Chapter 174 - Phoenix's Daughter (1) NaughtyOtter's Thoughts

I Reincarnated For Nothing

Chapter 174 - Phoenix's Daughter (1)

[Foolish bastard!  Since you possessed great qualities for becoming a Demon, I was going to give you special treatment.  In the end, you made the wrong choice!]

“What a load of rubbish.”

Silpennon had made up his mind.  Silpennon brushed aside the Demon’s words.

“The only good Demon is a dead Demon.”


Silpennon’s daggers clashed in the air with the Demon’s scythe.  Silpennon was still at a disadvantage, but the difference between the two wasn’t stark at all.  How could someone change so much in a short amount of time?  The holy priestess’ buff was strengthening Silpennon, but that shouldn’t have made this much of a difference.  It was difficult for the Demon to explain the change.

[You bastard······!]

The Demon had a realization.  Silpennon’s movement was changing at a fundamental level.  It was especially noticeable to the Demon’s eyes that several of Silpennon’s skill was being strengthened in an instant

[Is it the Record I returned to you?!]

“If you are bitter about it, you can try to take it back.”

It was impossible.  The Demon hadn’t put any constraints when he returned Silpennon’s Record.  When taking someone’s Record, it was only possible if there was mutual consent.  It seemed Silpennon also knew this.

[In the past, you wholeheartedly accepted our offer.  Why are you opposing me!?]

“My past self was also opposed to the Demon race.”

[Then what is your answer in regards to the hero Maetel and Artpe?!]

“Those two are my friends.”

The answer was so straightforward that he looked like an idiot for worrying about it.  He nimbly swung his daggers as he used a skill.  He charged towards the Demon.

“There is no way I’ll kill my friends, you bitch!”

[You know everything, yet you foolishly choose to stand on the side of humanity!  We don’t need you to swallow up the human world.  As a result of this, I’ll make sure that you’ll die in the most  humiliating and miserable fashion!]

“Oh no, you don’t!”

It wasn’t Silpennon’s voice.  It was Aria’s voice.  She had no idea what the two were talking about, but she was sure the Demon had just insulted Silpennon!

She could insult him, but others couldn’t insult Silpennon.  She was firm in this belief as she attacked the Demon with her holy spell.  Of course, the level difference was large, so the attack wasn’t that effective.  However, it made the Demon flinch for a brief moment.  In the next moment, Leseti charged the Demon from the front.  Deyus and Mycenae attacked from long range.

[This is your choice.  In the end, you are deceiving yourself.  You are acting as if you are satisfied with what you already have.]

An ominous light was emitted from the scythe, and the Demon pushed aside the party’s attack in one sweep.  Sipennon ran within the shadows as he tried to stick his daggers into the Demon’s leg.  However, his attack was neutralized when the Demon detonated his Demonic energy.

[Alright.  This will also be a source of entertainment.  By killing you guys here, it’ll create despair within the hearts of humans!  It’ll help us break down morale amongst the humans!]

“Mr Silpennon!  Eeek, unni!”


When the Demon swung his scythe, several dozen Mana blades glinting with darkness appeared from within.  It attacked Silpennon, who had been rolling on the ground.  The only one within the party with a shield was Leseti.  She was able to block the attack.  The Demon hadn’t put much effort into creating this attack, yet Leseti had to use all her strength to block each blow.  The Demon’s blows were too heavy.

“He’s a monster!”

“Endure it, Leseti!  If we let this bastard do as he likes, he’ll clear this battlefield by himself!”

Silpennon quickly got up, and he took his stance.  A blue aura started burning up his daggers.  Of course, this aura extended up to his arms.  Until now, his ability had been lacking to use this skill.


[You have spunk, but an attack of that caliber can’t…...  Hoohp!]

“Great.  This counts as 10 golds to my account.”

Mycenae's arrow flew true as it took off the Demon’s hood.  When the Demon instinctively flinched backwards, Silpennon’s attack hit squarely on his face.   A fierce spark appeared, and the Demon couldn’t hold back a groan.


“Alright.  The attack was effective.  Aria!”

“Oh god, your servant sends her fervent wish.  Please give blessing to this being, who was twisted in an evil manner!”

It was the most holy blessing that Aria could use, and it came down on the Demon.  As a holy priestess, this was also the strongest attack she could use against a Demon!

The holy power considered the Demon race to be ‘twisted’ and ‘wrong’.  This was why the power of the blessing tried to revert the Demons to their original form.  As a result, the amount of Demonic energy possessed by the Demon decreased, and his ability to heal from a wound was delayed!

‘If I think about it, it is obvious as to why Demons become tormented by the presence of holy energy.  If humans were changed into Demons, it is obvious that they aren’t in their true form!’

The divine will didn’t have hold over the Demon race.  

Silpennon still had deep hatred from his previous life dying his heart.  However, Aria was looking straight at him with worry in her eyes.  He was able to slough off those nasty emotions.

[You brats!  You little maggots dare do this to me!]

“Good.  You are starting to drop archetypal lines!”

It was as Artpe always said.  When someone that looked capable started to spit out common lines of a villain, one had to no longer worry about that enemy!  At this moment, it was funny that he had thought about Artpe’s words.  However, if one thought about the relationship he developed with Artpe in this life, it was quite natural.

‘You better be prepared for me later, Artpe.’

He wanted to get the whole story from Artpe.  Moreover, Silpennon was going to put his emotions from his past life into making a confession to Maetel.  He'll confess, and he’ll be turned down.  He’ll be able to make a clean break.  He knew who was most important to him right now.   Despite this fact, he still had the emotions that he had amassed over a very long time.  He won’t be able to go forward without settling that issue.


