Chapter 90: You Dare to Not Reveal Yourself?

I Am Overlord

Sword of Sorrow!

This was a sword technique born of negative emotions consisting of grief, sorrow, and heartache. A slash of a sorrowful sword to create a fountain of tears and blood! Only one at the extremities of sorrow would be able to comprehend the essence of this sword technique.

Scenes of betrayals Xiang Shaoyun had personally experienced flitted through his mind one after another. The pain of being betrayed by his brothers and woman was deeply etched into his bones, and it was a feeling he would never forget his entire life.

As sorrow flooded Xiang Shaoyun's mind, the intent in the coffin turned clearer and clearer as strains of incorporeal energy converged into Xiang Shaoyun. Tears streamed down his eyes without stop. The tears flowed down uncontrollably, and he couldn't stop them even if he wanted to. These were the tears from the depths of his heart, tears originating from his truest emotion.

Abruptly, Xiang Shaoyun bit his own lip and stood up straight. He shouted, "Wallowing in grief and sorrow is only something the weak will do. I, Xiang Shaoyun, am a natural-born king. Even if the entire world betrays me, I will not shed a drop of a tear. F*ck off!"

As Xiang Shaoyun shouted, his kingly presence stirred, and an unyielding willpower surged out and blocked the consciousness of the dead King. He regained his clarity of mind, and his tears stopped flowing. Not a trace of sorrow could be found on his resolute face.

"All of you were mighty King Realm cultivators, but all of you were among the weakest of King Realm cultivators. I am a natural born king, the king of kings. Now, show me, what sort of legacy have you guys left behind." Xiang Shaoyun changed his mind and decided to no longer bother with slowly comprehending these intents. Instead, he unfurled his presence of a king, causing the aura around him to immediately change. He now looked like a child of the heavens, an imposing and overbearing king of kings.

As his kingly presence spread, the nine stars within his astral sea erupted as well. The astral energy from his stars converged in his astral cosmos sea, and at the same time, his purple lightning bone started shining brightly. His body dazzled, as if he was a humanoid river of stars.

He activated his gift of visualization as he wrapped his consciousness around all the coffins. It was unknown if it were these coffins that were sentient or if it were the inheritance intents that had sensed Xiang Shaoyun's kingly presence, but three lumps of consciousness proceeded to hover out of three different coffins.

The three coffins were respectively the coffins of Zhang Gongyue the first palace master, Feng Yushen the second palace master, and a second-stage Skysoar Realm cultivator.

The intent left behind by Zhang Gongyue constituted mainly of stubbornness, a stubbornness to pass on the Martial Hall Palace to the future generations. His entire life had been dedicated to growing the Martial Hall Palace, and because of that, this lump of consciousness contained selflessness, an inheritance intent filled with a desire to teach.

The lump of consciousness also contained the comprehension he had gained while breaking through into the King Realm. Any peak Transformation Realm cultivator would be able to easily enter the King Realm if they got their hands on this lump of consciousness.

Unfortunately, Xiang Shaoyun was still an Astral Realm cultivator. Thus, this particular inheritance intent wasn't too helpful for him. But it still helped further enrich his experience, which he could make use of during his eventual breakthrough.

The second lump of consciousness belonged to the second palace master, Feng Yusheng. This was a King Realm cultivator who had pursued the apex of speed, and the inheritance he left behind was a gust of wind. The gust of wind moved at a speed so fast it was nearly undetectable.

If it wasn't for Xiang Shaoyun's gift of visualization that allowed him to slow down, record, and reflect on these lumps of consciousness, he wouldn't have been able to notice this gust of wind.

The wind was shapeless, the wind was quick and violent, the wind was destructive, the wind was vast and boundless...numerous core theories of the power of wind could be found in the gust of wind.

As for the third lump of consciousness belonging to a second-stage King Realm cultivator, it was rather indistinct and much weaker than the others. But from this lump of consciousness, Xiang Shaoyun found the reason this cultivator had been able to step into the King Realm. It was because this cultivator had worked much harder than others, his achievement was all thanks to hard work.

He wasn't a particularly talented cultivator, and after numerous sufferings, he relied on his own hard work and advanced step by step until he eventually reached the King Realm. This was an inheritance intent filled with tenacity. Tenacity was something important for many people but doable for only a small number.

Xiang Shaoyun was able to fully capture all three of these inheritance intents. But of the three, the most helpful for Xiang Shaoyun was the gust of wind. The comprehension of wind would allow him to better understand the Overlord's Nine Nether Steps, allowing him to move even faster.

The tenacity also proved helpful, however, since it pointed a clear direction in his future path. A mediocre cultivator had been able to reach the King Realm through hard work alone. Xiang Shaoyun was a natural born king. Thus, instead of being lazy, he should learn from this cultivator so that he could reach an even higher height in his path of cultivation.

These two intents did not give Xiang Shaoyun an immediate boost in strength, but they helped him understand the direction he should be taking his cultivation. In fact, his actual gains were immeasurable. These intents were akin to a guiding light that could light up his path of cultivation.

"Not bad, not bad at all. In fact, if you had all been supplied with more resources, you guys could have reached an even higher height. It's a pity, really," Xiang Shaoyun lamented.

The owners of all three of the intents were decently talented people. The first palace master focused too much on teaching, resulting in a limited achievement in his own cultivation. But it was also his very same selfless heart that had helped him reach the King Realm.

The second palace master was in fact a genius in cultivation, as he had slightly comprehended the essence of wind. If given the right opportunities, he would have been able to reach an even higher height. For some unknown reason, his cultivation had stopped at the fourth-stage King Realm.

As for the final King Realm cultivator, he had been shackled by his poor talent. Regardless of the amount of hard work he put into cultivating, the King Realm was his limit. It was also too bad that he was based in such a poor region where there were no sufficient resources to help him improve his physique.

Xiang Shaoyun sat on the praying mat in a lotus position and started meditating on the two latter intents, and after he made sure he had committed everything to mind, he walked toward the other direction.

Of the seven remaining coffins, four of them were reacting. The other three coffins were goners as their inheritance intents had dispersed along with the passage of time. Currently, Xiang Shaoyun was heading toward the unnamed coffin. He refused to believe that a peak King Realm expert would leave nothing behind. His coffin wouldn't be stored here if that were the case.

When Xiang Shaoyun arrived before the coffin, he rested one palm on the coffin as he berated, "You dare to not reveal yourself before this young master?"

As Xiang Shaoyun spoke, his kingly presence swept out and crushed down upon the coffin. He wanted to use a straightforward method to force the intent out. If even after doing this there was still nothing, it could only mean that nothing was left of this unnamed cultivator either. He sent his senses in, and when it almost seemed as if he wouldn't find anything, the purple bone in his body reacted.


An incorporeal energy surged out of his purple bone and flowed through his arm toward the coffin. The purple energy shrouded the coffin, seemingly trying to enter the coffin. But since this coffin was reinforced by a formation, the purple energy couldn't enter no matter what.

Suddenly, a loud rumble rang out from within the coffin.


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