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I Reincarnated For Nothing

Chapter 124 - Double Crisis (5)

It was found out that the weakest amongst the Four Heavenly Kings had worn the mask of the pope.  The Four Heavenly King was killed the very night he was found out.  He was killed by the heroes and the holy priestess.  

No one in Lihazeta could sleep that night

From out of nowhere, the pope had acted like a villain, and he had taken a maid as a hostage.  The pope had faced off against the heroes, and the people definitely saw the pope transform into a Demon.  It was such a bizarre scene that a play might have been more believable than this. It felt as if they were having an out of the body experience.  

As they were following the story occurring within the footage, they could hear and see the commotion that was occurring within the Zero Class.  They saw light and Demonic energy emanate from the Zero class, so they knew all of this wasn’t a hoax.

It was truly fortunate that the sight of Aria becoming the 2nd holy priestess hadn’t been revealed through the footage.  If that truth had been revealed, Artpe would have been able to work with it.  However, he preferred not to have that truth be common knowledge.

[It really is rude to call someone this early in the morning.  It is quite rude.  If it wasn’t Artpe-nim, I wouldn’t have answered…..]

“It is still night over here, so let’s consider it to be even.  I want you to contact your merchant association.  I’ve attached images that is newsworthy.  I want you to spread it across the continent.”

[What is it?]

“We easily defeated the Four Heavenly king, who had been masquerading as the pope.”


“It’s big news, right?”

[······you are killing me.  I’ll send an executive.  Please give us exclusive rights to the story!]

From the moment he entered Paladia, he had planned on overturning the temple.  This was why Artpe’s subsequent actions were truly swift.

However, the most urgent task right now was to settle down the people of Lihazeta by telling them the truth.  Then they had to settle down Paladia.  Lastly, he had to inform the people of this continent that a Demon had infiltrated the inner temple.  The news of the hero’s appearance had been spread not too long ago, and the people of the continent were still in a state of bewilderment.  This news would properly arouse their attention to the presence of the Demons.

The dam that had  been surrounding the Zero Class had been brought down.  The rotten water, which had accumulated within, would be revealed to the world.  There was clear evidence that showed the corruption that had festered within the temple.  It would show the presence of the Demon King’s army on this continent.  This proof would be shown to all humans residing in Lihazeta, Paladia and the whole continent.

Artpe contacted Leseti and Deyus.  He dumped the responsibility of settling down Lihazeta to them.  Then he asked Mycenae to spread the news to the whole continent.

Afterwards, he took Maetel and Vadinet to the Zero Class.  They were going to take care of the priests that were gathering within the Zero Class.

“ god.  The pope really fell to the Four Heavenly King…..”

“Aria!  My daughter!  Hero-nim, is my daughter safe!?”

“Look at these logs!  My god!  I never expected this to happen within the Zero Class…..”

“Ah.  That guy is rotten.”

“Ok.  Here is your punishment.”


The pope, who had been their biggest enemy, was gone now.  This was why Artpe didn’t have to hesitate any more.  Artpe and Vadinet met out punishment to everyone that was related to the ‘rotten water’ within the Zero Class.  Only the innocent were left alive.

The hero and the holy priestess had carried out an execution of blood and iron! 

The priests shuddered when they saw the hill made out of the corpses of the corrupted priests.

“You are truly cool-head and bold.  It seems Artpe-nim had covered up his true nature in order to fix what is wrong within the temple!”

“His judgement and patience….  He lacks nothing.”

“This generation’s hero is the strongest we’ve ever had.  He killed a Four Heavenly King before he crossed over to the Demon realm.!”

In truth, the hero from his previous life had accomplished this too. At the time, there had been one incident that had gone against the Demon King’s recipe.  Instead of the weakest amongst the Four Heavenly King dying, the 3rd strongest Four Heavenly had died first.

At that time, the variable was the holy priestess.  She had mastery over the magic circle, and she had been aware of what was going on within the temple….. 

