Chapter 98: Growing Without Restraint

I Am Overlord

The King Realm was also known as the Skysoar Realm. As the name implied, cultivators at this realm could soar through the sky to overlook the world below. At present, an unknown King Realm cultivator was flying toward the lightning condor who was in the midst of a breakthrough. The cultivator moved as fast as lightning, and in the blink of an eye, he pierced through the defensive network formed by the lightning condors.

The inner layer of the defensive network was guarded by Great Demon condors. They were not Kings, but since they were currently up in the air, the condors still held superiority over humans. When they noticed the enemy attack, they shrieked and started attacking the enemy.

These lightning condors were all spitting lightning bolts, and when they attacked together, they filled the sky with a thick lightning energy. Their attacks coupled with the natural lightning bolts coming from the sky above created an environment even King Realm cultivators would find it hard to survive.

But the attacking King Realm cultivator was obviously no pushover. His purple spear danced in the air, striking one condor after another as he continued on toward the lightning condor in the midst of breakthrough.

Unfortunately, too many lightning condors were fearlessly blocking his way without heed for their own lives. His advance slowed down while the breakthrough was getting nearer and nearer to completion.

"Elder Zhen Peng, give me the lightning strike wood and fly me over! Senior brother, do as you see fit," Xiang Shaoyun said decisively.

Elder Zhen Peng did not hesitate and immediately handed Xiang Shaoyun the lightning strike wood before lifting him and flying straight toward the place where lightning congregated. Mustering his full strength, Elder Zhen Peng flew at top speed. In the span of a few breaths, he started approaching the location. As the lightning condors were busy fighting the King Realm cultivator, he easily bypassed the defensive network.

"Who is trying to spoil the Young Lightning King's plan?" a voice rang out.

Next, two figures shot over from a different direction and blocked the path of Elder Zhen Peng and Xiang Shaoyun.

"We are only here to borrow a bit of the lightning power here. I hope you can allow us passage." Elder Zhen Peng did not know the two before him, but since they were both King Realm cultivators as well, he decided to not charge through with force.

"Piss off right this moment. The Young Lightning King is going to make the lightning condor king his mount. None of you can approach. Obey or die!" shouted one of them.

Elder Zhen Peng was about to reply when Xiang Shaoyun spoke, "Cut the crap. If they refuse to move aside, charge through them."

Xiang Shaoyun was already losing his patience as a sense of thirst was spreading out of his lightning bone, causing him to nearly lose his mind. After hearing Xiang Shaoyun's command, Elder Zhen Peng charged over without even pausing to consider it. 

The two immediately moved; their kingly aura surged out as they attacked Elder Zhen Peng and Xiang Shaoyun. Without a second thought, Elder Zhen Peng took out the king weapon given to him by Xiang Shaoyun and slashed at the two.

Fortunately for him, the two were either similar in strength to him or even slightly weaker. Thus, the moment he attacked with his king weapon, the two were forced into retreat. After forcing the two away, Elder Zhen Peng flew away as he did not intend to waste his time with them.

"Bastard! If you somehow affected Young Lightning King's taming process, your entire clan will be exterminated!" the two cultivators cried out in fear behind them. They mustered all their strength and attacked again, sending numerous attacks capable of turning even stones into dust toward Elder Zhen Peng and Xiang Shaoyun.

As for Elder Zhen Peng, he increased his speed and continued flying. Occasionally, he slashed with his weapon. He did not forget to use all his strength to protect Xiang Shaoyun from any sort of harm. But since he had to focus on protecting Xiang Shaoyun, he was unable to fully break free of the two's pursuit.

"Put me down. You will deal with them while I'll go alone." Xiang Shaoyun made a prompt decision. He was clear that while protecting him, Elder Zhen Peng wouldn't be able to fully unleash his strength while battling the two. Thus, he had to first separate himself from Elder Zhen Peng.

Hearing the resolute tone of Xiang Shaoyun, Elder Zhen Peng stopped hesitating. After dodging another attack, he flew down and gently placed Xiang Shaoyun on the ground. Doing so nearly caused an attack to hit him. Fortunately, he was still able to narrowly avoid it. The attack still scraped through his shoulder, however, leaving a wound there.

"You want to fight? Let's do it!" Elder Zhen Peng said. He had yet to have a proper fight after entering the King Realm. Now that there were two opponents as strong as him, his battle intent was ignited. He himself was also very curious as to how powerful his current battle prowess was.

With the king weapon in hand, he unleashed the high-grade battle technique Xiang Shaoyun taught him, pushing his combat prowess to a new height and forcing his two opponents to defend themselves with all their power. They couldn't even split off to deal with Xiang Shaoyun anymore.

Of course, they also regarded Xiang Shaoyun as a normal weak Astral Realm cultivator. Thus, they assumed that Xiang Shaoyun wouldn't be able to pass through the lightning condors and that he would never be a threat to their master's plan.

Because of that, Xiang Shaoyun headed toward the place where lightning congregated unobstructed. He did not want to waste too much time here. There was no saying when the next thunderstorm would come if he missed this one.

He activated his Heaven Conquering Overlord Manual as he streaked forth, leaving numerous afterimages in his wake as he moved at a speed comparable to an eighth- or even ninth-stage Astral Realm cultivator. Before long, several lightning condors dove down at him.

These were the weaker lightning condors in charge of the outer defensive network. They weren't qualified to go inside to protect their king. Using their claws and beaks, they attacked Xiang Shaoyun, their attacks accompanied by light traces of lightning energy that further sharpened their attacks.

Xiang Shaoyun activated his gift of instincts to get a clear look at their flying trajectory before stabbing forth with his Lightning Spear.

"F*ck off!" With a spear in hand, Xiang Shaoyun attacked like a tiger attacking its prey. Numerous spear lights shot straight toward the incoming condors.

Sphhhlt! Sphhhlt!

Xiang Shaoyun had also grown stronger. He was much faster now, and he attacked with great accuracy. After a few stabs, his attacks pierced through all the condors. Blood splattered his face, filling his sense of smell with blood.

He licked some of the blood on his face as he muttered with a resolute expression, "I need to go up there!"

Xiang Shaoyun started running, and like the wind itself, he became faster and faster. He traveled amid the trees; not even the lightning condors could surround him. The condors might be the kings of the sky. But on the ground and amid the dense trees, they were greatly disadvantaged.

Xiang Shaoyun kept dodging the condors as he approached his target. Above him, numerous lightning condors were still battling the Young Lightning King. The Young Lightning King was rather overbearing as well, as he was able to charge all the way to the lightning condor king's side to subdue the condor king. Because of that, the pressure the condors placed on Xiang Shaoyun lessened considerably.

"I can't keep on advancing or I will encounter Great Demons," Xiang Shaoyun muttered as he started climbing a tree.

Right this moment, a bolt of lightning streaked across the air toward him.

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