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I Reincarnated For Nothing

Chapter 112 - Stagnant Water Puddle (5)

‘Hah.  Should I kill her or not…...’

Artpe always thought about his previous life as his previous life, and he thought about his current life as his current life.  In his past life, Artpe was one of the Four Heavenly Kings in the Demon King’s army, but that was history to him.  There was no guarantee that what happened in his past life would occur in his present life.

In his past life, Silpennon had put a dagger through Artpe’s heart, yet he had a decent relationship with Silpennon in his current life.  If he had kept his personal grudge about his past life, Silpennon wouldn’t have grown to be a thief that was over level 200.  Artpe would have buried him in the mountains of Diaz.  Silpennon would have slept the eternal sleep.  


“Hero-nim, why are you looking at me like that? Ah ah.  Perhaps…..”

However, he was faced with the holy priestess right now, and she was truly happy when he showed interest in her.  Should he really treat her in the same way as Silpennon?  Should he do this despite the fact that she was a psychotic bitch, who had turned herself into a Demon in an attempt to get with a man?

When he sussed out the whole situation, this woman looked scarier to him.  If there was some monumental reason behind her actions, it would have been understandable.   However, she had caused trouble that was based 100% on blind love!

“No, it is nothing.  I just have something I want to tell you.”

“I still have hope!  Aht.  Ah.  It is nothing.”

She wasn’t that old, yet the holy priestess Vadinet was thinking about marriage.  Artpe was truly perplexed by it.  In fact, he wondered if she would believe his words even if he told her the truth.

‘Will it be possible to rehabilitate her······.’

This wasn’t a problem about cause and effect.  This problem was entirely rooted in her personality.  Even if he brought her in as a party member after averting the disaster, the inherent unstable factor remained.  This was the reason why Artpe was worried.  He could see the possible desire and lack of control hidden behind her smile!

If the reason for her corruption really stemmed from ‘men’, he would be able to solve the problem.  It might be possible for him to eliminate any discord.  He could turn this woman over to Silpennon.  He just had to makes her accept the fact that the holy priestess didn’t have to have relationship with the hero!  It was all bullshit!

‘That’s right.  If I can cleanly hand her over to Silpennon…..’

This was his last problem.

In his past life, Silpennon loved Maetel.  The current Silpennon was…   Artpe had no idea.  Silpennon probably held a lot of interest towards Maetel.  Artpe couldn’t forget the fact that the young Silpennon had fallen for Maetel at first sight.

‘However, I immediately separated the two of them.  Moreover, Silpennon is dependent on me in terms of materialistic and emotional support.  This is why he’ll take a step back.  The only problem that still remains is the fact that I didn't know if he’ll accept the holy priestess.······.’

Oh well!  Since Silpennon will become a king of a nation, he could probably take in a wife or two!  Since Silpennon didn’t know about the disaster caused by Vadinet in their past lives, he would see Vadinet as a beautiful girl.  He might become interested in her innocent charm.  There was a chance that Silpennon might like her!

“Heeng.  Artpehhhhh.”

“Ah.  She really needs a lot of work.”


Afterwards, the party satisfactorily ended the parade.  They entered into the Zero Class area.  In that moment, Artpe did something he had assured Silpennon he could do.  He created a byway that would allow Silpennon to enter into the Zero Class!

‘There is something more important you have to steal, Silpennon!  Please do well!’

Artpe didn’t even blink as he passed on the bothersome task to Silpennon.

The party had arrived at the Zero Class area very late.  This was why the meeting with the pope was pushed to the next day.  They were guided to their accommodations.  There were no priests or disciples in this facility.  The holy priestess, Artpe and Maetel were the only ones walking down the silent hallway.

“In truth, it isn’t as if we don’t have those that wait on us.  However, they are only allowed in at times that wouldn’t interfere with the lives of the high rank priests.  Everyone that works in this region are chosen from the daughters of the high rank priests.  They were handpicked and trained.”

“They volunteered themselves for such a troublesome role.  They are very devout to the gods.”

“Everyone wants to lift the name of the gods, and we are all doing it for the heroes.  I’m sure all of them will be thrilled to know that hero-nim will be residing here.”

They stopped walking down the hallway when they reached a small wooden door.  There was a carefully made oval door plate placed on the door.  There was the word, ‘Yes’, written in red letters.  He didn’t ask what the ‘Yes’ was referring to.

