Chapter 92: The Invulnerability of the Shameless

I Am Overlord

There were a lot of shameless people in this world, but this was Gong Qinyin's first time seeing someone as shameless as Xiang Shaoyun. He advanced at her so aggressively as if he was going to attack, but he instead started stripping in broad daylight.

This action would even be considered an insult to many cultivators. It was as if he was completely abandoning his status as a cultivator. Was this really someone who had broken through consecutive limit room challenges, the one who had left his mark in history? He looked more like a shameless scoundrel!

"Come on! Feast your eyes upon my naked body! After this, we are even. Stop bothering me in the future!" Xiang Shaoyun yelled with his upper body bared. His expression was of someone who was ready to give up everything.

"Y-you shameless scoundrel!" Gong Qinyin was so infuriated she started shaking. She did not dare to look straight at him anymore. This was a rather busy area with many overseers and disciples going about their daily activities. Before long, everyone was looking at the two.

"What's happening there? Isn't that the number one beauty of Martial Hall Palace, Gong Qinyin? And isn't the half-naked guy the self-proclaimed overlord Xiang Shaoyun?"

"Yes, it's them. What are they doing? Are they going at it under broad daylight?"

"Hey, don't spread rumors. Gong Qinyin is my goddess. She wouldn’t do something like that. That little overlord is definitely the one being shameless here."

"Shit, is he harassing our goddess? Come on, let's go closer. If he really dares to harass our goddess, I won't spare him!" 


And thus, a large crowd formed around them. Xiang Shaoyun did not care. With his gaze still on Gong Qinyin, he said, "What? Are you not satisfied with this? Fine, I'll take off my pants as well..."

"Bastard! I won't forgive you!" Gong Qinyin berated with a blush on her face.

She raised her sword and charged Xiang Shaoyun.

"It's off!" Xiang Shaoyun yelled as he started taking off his pants right there.

It scared Gong Qinyin so much she nearly fell off her mount.

"Leave!" Gong Qinyin said to the snow lion. Hearing the command, the snow lion stopped advancing and turned to leave.

After a while, Gong Qinyin's voice rang out from afar, "Xiang Shaoyun, I will kill you sooner or later!"

"Haha, sure, sure, come kill me if you can! I am here waiting for you naked at all times!" Xiang Shaoyun laughed heartily. He hadn't actually taken his pants off. He was merely acting out the motions, but surprisingly, he was really able to scare her off with that.

"Ahhh. Stripping is truly an extremely effective divine technique," Xiang Shaoyun gleefully muttered to himself.

At times, the shameless could be invulnerable.

Only then did he notice that numerous pairs of furious eyes were glaring at him.

" guys...stop staring at me like that. I am totally straight and am not interested in guys," Xiang Shaoyun said as he quickly put his clothes back on.

When the crowd heard him, they became even more infuriated.

"Everyone, charge! We will teach him a lesson for humiliating our goddess!" roared someone who finally couldn't hold in his anger anymore. The shout provoked the crowd, and they charged Xiang Shaoyun.

"Hey, hey, come on. We can always talk it out. It is rude to bully others with numbers," Xiang Shaoyun cried out in alarm before fleeing.

With his Overlord's Nine Nether Steps, Xiang Shaoyun was as fast as a late-stage Astral Realm cultivator. Thus, not many people could keep up with him. In any case, those people weren't really trying to kill him. Thus, Xiang Shaoyun safely arrived at his residence shortly after.

"A woman can be scarily powerful, especially a beautiful woman. I really can't afford to provoke one," Xiang Shaoyun muttered as he patted his chest in fear.

Elder Zhen Peng appeared beside him and asked, "Young master, have you encountered some sort of trouble?"

Elder Zhen Peng had been recently focused on training the battle technique Xiang Shaoyun had given him. Thus, he wasn’t sticking to Xiang Shaoyun all the time while in the Martial Hall Palace.

Xiang Shaoyun waved his hand and said, "I'm good, don't worry. I went to the Martial Palace and got myself injured. That's all. But I've also gotten some nice gains from that place."

"You went to the Martial Palace?" Elder Zhen Peng cried out in astonishment. He continued, "True, the Battle of Towns is starting soon. You are heroic and talented. It is only natural for the palace master to open the Martial Palace for you. Looks like you have profited from this trip, young master."

"Only a little bit. Nothing worth mentioning. I'm going into a short seclusion now. Find me a place where lightning congregates. I need it for something," Xiang Shaoyun said before heading into his private cultivation room.

This time, he planned to consolidate his new gains from the Martial Palace and to further comprehend the essences of what he learned from the inheritance intents. The gust of wind he gained signified speed, and it could help him improve his mastery over the Overlord's Nine Nether Steps by at least 30 percent.

The Overlord's Nine Nether Steps was top-tier footwork, and he had only mastered a tiny part of it. So far, he had yet to touch upon the essence of the technique. Wind had always represented speed, and footwork techniques had always focused on speed as well. Thus, by combining the two, he would be able to further increase his speed.

Xiang Shaoyun started meditating on the gust of wind, sensing the shapelessness, quickness, and destructiveness of the wind. Slowly, he increased his understanding of wind, until he eventually fully comprehended this gust of wind.

Abruptly, he stood up and started walking around the room with mystical footwork. One step, two steps, three steps...the more he walked, the faster he became, until eventually only numerous afterimages could be seen in the room.

After a long while, he stopped. A faint smile formed on his face as he muttered, "Not bad. So long as one manages to capture the inheritance intent, one can easily comprehend what's in it. Now, I can unleash 30 percent of its might. After entering the Transformation Realm in the future, with the solidified astral energy, I will be able to unleash 70 percent of its might. And after entering the King Realm, I will be able to gain even more comprehension of the power of wind."

Xiang Shaoyun then calmed his mind and started meditating on the other inheritance intent, the one with an incomparable tenacity. It was an amazing feat to step into the King Realm with only an average talent in cultivation.

In Xiang Shaoyun's mind, scenes of the King Realm cultivator continuing to fight in spite of all setbacks appeared. He watched on as the cultivator, with an unyielding spirit that everyone should learn from, worked harder than everyone else.

As the saying goes, not one King Realm was reached through fluke.

So long as one was willing to put in the work, anything was possible. Xiang Shaoyun understood that he was still not cultivating hard enough. If he could cultivate as hard as that cultivator, he would be able to reach an even higher height.

At this thought, he vowed to work even harder from now on. Finally, he took out the saber from his astral cosmos sea. He studied the saber meticulously before noticing that the words "Overlord Skyslaying Saber" were carved on it.

"What a fine Overlord Skyslaying Saber! Is this the weapon of a peak King Realm cultivator? No, that's not likely." Xiang Shaoyun stroked the uneven surface of the saber as he muttered to himself. 

Even though this saber was now a badly damaged saber, he had a clear sensation that this would be the saber in which he battled the world in the future. When he dripped a drop of blood on the saber, the saber started transforming.

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