action against Xiang Shaoyun out in the open. This was part of Martial Hall Palace’s rules—apart from the canteen, personal duels were not permitted elsewhere. The only exception was if they were to fight in the arena.

“You’re taking your bullying too far!” Lu Xiaoqing unhappily cried out as she watched Gou Zi’s arrogant manner.

“Miss Lu, we have no intention of offending you, and we even ask you to stay away out of this. Otherwise, if Young Master Wu gets angry over this, you might suffer in the process,” Gou Zi warned Lu Xiaoqing.

“Good, very good! I will report this matter to the martial officer!” Lu Xiaoqing furiously yelled. The martial officer was basically the teacher in charge of mentoring the outer disciples.

“Heheh, go ahead, then,” Gou Zi indifferently replied.

“Getting angry over these dogs is of no use. I can feel your sincerity. I, Xiang Shaoyun, have not yet fallen to a point where I need to live off a woman to survive.” After he finished speaking, Xiang Shaoyun turned around and left.

“You ungrateful fellow!” Lu Xiaoqing lightly stomped the ground before she also proceeded to leave.

“Haha! I want a genius like you to get the hell out of Martial Hall Palace like a lowly dog!” Gou Zi madly laughed.

At this time, Xiang Shaoyun was feeling extremely depressed, and he swore to himself to get his revenge! From afar, a figure riding on a wolf had taken note of what was happening to Xiang Shaoyun. He lightly sighed to himself, “An unpolished jade will never shine. If you can’t even get past this small hurdle, then your five-star physique is indeed a waste.”

As for Xiang Shaoyun, he was strolling toward a martial officer. This officer was a middle-aged man who was able to utilize the power of the stars. He was coldly monitoring the movements of every single outer court disciple who was within his sight. When he saw Xiang Shaoyun coming over, he indifferently asked, “What?”

Xiang Shaoyun went straight to the point. “Martial officer, I wish to have a meal.” 

“Lunchtime is over. If you were unable to get a meal, you cannot blame others. Stay hungry first, then wait for dinner to fight again,” the Martial Officer coldly replied.

“I just want to know if there are any other ways of getting a meal?” Xiang Shaoyun asked.

“Outer court disciples are only allowed to have their meals in the canteen, inner court disciples are allowed to eat in our local restaurant or leave the Martial Hall Palace to get a meal, and personal disciples can have meals at their respective elder’s abode. Is that clear?” explained the martial officer.

Xiang Shaoyun could not help but feel a bit disappointed. He was already hungry beyond compare, yet he had to wait another six hours before even getting the chance to fight for dinner. It was going to be rough trying to hold on.

Just as Xiang Shaoyun was sadly walking away, the martial officer said, “However, if you have the guts to challenge your limits and complete a few tasks, an exception will be made and you will be rewarded appropriately. Food won’t be an issue then.”

“What tasks?” Xiang Shaoyun fervently asked.

“At the place called the Hall of Limits, thresholds have been designated for different cultivation levels. So long as you are able to surpass that threshold, you will be able to get special rewards! However, the limits are not easily broken. Only if you are the strongest among those your level will you be able to forcefully complete the task there,” the martial officer said.

“I want to give it a try!” Xiang Shaoyun said with determination.

“Heheh, very good. Follow me, then,” the martial officer replied with a smile on his face.

The martial officer proceeded to bring Xiang Shaoyun to the Hall of Limits. At the same time, he also informed Xiang Shaoyun about some matters regarding the Hall of Limits. The so-called limits one needed to surpass referred to the upper thresholds of one’s ability within the same cultivation realm. This would separate geniuses from others in the same realm, and every stage’s limit would be different. There were different challenges available: facing off against strong experts, being tortured in illusionary worlds, or even other strange tasks that would test one’s limits.

“Okay, this here is the Hall of Limits. I can only bring you here. If you’re able to surpass the limits, wanting to have a meal is but a simple matter.” After the martial officer finished speaking, he turned around and began to leave.

A five-star physique was worthy of this martial officer’s care and attention. If this was any other outer court disciple, he would have merely pointed the way and let them find the place themselves. The Hall of Limits was an extremely old building. Built at the foot of a mountain, the building was suffused in some weird energy, making it difficult for others to see through the building.

“Disciple Xiang Shaoyun greets the revered overseer,” Xiang Shaoyun politely greeted the old overseer seated in an old wooden armchair.

“You wish to challenge the limits?” the old overseer said, his cloudy eyes gazing at Xiang Shaoyun.

“Indeed. Please show me the way!” Xiang Shaoyun replied.

“Go straight. It is the first room. Enter yourself, and if you’re able to walk out safely after an hour, it’ll count as you passing,” the old attendant said directly without beating about the bush.

After a slight bow, Xiang Shaoyun started making his way to the old building. Very quickly, he reached the entrance to the first level of the Hall of Limits. Without hesitating, he pushed open the doors and walked inside. Just as he had stepped inside, the doors automatically closed. Simultaneously, an invisible burst of energy filled the room, making Xiang Shaoyun feel as if he was lifting a rock weighing 500 kilograms, causing him to fall flat on the floor.


Xiang Shaoyun spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

“Gravity room!” Xiang Shaoyun cried out to himself in alarm.

Basic Realm cultivators focus on honing their physical strength, and the limit pertaining to this particular hall was precisely that. However, this was no ordinary gravity affecting him; it was artificially produced via a formation that resulted in it being formless. This made it practically impossible to resist. Only one who could withstand the pressure of the gravity constantly trampling them would be considered to have surpassed the limit!

Xiang Shaoyun’s perception was extraordinary; the moment the unknown pressure assailed him, he knew that it was a test of limit pertaining to gravity.

The gravity in the room made him feel the weight of 500 kilograms. Xiang Shaoyun was a mere fifth-stage Basic Realm cultivator, meaning that his physical strength was only able to bear 250 kilograms. Making him endure pressure double that was no doubt his utmost limit.

What Xiang Shaoyun had to be thankful about was that even though he had neglected his training since young, his father had constantly tempered his body with various spirit medicines. This made his physical body unusually strong; otherwise, he would’ve long succumbed to the gravity!

“This room really does push the limits. However, I will make use of this to achieve a breakthrough in my Heaven Conquering Overlord Manual!” Crying out to himself, he began circulating the Heaven Conquering Overlord Manual.

Heaven Conquering Overlord Manual was indeed an ancient technique, one full of various mysteries. The moment Xiang Shaoyun activated it, his body rapidly circulated qi while nine stars lit up throughout his body. As the Heaven Conquering Overlord Manual circulated through him, the pressure he felt gradually decreased.

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