Chapter 83: Even More Shameless Than Robbing

I Am Overlord

"Sure," said the stall owner with fear in his eyes as he stole a glance at Elder Zhen Peng.

Although Elder Zhen Peng had yet to release his presence earlier, the stall owner had a feeling that this was a scary person.

Xiang Shaoyun nodded and asked Little White, "So what do you want?"

Little White meowed before running to the stall. He longingly pointed at something that looked like a beast tooth.

Xiang Shaoyun glanced at the tooth and asked, "How much for this?"

"This is a king-tier tiger tooth. It won't be cheap. You need at least 100 low-grade spirit crystals for it," said the stall owner.

"If it is really a king-tier tiger tooth, this price is indeed rather cheap. But this tiger tooth is already partially destroyed. It is not worth that much. I will take it for 50 low-grade spirit crystals," Xiang Shaoyun bargained.

The stall owner shook his head. "No, at least 90 spirit crystals. I won't be selling it for any cheaper."

The stall owner judged that Xiang Shaoyun was a young master visiting the town. It was likely that this young master was quite wealthy. Thus, the stall owner had no qualms with charging Xiang Shaoyun a high price.

He was sure Xiang Shaoyun was a young master because not even himself was actually sure that this tiger tooth was actually a king-tier tooth yet Xiang Shaoyun knew what it was. It was something the stall owner had only gotten by fluke.

"No, still too expensive. If you are really trying to sell it, I'll take it for 60 spirit crystals. Otherwise, forget it." Xiang Shaoyun shook his head.

The stall owner hesitated slightly before offering, "Final offer, 80 spirit crystals."

"Fine, 80 it is then." Xiang Shaoyun couldn't be bothered to continue bargaining.

Right this moment, an arrogant voice rang out, "I'll take this tiger tooth for 100 low-grade spirit crystals."

When Xiang Shaoyun turned around, he saw a young man coming over mounted on a ferocious-looking beast. He was surrounded by a group of underlings, and each of them was also riding a demonic beast. As a whole the group looked quite impressive.

The young man was dressed in a gorgeous outfit, and he carried himself with boundless arrogance. He was evidently an extremely conceited person. The young man was at the late stage of the Astral Realm. To reach this cultivation level at this age, his cultivation talent was quite good. Apart from that, he also had Transformation Realm cultivators among his group of underlings. Looking at the soot and dust on them, it was quite clear they were not locals and had also traveled here from afar.

"Eighty spirit crystals, here." Xiang Shaoyun ignored the young man and tossed over a sack of spirit crystals before reaching out to grab the tiger tooth. These were the spirit crystals he had looted from Wu Fuxiang. He had in fact obtained over 10,000 spirit crystals there, and he had a few hundred of them stored in his astral cosmos sea at all time.

Wu Fuxiang was the previous head of the Wu Town, and thus, he was a very wealthy person.

"Wait a minute. Did you not hear me? I'm taking the tiger tooth," the young man said unhappily. He then spoke to the stall owner, "Are you deaf? I am offering 100 spirit crystals, a higher price than what he offered."

The stall owner appeared rather annoyed with the young man. But in order to earn more money, he still decided to stop Xiang Shaoyun. He said, "That's right. The highest bidder wins all. But since you're here first, if you can match his price, I'll still sell it to you."

Xiang Shaoyun narrowed his eyes and said, "Are you sure?"

"Yes!" the stall owner said.

"Kid, f*ck off if you can't afford it," the young man berated Xiang Shaoyun.

Xiang Shaoyun turned and looked at the young man before saying, "Where did this dog come from? Why is he barking non-stop here?"

"Bastard! Teach him a lesson!" the young man commanded furiously.

Right after the young man said that, Elder Zhen Peng stepped forth while a terrifying pressure rippled out of him.

"Piss off!" Elder Zhen Peng berated. He was not speaking loudly, but his tone of voice, which left no room for discussion, still made him sound rather imposing. The young man and his underlings could now sense that Elder Zhen Peng was a King Realm cultivator. Their faces turned unsightly at that realization.

"Young Master Wen, this is a King Realm cultivator. We need to leave," an old man whispered.

"A King? There is a King in a small town like this?" the young man muttered in indignation.

After a slight hesitation, he glared at Xiang Shaoyun and said, "I, Wen Jinrui, will remember this. I will be sure to take good care of you guys when you visit the Cloud Margin City in the future."

Then, they all left. The stall owner was completely stunned by what he saw. He originally planned to get himself more profit, but it seemed like his decision had now come back to bite him.

"This tiger tooth is now mine," Xiang Shaoyun glanced at the stall owner and said.

"Yes, yes, take it. Free of charge," the stall owner offered the tiger tooth respectfully.

This young man had a King by his side. If the King was angered, he could kill the stall owner with only a wave of his hand. How would the stall owner still dare to accept payment for the tiger tooth?

"I am not a robber," Xiang Shaoyun said.

"No, no, that is not robbing. This is me paying my respects to the most respected young master." The stall owner waved his hands repeatedly. Inwardly, he was thinking to himself that he would take even 50 spirit crystals at this point.

"Take this. I don't intend to owe anyone anything," Xiang Shaoyun said with a magnanimous expression as he picked one spirit crystal out of the pouch before passing it to the stall owner.

Then, Xiang Shaoyun turned and started walking toward Xia Liuhui with the tiger tooth in hand. Staring at the single spirit crystal on his palm, the stall owner felt like crying. Inwardly, he was wailing without stop, This is even more shameless than robbing!

Meanwhile, Xia Liuhui was busy browsing a stall opened by a young woman. But in truth, he was only pretending while stealing glances at the young woman.

"Kid, are you done staring? If you're not done, go back home and gawk at your mom instead," the young woman shouted impatiently.

This young woman wasn't an exceptionally beautiful woman, but she had a mature charm to her that was extremely alluring for inexperienced youngsters like Xia Liuhui.

Caught gawking, Xia Liuhui blushed as he continued with his act and pointed at a random item, "I want to buy that."

"This is a low-grade spirit medicine, the blue chamomile fruit, with a price of 10 spirit crystals. Can you even afford it?" the young woman asked with contempt.

"I-I..." Xia Liuhui stuttered, not knowing what to say.

He would be able to afford 10 gold coins, but he wouldn't be able to afford 10 spirit crystals even if he had to prostitute himself.

"Just piss off already. Trying to take advantage of me? Why don't you go look at yourself in the mirror," the young woman said with a look of disgust on her face.

"Deal. Pack the blue chamomile fruit for my brother," Xiang Shaoyun walked over and interjected. As he spoke, 10 spirit crystals appeared in his palm as he handed them to Xia Liuhui.

"B-boss!" Xia Liuhui was extremely touched by this gesture.

"Take it. In the future, if you want to gawk at women, just gawk openly and bravely. What is there to be embarrassed off? If you are capable enough, you can get any woman you want!" Xiang Shaoyun said before staring straight at the young woman. His invasive gaze caused the young woman to quickly lower her head. Her heart started thumping rapidly while her face blushed as she thought, This young man...there is a certain charm to him!

Before the young woman had even recovered from her thoughts, Xia Liuhui had already left with Xiang Shaoyun after leaving behind the spirit crystals.

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