Silpennon’s eyes shone brightly.  He was determined to kill this Demon at all cost.

[I’l kill you, thief!]


The Demon swung his scythe in a wide arc as he bled.  He was able to repel Leseti.  Then he swatted aside the attacks sent by Deyus and Mycenae.  He charged towards Silpennon.  He did so, because he knew who was the nucleus of this party.


Silpennon took a deep breath, then he faced the Demon with daggers in his hands.  If he clashed straight on with the Demon, his weapons or his arms would break.  It was an either or proposition.   He was well aware of this fact.  Despite knowing this, he didn’t retreat.

‘I was lower in level in my previous life.’

However, Silpennon from his past life had been on many adventures with the hero for a very long period of time, and he had worked on perfecting his skills.  Of course, the current Silpennon had followed Artpe’s recipe, so he had learned various thief skills.  He had trained hard at perfecting those skills, but he had too little time to train for those skills compared to his past life.  The difference was stark.  Currently, he decided to accept his past life at face value, and he decided to kill his enemy by making the best use of the experience he had gained.  His current self had overwhelmingly higher level compared to his past self, yet his past self was much more proficient in his skills.  If he could combine the best of both life, he could create a new possibility.

[I’ll harvest your worthless lives!]


The twin daggers clashed in the air, and a brilliant white light appeared.  It wasn’t just light.  The materialized Mana turned into thunder as it exploded.  It was sent towards the envoy.

The envoy had somewhat predicted this attack, so he had prepared a barrier spell beforehand.  He pushed the barrier spell forward.  When Silpennon was stalled by the barrier, the envoy planned on cutting off Silpennon’s head.  


After locating Silpennon, he was about to swing his scythe, but he realized that his hands were empty.



Silpennon’s dagger impacted on the defenseless chest of the Demon, and a powerful thunderbolt flowed into the Demon.  On his other hand, Silpennon wasn’t holding his other dagger.  He was holding the Demon’s scythe.

“Loot!  Buy it from me, Mycenae!”


The deal occurred at lightning speed.  In a flash, Mycenae took possession of the scythe, and she put it away in her Dimensional pocket.  The Demon was so taken aback that he wasn’t able to say anything.  At that moment, an additional attack impacted on the Demon.  It sounded as if a drum was being hit.

[How dare you take that from my hands······?]

“You said it yourself.  I am the thief of the hero’s party.  Moreover, a thief’s specialty is to steal.  My status in life doesn't prove my skill.  I always made sure my skill proves my station in life.”

He hadn’t done it solely for Maetel’s attention.  It was the same in his past life and current life.  He always had responsibilities on his shoulders, and he had worked really hard to acquire what he wanted.

Silpennon from past life had combined with the current Silpennon.  It awoke the abilities that he needed right now.

[Even if I don’t have a weapon, I can kill you with magic······!]

“I’ll just steal that too!”

Silpennon once again charged forward.  He no longer was using his twin daggers.  The twin daggers had been a smokescreen.  It was used to hide his true ability.  As a true thief, he needed one hand free.

[You dare interfere with Four Heavenly King Dios’ power!]


The Demon revealed his name as being Dios.  He let out a short cantrip to create a spear made out of Demonic energy.  He laughed boldly as he faced Silpennon.

The Demon was most definitely powerful.  His Innate ability was unique, and it was powerful enough to twist common sense.

“Still, your power isn’t geared towards battle, right?”

[It depends on how I use it.  It can be used in battle….  You bastard.]

At that moment, Dios finally realized something.  His eyes widened.  However, it was already too late.  Silpennon had received support from the holy priestess, so his ability had risen to its zenith.  The thunder dagger was in one hand, and he extended his free hand.  He took on Dios’ attack.


In the next moment, Dios lost the spear made out of pure Demonic energy.  That wasn’t all.  The Demonic energy from the spear had been connected to him.  It was ripped out of him, and it had caused massive damage to him.

It defied common sense, so Dios couldn’t have anticipated this attack.  At the very least, Dios realized that it was skill that wouldn’t make sense even if it was explained to him.


Afterwards, the Demonic energy that was ripped away from the Demon was transformed into thunder.,  Silpennon’s dagger was embedded deep into Dios’ chest.  He detonated the massive energy within his chest.


“If I use your power, I can make it into an offensive power.”

The counter had contained Dios’ power.  In the end, the Demon fell to his knees.  Silpennon’s party didn’t miss this opportunity.  Leseti, Mycenae, Deyus and Aria focused their attack, and they cut away at teh Demon’s life force.

The fact that they were overwhelming a Demon that was over 10 levels higher was a miracle in itself.  Or maybe….

“Are you perhaps….”

Silpennon twisted the dagger embedded in his chest.  He asked the Demon a question.

“In your organization, are you called the weakest amongst the Four Heavenly Kings?”

[How did you know that······!]

In the previous Demon King’s army, Dios had been known as the weakest amongst the Four Heavenly Kings.  He was in charge of keeping Records.  Dios grinded his teeth.   Silpennon had just asked it for curiosity sake.  He smacked his lips as he stuck the dagger into the Demon’s head.

“The style of your death made it seem so.”

After confirming his enemy’s death, Silpennon raised his head.  He had fundamentally changed from before.  He looked at his surrounding with new eyes.  It was as if the world was his oyster.   

He used to be the thief of the hero’s party in his past life.  Currently, he was the young king of Diaz, and he was the leader of another hero’s party.

In that moment, Silpennon awakened to his Innate ability called Plunder.

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