Chapter 147 - Connection (7) NaughtyOtter's Thoughts

I Reincarnated For Nothing

Chapter 147 - Connection (7)

In the end, they didn’t reveal themselves to the villagers.  They once again returned to the Dwarves.  It felt as if not a lot of time had passed, but the promised time of four hours had passed.

“Welcome!  We chose items that we thought might help the heroes!  We finished processing the items, so they are suited for your needs!  Please come and have a look!”

The Dwarves held all kinds of auxiliary items in their arms as they waited for the heroes.  The Dwarves looked very pleased with themselves.

“If you inject Mana into this item, tens of thousand fragments will scatter to attack the enemies….”

“That’s a Shrapnel.  I heard it is very difficult to make even one of them.  I’ve never seen one for real.”

“ know about the Shrapnel.  As expected, a hero’s knowledge is quite profound.  This is the next item.  This is....”

“When Mana is injected, the Mana is inflated in a fake display to look menacing.  It is called the Mana Display, and it is used when one wants to run away from monsters.”

“Do you perhaps know about this one too?”

“That’s amazing.  That’s the Expandable Temporary Rampart.  I never expected Dwarves to be able to use Dimensional Compression magic on metal to recreate….”


The Dwarves were taken aback when Artpe recognized all the items they brought out.  Artpe became dazed when he was faced with items that were only mentioned in legends.

Of course, he had given the Dwarves all the raw materials he had gathered from the monsters they had killed(This included the parts from the Ancient Kraken).  However, such items couldn’t be produced without great skill even if one had the best materials.

“Since you know everything, we won’t go out of your way to explain what these items are.  If you don’t know something, you can ask us.”

“No.  I have a rough idea on how to use these items.  These items will be really helpful to us.”

There were items that momentarily amplified one’s Mana, and there were consumable Artifacts capable of blocking spells of each type of element.  He used his Read All Creation ability to look over the structure of the items, yet he had no idea how they were made.  It seemed he wasn’t able to see everything in this world yet.

“This is something we made.  It is called the Steel Horse.  If you charge it with Mana, it can move at a speed comparable to a swift horse.  The speed changes depending on the quality of Mana that is injected, so you should have no complaints on how fast it can move.  When you aren’t using it, you can put it into your Dimensional Pouch.  It is very convenient to use.”

“It seems you guys saved the best for last?”

It was called a Steel Horse, but the last item bought out by the Dwarves was a magic tool that could be ridden.  Instead of a horse, it looked more like a diamond-shaped box.  

It could fit around 10 people.  It was quite spacious.  The engine activated when it reacted with Mana.  The engine provided power to several dozen wheels.  There was also a sensor that received the will of the driver, and it could change the direction of the wheels.  It was something marvelous that had never been seen before.


“Yes, I know you can carry us now.”

Roa reacted sensitively to the presence of the strange Steel Horse.

It seemed she had been worried that the only thing she was capable of doing was to eat Demonic energy.  When she cleared the Abyss, she had gained the ability to expand the size of her body.  At the time, she had meowed in pride at her new ability to carry around the party.

However, as soon as she gained this ability, something that threatened her position had mad its appearance!

“It is better to use a tool when it is available.  You can conserve your strength, and we’ll use your power when we really need it.”

[Nyaa-ah, nyaa-nyaa?]

“Yes, yes.  I’ll give you lots of it.”

As if to comfort Roa, he let her hold the Evil Heart in her mouth.  When he turned around, he gave his thanks to the Dwarves.

“I will use it well.”

“When the other hero party gets here, we’ll give them the same items.”

“Thank you very much.”

He had already messaged Silpennon to visit the Dwarves when possible to upgrade their gears.  Artpe gave a satisfied nod when the Dwarves gave a definite answer.  He turned around.

“All right.  Let’s go.”

“Elrick, I wish you the best!  I hope you achieve what you desire!”

“Believe in me!  I’ll make sure the monsters of the Demon King never reaches you guys!”