“This is my room.”

“Yes.  I already know that.”

“It seems you knew this in advance.  Oh my…..”

The holy priestess was making a big deal out of nothing, yet she looked happy.  In some ways, she looked similar to Maetel at that moment.  


It was actually a discourtesy towards Maetel for him to make such a comparison, so he dropped the thought.

“This place is Artpe-nim’s room.  Maetel-nim just has to go down a little bit more for her room.”

Artpe’s room was very close to Vadinet’s room.  They looked towards Maetel’s room.  However, the distance to Maetel’s room wasn’t small at all.  The layout of the rooms were too transparent in its intention!

Artpe had a feeling as to who had a hand in assigning the rooms.  Maetel had been very patient, because she had sinned against Artpe.  However, she was slowly reaching a boiling point.

“Artpe will sleep with me.”

She could no longer hold herself back.  In the end, Maetel opened her mouth.  Vadinet giggled as she gave a retort,

“It might have been possible when both of you were younger, but you can’t do that now.  Maetel-nim’s room is over there…...”


Maetel put on a soft smile as she tugged Artpe’s arm towards her.  She clung tight to his arm.

“Artpe will sleep with me..”


Vadinet and Maetel fought fiercely with their eyes.  However, in the middle of the battle, Artpe flicked Maetel on her forehead.


“This dork’s thought level is that of a child, Vadinet.  We really are just sleeping in the same room, so please don’t have weirds thoughts about us.”

“W...weird thoughts!  I’m not called the holy priestess for nothing.  I just didn’t want something profane happening between minors.  Moreover, hero-nim is······.”

“That is why you can rest easy.  I’m going to Maetel’s room.  I’ll see you in the morning.”


Vadinet was making strange noises. 

It was urgent for him to get Silpennon!  

If things continued along this path, Artpe might really get eaten by this woman.  As he had such thoughts, he quickly dragged Maetel towards her room.  He opened the door.  They entered through the door and he locked the door.  He was barely able to relax after doing all of this.

“Huh-uhk, huh-uhk…..  I’ve never experienced a woman so young throw herself at me with such thirst.”

“Wow, Artpe.  Look at my room.”

“Huh?  Ah······ I see.  It’s pretty.”

He had worried that Vadinet had done something weird to Maetel’s room.  Fortunately, this room wasn’t under the domain of Vadinet.  The room was very clean, and it was beautifully decorated.  The room possessed a large and soft bed.  It was a luxury that Maetel had never experienced before.

“The blanket is very cozy!  Let’s quickly wash then sleep!”

“Yes, let’s do that. You should wash first”

“Let’s wash togeth-ahhhk.”

Maetel was quite awkward as she attempted to seduce Artpe.  She received a flick on her forehead, and she was chased into the bathroom.

“Hoo-ooh.  Shall I do this now?”

He was barely able to find a calmness in his surrounding.  First, he sat on the chair placed in front of the dressing table.  He was thorough in checking for surveillance and interference type magic spells.  Then he placed a sound dampening barrier and anti-intrusion spell around him.  He finally took out the communication device.


[Hey, I really was able to sneak in.  What did you do?  It was as if the barrier was waiting for me.  A very small region of the barrier opened for me.  Of course, Leseti and Deyus are moving separately from me.]

As expected, Silpennon had significant talent for this type of work.  Artpe had a satisfied smile on his face as he gave his next order.

“I’ll tell you the location of our lodgings.  My room is empty, so you should use that one.”

[Won’t I be find out?]

“With your skills, you won’t be caught by the servants.  Even if you are found, it is just one person…..  In truth, it would be great if you were found out by her.”

[What did you just say?]

Artpe spoke with a very serious voice.

“Would you like to seduce a particular woman for the sake of saving a country?”

[······are you perhaps thinking about letting go of Maetel?]

“I won’t give let you have Maetel, you idiot.”

He had unintentionally spat out some embarrassing words.  He was very nervous about the fact that Maetel might have heard his voice from the bathroom.  Fortunately, there was no reaction.

This was all thanks to Silpennon, who had spoke such idiotic words!  He had taken on the occupation of thief, and now he spoke like a worthless thief that worked in a back alley!

[Ah.  Then what are you talking about!]