The past hero’s mistake was her inability to control the holy priestess.  This was why she had lost the holy priestess after killing the Four Heavenly King.

‘However, I was successful in correcting that mistake.  I killed the Four Heavenly King as planned, and Vadinet is……  Things hadn’t turned out as planned, but I was successful in acquiring her as a firm ally.  If I can point to one problem….’

It was the fact that a second holy priestess had been born in Aria.  When Artpe thought about this, his head hurt. It was unbearable.

In truth, he had this suspicion in the past.  He had met the Demon Teana, who hadn’t been under the effects of the Demon King’s Innate ability called Absolute Control.  He also felt something was out of whack when Etna mentioned that there were two more Four Heavenly Kings above her.  

He became sure of it when the 2nd holy priestess came into being.

There probably was two Demon Kings in the Demonic realm.


He experienced it for 200 years in his past life.  Fate was like that.  He was sure fate was capable of twisting history in such a manner!  He had planned on quickly killing the Demon King, so he could pursue a business in the dairy industry.  He despaired when he realized that he had to climb two hills.

“What’s wrong, hero-nim?”

“Hoo.  It’s nothing….  What about the people?  Is everyone gathered here?”

“I believe all the priests within Lihazeta is gathered here.”

When Artpe destroyed the entire Zero Class, an open space had been created.   Priests filled  this open space.  Artpe nodded his head as he looked at them.

In one corner, he saw Deyus and Leseti.  They were using the Image Transmission Artifact to record the scene.  In another corner, an executive dispatched by the Anywhere company was holding up the same Artifact.

It took an enormous amount of money and magical energy to set up the Image Transmission system across continents, but the current issue was too big to ignore.  This was why everyone involved had taken the hit of the cost in implementing the system.  

“First, I want everyone to focus your attention here.”

Artpe took out the corpse of the Four Heavenly King Jeriet from his Dimensional Pouch.  His transformation ability was no longer being maintained, so the corpse stank of Demonic energy.  However, he was still wearing the Artifacts given to the pope.  The sight was truly ironic.


“No.  At the very least, we still need to preserve the evidence that the Four Heavenly King was here.”


Roa saw the leftover Demonic energy within the corpse, so she was smacking her lips.  However, she firmly pressed down on her desire.  When Vadinet saw this, she realized something for the first time.

“I see.  She isn’t a normal cat.  She is a cat that consumes all Demonic energy…..  She really is the ideal pet for a hero.  I can think of no other being that is suited for that role.”

[Nyaa nyaa-ah.]

“What did she just say?”

“She said you are pretty.”

“······hoo-hooht.  Thank you.”

In truth, Roa’s words were more nuanced than that.

She said, ‘You smell really rotten, yet you aren’t related to the Demonic energy?  Fascinating.’  However, Artpe didn’t tell her what Roa had said for Vadinet’s sake.  She was finally a holy priestess that was filled with love.  He didn’t want to watch her turn dark again.

He turned to look at the priests, who were focused on the corpse of the Four Heavenly King.

“You guys saw all of it, right? I’m sure you saw the images that was illuminated above the city at night.  I won’t question you all as to whether you believe all of this is true or not.  The proof is all here.  Moreover, I’m trying to spread this truth to Lihazeta and the whole continent.”

Artpe picked up the corpse of the Four Heavenly King.  The evil looking corpse was wearing the holy garments of the pope.  This sight was clearly recorded by the Image Transmission Artifact.

“The temple’s Zero Class was formed to help the hero defeat the Demon King’s army, yet a Four Heavenly King turned priests into followers of the Demonic god.  He did this under the guise of the pope.  Those that were supposed to bless the hero tried to kill the hero instead.  I received help from the holy priestess Vadinet and my comrades to unearth this conspiracy…..”

Of course, he was spouting bullshit.