A little bit of time was wasted as Elrick and the Dwarves said their goodbyes to each other.  Artpe watched it all with a small smile on his face.  The Dwarves were excellent warriors and blacksmiths, and they were on his side.  He could use them with Elrick as an intermediary.  Of course, he was smiling!

“Artpe, you just had an evil thought.”

“Maetel, you are cute.”

“Artpe is cool! ······huh?”

“You actually fell for that…..”

“All right. Drive!”

There were a total of six party members now including Artpe.  He drove the Steel Horse with them inside.

They had unintentionally come back to Diaz, but they were able to move at incredible speed now.  Moreover, the Steel Horse never tired!

On top of that, they possessed the right to use the Warp Gates of Paladia, which was placed all over the continent.  This was why he didn’t expect the journey to Zestbar to be perilous.

“Zestbar?  I think I’ve heard a rumor about that place before.  I thought humans can’t live in that environment?”

After departing with the hero’s party, Elrick was finally told about their destination.  He was shocked when he heard the information, so he asked Artpe a question.  The cute young man was tilting his head in puzzlement within his armor.  It was a very cute sight, but Artpe was cold as he squashed Elrick’s question.

“Who amongst us can be called a normal human?”

“ have a point, but…..”

Elrick was someone that was cursed not to grow, and he was wearing a suit of armor that was much bigger than his body.  On the other hand, he might be the most normal one here.  The party members were that special.  There were the two heroes and the holy priestess.  Then there was the pretty yet eccentric magician.  He couldn’t feel sense her presence.

The most normal looking member was Sienna, but her eyes and hairs let out light sometimes.  She wasn’t normal either.

“It is known that there is no Dungeons in Zestbar.  Of course, it is a dangerous location that humans and Demons are reluctant to enter.  Basically, the monsters that resides there are extremely strong.”

“Artpe is going to that knowing this, because….”

“That’s right.  There is a ruin there.  Do I really have to go through the hassle of telling you how strong the monsters are in this ruin?”


“Basically, it is a place where we can raise our level before we head into the Demon world.  It is the land of our last opportunity.”

It was the most dangerous location in the human realm, yet Artpe had wrapped in such an attractive packaging!  However, the truth was the truth, so Elrick couldn’t dispute Artpe’s words!  Elrick was baffled, so he kept his mouth shut.  Artpe grinned when he saw this.

As expected, the Steel Horse was incredibly fast.  It hadn’t been that long since they’ve left the Dwarves, yet the first available Warp Gate could be seen.

The problem was the fact that they had to cross an extremely steep cliff before they could reach the hill with the Warp Gate.  Elrick saw the steep cliff around the same time as Artpe.  He yelled out in fright.

“No way.  Are you planning on just charging forward like this!?”

“That’s right!”

“Oooh-ahhhhhh!  This is crazy!  I want to get off of this!”

Was it just a feeling?  After being freed from the curse of the armor, the solemness around Elrick was gone.  His current behavior was well-matched with his appearance now.  It wasn’t a bad thing.  It made it enjoyable to make fun of him.

“Did you forget that you are with two magicians?”



“Oh, wind hear me.”

Before they fell off the cliff, Artpe let out a short cantrip.  The Steel Horse floated into the air.  Regina controlled the wind to push the Steel Horse.  The Steel Horse didn’t lose any speed as it raced across the air.  It landed on the hill on the other side.


“This was fun, Artpe!  Let’s do it again!  Again!”

“Artpe-nim!  No!  Please spare me!  Please!”

The Steel Horse had a soft landing as it ran on solid ground again.  The party was split into two.  There was the Replay sect led by Maetel.  Then there was the Please Spare Me sect led by Vadinet.  

He thought about reversing the Steel Horse to do as Maetel wanted.  However, Vadinet and Elrick looked at Artpe with unshed tears in their eyes.  Artpe decided to just go forward.  It took them a minute to reach the first Warp Gate.