“There is a very beautiful holy priestess named Vadinet here.”

[If she is a very beautiful holy priestess, why don’t you seduce her?]

“She doesn’t get along with Maetel.  If I seduced her, there will be a war.  Moreover, that woman doesn’t really like me.”

He was telling the truth.  From the moment she saw him, she had tried to look appealing to Artpe.  However, she was doing this, because she believed that she had to be matched up with a hero.  That was the only reason.  She didn't have any special emotions towards him.  At the very least, it looked like that from Artpe’s perspective.  

Moreover, she had been in love with Silpennon in their past lives.  There was a clear difference.  If Vadient had the choice of choosing her love interest between the two of them, she would most definitely choose Silpennon!

[Still, I’m having a hard time trusting you…..]

“You are the only one, Silpennon.  This woman is directly involved with the corrupted faction within the temple.  We have to either root them out or this whole country will rot.  This all hinges on that woman.”

[Eh-eeeee.  This is supposed to be a holy nation!  Why are they like this!]

That was what Artpe wanted to say too.  Silpennon anguished over it before he decided Artpe was telling the truth.  In the end, he nodded his head.

[I’ll look into it first.  I’ll be taking on the role of an intruder, so I have no idea how I’ll seduce her…...]

“I’ll create a manual for you.  You can relax and seduce her!”

[If I meet you again, I want to strike you full in the face.]

“Let’s talk again after we meet.  Ah.  Of course, you have to make sure to steal everything else.”

[You are working me really hard.  I’m ending the call.  I have to move now.]

“All right.  You should contact me after you infiltrate my room.  I’ll bring my manual to  you.”

[Quit  it, you asshole!]

Artpe ended the call with Silpennon, then he took out a pen and paper.  He wondered if he should go this far in doing this, but he decided to temporarily suspend such thoughts.  He knew Vadinet’s personality and Silpennon’s abilities.  Artpe would use his power to create a manual that’ll work 100% on her!

“Artpe, I’m done washing.”

“Ah······ Mmmm.”

Maetel opened the door to bathroom.  She came out when Artpe was focused on making the manual.

“This place has better facilities than Aedia.”

“All waste is purified using holy magic….  Anyways, you should put on some clothes.”


Maetel was covering her body with a bath towel.  It was a wonder that she was able to pull it off at such an age, but she couldn’t hide the luscious line of her body.  Moreover, her cheeks were flushed right now, and it accentuated her allure.   Even Artpe was affected by her dizzying sensual charm, so he desperately turned his gaze away.

“Now that I think about it, it has been awhile since only the two of us slept together, right?”

“I guess so.  I’m going to go wash.”

“All right!  Ah. You know what, Artpe?”

Maetel asked her question in a nonchalant manner.

“Artpe said my mind is child-like?”

“......w….what about it?”

“You said we are just going to sleep.  Does that mean we can do something other than sleeping?”


In that moment, Artpe encountered the biggest crisis of his life.

“Also, Vadinet talked about something profane happening between a man and a woman.  What was she talking about?  Huh?”

“T...that is….   You’ll find out once you are an adult.”

“I’m not an adult yet?”

As she asked the question, Maetel looked down as she tried to check her own body.  Artpe suddenly stood up, and he quickly walked towards the bathroom.  As he did so, he made a request towards Maetel.

“Be patient, Maetel.  Don’t pull off your towel right now.  You should get into your pajamas while I go into the bathroom.  All right?”

“Artpehhhh~  Please tell me about it.  Huh?  Huh?”

“It is too early!  I’ll tell you when you become an adult!”

“When will I become an adult!  Huh?”

Before Maetel could chase after him, Artpe desperately closed the door to the bathroom.  Cold sweat appeared on his back.

‘This is a problem.’

It was said that the enemy within was the scariest.  Those words described his situation to a T.  Currently, Maetel was the scariest!  She was scarier than the Demon King’s army and Vadinet!

“Artpe, you’ll tell me when you come out?  Huh?”

“You should sleep first!”

“You are too much!”

Artpe was tormented.  He wondered how he would convince Maetel to sleep with him without ‘sleeping’ with him.

On that night, Artpe was fortunate.  Maetel kept pressing him for answers, but he was successful in putting her to sleep first.  

Also, Silpennon was successful in infiltrating into Artpe’s quarters without being caught.

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