“We killed the Four Heavenly King, who had been trying to summon a magical beast in order to kill us.  In this process, the magic circle within the Zero Class and the entirety of Lihazeta was incapacitated.  It is truly unfortunate since we lost a strong card that would have allowed us to stand against the Demon King’s army.  However, it is also true that uncontrollable power is more dangerous than an unknown enemy.   Several hundred years of history was lost, but as a result, we were able to catch one of the Four Heavenly Kings.  From this point on, I’ll continue to catch and kill those that are rotten within the temple.  I will put us back onto the right path.”


“Hero-nim!  Please look this way!”

It seemed Artpe was suited to become a religious leader instead of a hero!  He gave an eloquent speech!  He nodded in satisfaction when he saw the priests go wild.

“Good.  This is quite easy since they are all idiots.”

“Artpe, you should try to hide inner thoughts.”

He hadn’t stepped forward, because he just wanted to inform the priests of the truth.  That was only part of the reason why he did so.  He wanted the presence of the heroes engraved into the minds of the people all over this continent.  He wanted to show them concrete proof that they had killed one of the Four Heavenly King.  No country would be able to treat them lightly any more.

······lastly, he wanted to lay down the gauntlet to the Demons that were hiding all over this continent.  He would bring the fight to them.

“Artpe-nim is giving a speech in front of all these people.  His eyes are shining, and his powerful voice…..  Hoo-oohk hoo-oohk.”

“Ooh.  I really want to kill her.”

[Nyaa-ah-ah nyaa-ah.]

Afterwards, Artpe took out all the information gathered by Silpennon and Aria.  He revealed all the corruption that had occurred within the temple.  During this process, Artpe did something he had done within Aedia.  There were worshippers of the Demonic god that were trying to hide amongst the priests.  They were doing a poor job of it.  Of course, he was decisive as he decapitated all of them.

“The hero knows everything.”

“The hero-nim knows everything!”

This was how the mess in Lihazeta was clearly resolved.  Paldia became busy as they tried to choose the new pope.  Since the Zero Class was destroyed by Artpe, it was decided that they would build a new temple and housing on top of the ruins.  This time all priests would have access to this location. 

Now there was only one thing left that Artpe had to take care within the temple.  

After he turned back everyone, he settled into his newly acquired lodging.  Then he brought in Lihazeta’s archbishop. He had been anxiously searching for his daughter.  Artpe called him into his room.

“Hero-nim, is my daughter safe?”

“If you are talking about Aria Kuar Serieta, she is safe.”


He let out a bitter laughter when he saw the archbishop let out tears of relief.  He continued to speak.

“However, she will no longer be able to work as a maid.  Of course, it will also be difficult for her to work as a priestess in the main temple of Lihazeta.  I’ve decided to accept her into my party.”

“Oh my.  What an absolute honor…..   However, my child is still very weak.”

“However, she is special.  You probably knew about this, right?”

At his words, the archbishop meekly nodded his head.

“She truly is special.  However, it isn’t as if her level can be raised in an instant…...”

“That’ll be take all taken care of by us.  I want the knowledge of Aria being in our party to be a secret.  Moreover….  You cannot tell anyone about her Class.”

“Aria’s Class······?”

Artpe didn’t say anything as he pushed a Soul Contract towards the archbishop.  It was fresh off the press from the Anywhere company.  He received it early in the morning.  On another note, he had received a signature from Vadinet.  He received her promise that she wouldn’t do as she pleased from now on.  It was an attempt to stop her from going bad.  For some reason, Vadinet became hot and bothered when she signed the contract.  He didn’t want to think too deeply on that.

“You shoud sign this first.”


When the archbiship finished placing his signature on the contract, Artpe flicked his finger.

From the beginning, Aria had been waiting inside the room.  Aria meekly revealed herself.





Aria let out a sheepish laughter.  Afterwards, a halo appeared behind her.  The archbishop was at a loss for words.  Of course, he knew which Class had been acquired by her daughter.

After all the disturbance was put to rest, the hero’s party left Lihazeta without any regret. 

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