“We are here!”

“How come I’m so exhausted?  We haven’t even fought any monsters yet….”

“The fact that you are having such thoughts means you’ve successfully become a member of our party!  In reality, the fights against monsters and Demons are nothing!  You can be at ease!”

“There is no way in hell that I can be at ease!”

It was a sight that couldn’t be seen between the previous life’s hero and warrior.  Artpe snickered as he exited the Steel Horse with his party members.  He decided to let Vadinet activate the Warp Gate.  

“We just have to cross it now, Artpe-nim.  We have to go through seven Warp Gates to reach the shores of Zestbar, so we have to hurry.”

“Thank you, Vadinet.  Well….   Let’s go, Maetel.”



They would be leaving Diaz now.  Before they went into the Warp Gate that lead to the ocean, Maetel suddenly turned her head to look behind.

There was a small village located at the foot of the hill where the Warp Gate resided.  She could see the citizens of Diaz.  It look exactly like their home village, which they had left.  Finally, Artpe realized that he had been insensitive to Maetel.

“As expected, would it have been better if we met everyone?”

“No.  Our fate was cut off from them, so it is best to leave it severed.  My hands are full just by trying to protect what is in my hands.”

Maetel shook her head as she said those words.  She continued to speak in a small voice.

“I just wish I can protect everyone this time.”



Maetel gripped Artpe’s hand a little bit harder.  Then she crossed the Gate with him.  It was getting close to the time when they would have to fight in earnest.

The death of the Fire Witch had been truly horrifying.  Her fire had burned with tenacity and vengeance.  The Fire Witch had tried to incinerate the hero’s soul.  However, the magician that controlled winter had put her whole existence and Record on the line to protect the hero’s party.  

“No, Regina.  Regina······!”

“······Maetel is alive.  Happy..”

As a price, the magician had perished.

“Unfortunately, I won’t get to see the Demon King…   However, the castle’s fundamental structure was broken.  It is all destroyed.  The power being sealed was freed.  The Demon King’s power is weakened.”

“Regina, Regina….  Ah, ah.  If I hadn’t killed Vadinet that time….  If so…..”

“Nothing would have changed even if we had the holy priestess’ power…  Don’t worry about it.  Maetel should always laugh.”

There were tears in the magician’s eyes.  She let out a small laughter as her cold hand touched the hero’s cheek,.

“All my life I couldn’t understand these feelings….   I understand it now.  It is all thanks to Maetel.”


“This is my last warning.”

The magician’s eyes weren’t on her comrades.  Her eyes were planted on the falling castle.

“There is an existence worse than the Demon King.  We might have been scratching only the surface.  I finally gained true understanding from its release.”

“Something worse than the Demon King······?  Release?”

“It is already too late now.  The Record of the previous generation is all missing.  It is bizarre.  We were tricked, but I gained an understanding thanks to it.  Maetel, that is why...”

Massive amount of Demonic energy rose from the Demon King’s castle.  Two absolute beings finally rose from within the castle.  The magician shook her head dizzyingly when she saw this.

“Be wary of the unknown.  If you aren’t confident in your victory, you should run.”

“However, if I run away…..”

“Maetel’s Innate ability is….”

The magician labored as she continued to speak.

“This isn’t the end.  It can evolve.  I checked.”


“Four Heavenly King Artpe.”

It was as if her inner heart had been exposed.  The hero’s cheeks turned red from embarrassment.  However, the magician wasn’t trying to rebuke the hero’s foolish crush.

“In his last moments, he opened up a possibility.  History can be changed through him.  ….even where we are right now will be changed through him.  We’ll merely be swept up in this change.  However, it is possible for Maetel to be with him.”

“I’m not sure what you are to say.  It is too complicated, Regina.  Please make it easy for me to understand….!”

“If I simplify it······.”

Where did she find the energy to speak?  There was a playful twinkle in the magician’s eyes.

She spoke.

“You have to obtain love even if you have to chase after it.”

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